Thursday, April 28

we've been doing a lot of this lately...

 William has become a pro at driving the truck! Hes only 2 and he is actually pretty good! He drives all over the place, and this thing can go pretty fast, If I want a picture of the front of them then they have to stop! I had a lot of pics of them from behind.  I will run along side them as they drive on the street. It makes me keep up with them even when I want to stop! haha! If I slow down too much then they are too far ahead of me! It's hilarious to see these little dudes cruising down the street, and they LOVE it! 

 Lucas waves at me over and over like he is on parade.

Monday, April 25

Coloring, Hunting, & Rolling Eggs

Our weekend started on {Friday} with coloring/dying our eggs....

  please do not judge the Christmas jammie's in April. :)
 on {Saturday} we celebrated Easter with my family with our annual Easter egg hunt for the kids, and the egg rolling competition.
 Every child has the same amount of eggs, and their own color.  It makes it nice and fair.

 Lucas does his crab crawl super fast.
 This picture cracks me up because of Lucas' face!
 me adorable husband.. he doesn't get in too many pictures... I need to take more of him! :)
 Lucas checking out his loot
 I left him alone for one second and he ripped open his chocolate... he was a mess... so in we went for a quick clothes change.
 Lucas quickly made Friends with Dean... or was it Dean made quick friends with Lucas, All the adults new Lucas couldn't eat all of his candy by him self so we helped... but dean kept feeding Lucas his candy, he was loving it!
 nerds... he liked those too.
 malt balls..
 hanging out with uncle dean.
 The amount of candy my children have eaten the past few days makes me sick! that is ALL William ate yesterday I swear Breakfast Lunch and Dinner... I had to take it away today...
 Then we all went inside to roll our eggs.
 This is the kidos waiting for the egg rolling to start.
 we take this serious... well at least we used to before we had so many kids.. every year it gets a little different... But I must document, I had the winning egg... but Sidney had the most wins this year.

{Sunday}, the boys got to find their baskets and see what the Easter Bunny brought them..

 and the countined to eat more junk all day..

hope everyone had a happy Easter, ours was a lot of fun!

Friday, April 22


Claire Andenell Draper
The newest addition to my sister Tiffany's family. Claire was born at home (on purpose) at 3:55 pm on April 16th. weighing in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. & 20 inches long. mom and baby are doing well!

Thursday, April 21

Lucas' Hair Cut

{BEFORE} ALL smiles! (well except Brandon, don't really know what he is doing in this picture?)

 His hair was SO long and he had so much of it!!!! These pictures do NOT do it justice

 {DURING} he was so sad, and crying.  I know these stupid clippers can pull and hurt so I didn't know if that was why or not? he would cry ever time I put the clippers through his hair, I didn't want to take the chance if it was the clippers hurting him or just him not wanting to get his hair cut, SO I

 notice his face. :( so sad. We had to stop.  It seemed like it was hurting him.
{After} I called reinforcements! we called my sister in law Andrea to come help. :) she does hair for a living at Salon Seine. She brought her nice clippers and sharp scissors. :)

It took like three attempts over the course of like a week to get it right, he had so much hair I cant believe how much we cut off! and this was the only pic I had that showed his hair good enough, and its a horrible picture, oh well... there will be many more pics to come I am sure and you will be able to see his adorable new do! it has changed him SO much!

Monday, April 18

Paper Airplanes

My dad makes the best paper airplanes around. I was asking him to teach me the other day.  I don't know how many papers I went through! I kept ruining them! The kids love making and throwing paper airplanes around. who doesn't!?
 Corben, William, Becks.       Sidney was doing her own thing...

this is William after he has thrown his airplane. He throws his up and behind him self, he doesn't even know where it goes most of the time! But of course to him it was way cool.

We have also made it to the "watch this mom" stage! I can't believe I have a boy old enough to say "watch this mom" all day!

Sunday, April 17

He just HAD to...

...Wear his brothers shirt today.

I told him to go get some clothes with his dad and I would get him dressed, this is what he brought me. I said no this is brothers shirt, it is NOT going to fit you.  He said NO I want to wear this one! he would not give in, so I said ok look I'll show you, I put it on him, and told him see it is too small! haha! he said no it's not, and wore it the rest of the day.  Good thing it was Sunday and we didn't go any where and he didn't change into this until later in the afternoon after church.

but seriously how freaking funny is he! love this kid! even when he is stubborn, and persistent about what he wants!

Saturday, April 16


I said I was going to start taking more pictures, even if it meant I was going to use my on camera flash, (I know a few of you may cringe.) This was the other night after bath and pajamas. 
He has been teething a lot lately which means two things, 1. he cant chomp on his fingers hard enough!  and 2. he is drooling like a saint bernard but he is still a fun little guy! love you my little Deuteronomy.
again unedited straight from the camera.

love his baby blues, and yes he has had a hair cut since these pictures were taken, that will be my next post.