Wednesday, July 11

I got Tagged...

Jobs I have had:
1. Superior Threads
2. JC penny (home department)
3. Red Lobster (hostess)
4. Nanny
5. Personal Assistant/Manager (2 fat guys)
6. Flight Attendant

Places I have lived:
1. Ontario California
2. Alta Loma California
3. Princeton New Jersey
4. St. George, UT (Present Residence)
5. Palm Springs California
6. Salt Lake City, UT

Shows I Like to watch:
1. Desperate House Wives
2. The Girls Next Door
3. World Series of Poker
4. Greys Anatomy!

Places I have vacationed: (I won’t count work travel)
1. San Felipe Mexico
2. Hawaii
3. Mazatlan Mexico
4. Cancun Mexico
5. New York
6. London England
7. Bahamas
8. Argentina

Things I enjoy:
1. Eating
2. Reading
3. Riding bikes with my husband
4. The beach
5. Being with my family

Stores I shop at all the time:
1. Dollar Tree
2. Wal-Mart
3. Cost-co
4. Charlotte Ruse

Favorite Foods:
1. Chinese
2. Mexican
3. Burger, fries & a Milk shake (can we say in-n-out)
4. My moms shredded pork and rice YUMM
5. Broccoli and other steamed veggies
6. MILK ( I know it’s not a food but I love it!)
7. Avocado/guacamole, good salsa!
8. Fried Chicken! (actually the whole KFC menu!)
9. And nothing beats a good salad!
10. I know the most things I have is on the food topic, and I could have
kept going, but I’ll stop, I just can’t help it!

I'll tag:
Michelle Kelly
Jessica Mortensen