Thursday, August 19

bow ties!

this ones a little big for him?

I think a lot of you know but I have started a business with my friend Sarah, and we specialize in making personalized baby items. I have been working on bow ties the last couple days and wanted to take a few pictures to put on my business blog. Isn't he adorable! haha! my little GQ boy! I am thinking of selling them for like 3 bucks? what do you think?

Tuesday, August 17


Cracked me up listening to these two from the other room the other day!

Brandon: Do you love mommy?
William: Yea
Brandon: Do you love Brother?
William: Yea
Brandon:Do you love Grandpa?
William: Yea
Brandon: Do you love Grandma?
William: Yea
Brandon: Do you love Chocolate?
William: YEAH! YEAH! chocolate! I want Chocolate!

hahaha! With both parents pretty much lovers of chocolate this kid was destined to be the same!

As I sit here and type William is playing with my sewing machine, it just recently died on me, (it was a hammy down from my mom and put in a lot of good years but now I think it's time for un upgrade!) anyway, he is sitting in front of the sewing machine pretending to sew. He is doing the very LOUD exaggerated sounds and then he'll stop say "oh" flip the leaver up and down and then go on sewing which means to do the very LOUD annoying sewing machine sound! It's cracking me up!

Saturday, August 14

21 months!

WOW... William is 21 months old!

How did that happen? It happens so fast! He grew up in a flash! It's kind of scary how fast the time flies by! He is SUCH a smart little kid! He amazes me every day at how much he knows and understands. I feel bad sometimes because he is SO smart I don't give him very much slack and I expect a lot out of him. I have to remind my self that he is still only a year and a half even though he acts like he is 5!

He is so a BOY, his favorite toys right now are motorcycles, and trucks, and cars. He usually brings his motorcycles to bed, to the bath, to the car, to grandmas, to nap time, pretty much anywhere, it's so funny.

He is such a sweet heart and has been really good at going to bed at night and laying down for his naps. I don't know why? but I like it! I say it's time for bed, and he says ok, and runs to his bed and lays down. He says "mama sing" I say ok just one song and then I say ok baby good night sleep well, he says ok, and I leave the room, he stays in bed and goes to sleep. what a concept! it just must be because he is getting older?

We have successfully taught William you don't get what you want by whining! whining is seriously Brandon's biggest pet peeve. Today while William was eating lunch he says strawberry milk? I said no it's just plain milk, and he goes "oh plain milk" and he seemed ok with it, he went on eating his delicious peanut butter and honey sandwich and drinking his milk. A little while later he says "mommy PLEASE strawberry milk?" in the sweetest voice, I was like ooohhhh William you said that so nicely yes mommy will get you strawberry milk. He then says "thank you mommy" and I say your welcome. haha! any time he is whining for something I say is that how we ask? and he will then stop and say "PLEEEEEASE" haha!

He still has good days on going to the bathroom in the potty and then other days not at all. Most of the time he will tell me he needs to go potty while he is going or right after he has gone. BUT The other day was a really good day. He said mommy I need to go potty, or poop, I don't know how he said it? and so we went to the bathroom I set him on the pot and we sat their for a good 10 minutes I swear getting it all out, poop, and pee, I was so proud of him! I made SUCH a big deal out of it and made sure he knew I was very proud of him and that he did a good job!

He LOVES to sing and especially dance! haha he will sing along to the sacrament songs even though he isn't singing words. Sometimes it's kind of loud and it's funny! He has also started picking up the words to a lot of the songs we sing to him and he sings them along with us. It always surprises me when he sings another song that I had no idea he even knew! He sings "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" "itsy bitsy spider" "pop corn popping" "sunbeam" "do as I'm doing" his "ABC's" and then sings a few lines from random primary songs that I sing to him often. I love it, it's so funny how well he does it, and at the same time how messed up the words can get.

He counts pretty well, some times he does it in the right order and sometimes it's all over the place and the number 2 gets said more then all the other numbers. He counts to ten and then every once in a while a "teen" number gets thrown in the mix, haha I didn't even know one year olds knew the number 17! haha!

He knows a lot of colors but doesn't always get the answer right when I ask him what color is this? Most of the time he says "BLUE!" even when it's not. haha!

Every time I'm in the hall bathroom William will come in and get on the scale and I will say lets see how much do you weigh, and every time it's seemed like it's about 25 lbs so I'll say "twenty five" and so now every time he gets on he says "twenty five" haha, the other day I said no it looks like it's more like twenty seven so he says, "oh twenty seven" I don't know why it's just funny to here him say big numbers like that some times.

nursery is still a struggle, he wants me to stay in there with him and when I leave all hell breaks loose, there has only been one week that he didn't cry! and we have been trying to get him to like nursery ever since he was about 14 months! (the nursery leaders were letting the kids come early because it was a small nursery at that time) Hes SOO good if I'm IN there with him, He plays well, interacts with all the kids and does singing time and snack time and coloring and play time all so well, BUT hes SOO sad when I'm not. The little bugger! I don't know what to do about that?! plus the nursery leaders have a schedule where they come every other week, and one week they have better leaders that work really well with William and the other week It's not as successful so it's hard too cause it's not consistent.

Hes still learning to be soft with his brother, but he has gotten A LOT better with him! Lucas is a tough kid and William can not wait until he is old enough to play ball and trucks with him! he often brings Lucas a ball or toy of some kind and I have to say oh thanks hun but you need to wait until Lucas is a little older. and he'll say ya.

He LOVES his daddy, he loves it when Brandon come home from work or if he has a long enough lunch break to come home for lunch. I swear he never gets that excited to see me! haha! He comes in bed with us every morning and cuddles with us and He looks over to Brandon's side of
the bed and sees if it's a day that daddy is at work or if he is home, he loves it when he is home!

I could keep writing things but I need to end this post at some point. Every day he does something that I say to my self I need to write this down, I need to blog about this... and then weeks and now months have gone by and I haven't made a proper post! So I am just going to do it more often from now on!

William, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE! You are SUCH a good kid! Your dad and I love you and are SO proud to be your parents!

Friday, August 13

3+ months

Lucas turned three months and I never did a post, so here is a 3 months plus post. I wanted to write down a few things to remember.

* He is a happy well behaved baby. Pretty low maintenance.

* He basically only cries if he is tired.

* He still sleeps like a champ! basically all through the night, (I didn't do anything to deserve this he came that way!!) (except this last week a few night he has woken up to feed once, we pretty much do that while we are sleeping though)

* He smiles a lot! He coos and goos all day long! He "talks" to us. and always reacts with a smile.

* He smiles with his eyes and often gets made fun of! (he has his mothers eyes, they are more squinty (is that a word?). and when he smiles they basically close. poor thing, but it IS adorable!)

* He loves his brother you can already tell.

* His belly button is getting better.

* He is still blond but his hair has started coming in thicker and because of that it seems darker. But He is still my Blondie baby.

* His eyes are still blue. (I think they are staying that way)

* He holds his head up really well for tummy time.

* He rolls over all the time (when I put him on his tummy, goes left and right.) As soon as I lay him down he goes over!

* He kicks and kicks and kicks when he is laying on his back. (just like William did.) I always ask him if he is running a marathon.

*He love love loves the water, bath time, showers, and especially swimming, he smiles the whole time hes in it!

* He sucks on his hands and fingers now, since he doesn't take a pacifier no matter how hard I tried I like this. I don't think it's a permanent thing though, just an age thing.

* His legs are getting more and more rolly, it's adorable.

* He has some monster big feet, takes after his daddy on that one.

He really is such a good baby and a joy to have in our home. I feel SO lucky and SO blessed that he has come to our family! How did I get so lucky to have such amazing little boys?! Love you my second born!