Tuesday, September 29

ultrasound #4

So I just got back from my doctor's appointment. Everything went great! By my last ultrasound I was supposed to be 8w. and 6 days and the baby measured 8w. 5d. So that was way good. My sack has gone to a more "normal" shape. And the "other stuff" is gone, it has been absorbed into my body like the doctor predicted. So that was all REALLY good news. One sack, one baby, The baby was bigger and growing at a normal rate. and the heart beat continues to get stronger, it was 170 bpm. I couldn't be happier! I really appreciate all the prayers that have been said on our behalf, This 5% baby has now turned into a "routine pregnancy". My doctor is shocked, surprised, and SO happy things turned out totally different from what he had originally thought!

I was hoping I would be told today that there were two babies in there and it would explain why I started showing SOOO early and why I am SOOOO big already! oh well... maybe it's because it was two at one point? It's kind of hard to be disappointed with all the great news that I received today! I am just so happy everything looks good!!! thanks again for all your love and support! I will continue to keep everyone updated! And my next appointment is in 4 weeks.

Thursday, September 24

what we've been up too!

I have debated over sharing the news with everyone or not and thought why not, if something does end up happening I have the loving support of all of you!

August 27th (Thursday) I took a positive Pregnancy test!

September 1st- (Tuesday) bleed a little in the morning after taking a brisk walk to and from mom and dad’s house pushing the stroller. (got a little nervous)

September 4- (Friday) that night when I went to the bathroom I had a lot of blood in my underwear, (I probably over did it that day watching Tiffany’s kids all day long) I didn’t have any cramping and was TOTALLY SHOCKED when I saw the blood! (it was Friday night so I couldn't call the dr. office)

September 7th- (Monday) Holiday so I can’t call the doctors office

September 8th -Tuesday, called the Dr. Office, they said they could get me in for un ultrasound with the “on call” Doctor (Dr. Benham) Because my Doctor was out of the office for the week. We had the ultra sound and he said right away that something didn’t look right, and that something was wrong. He saw an irregular shaped sack and nothing in it, no fetus, no yolk sack, nothing. He said this is probably going to be a miss carriage but he wanted to do one more test before he scheduled a D&C. He said he was 95% sure it was going to miscarry. We got my blood taken before we left the office so they could check my HCG levels. We made an appointment to go back in two days.

September 10th Thursday

9:00 AM I went in and got my blood drawn. So they would have something to compare my other levels too. The Doctor told me if they barley go up then I am miscarrying and if they go down then I am obviously miss carrying. And that for a normal pregnancy they should go way up!

4:45 PM- My results appointment. We go in thinking the worst and hoping for the best! The whole two days leading up to this moment have been a complete night mar and I can‘t remember when I have prayed for something SO hard!. I kept telling Brandon if I didn’t see the ultra sound my self I would never have thought anything was wrong. I still was throwing up every day, I was still feeling that pulling feeling where your ligaments are pulling and stretching, and all the normal symptoms of pregnancy. The Doctor looked at my results and said they went up like they should?? He said now this makes me think it may be a “moler Pregnancy”… Which I didn’t know exactly what that was, so when I asked he said he compared it to Cancer, oh well perfect I thought! I said is there any way you could have read the ultra sound wrong, that it could be different… and he said lets take another look! He said he needed to do a few more and then he would try to get us in. We waited a while and then he came back in and said everyone else is done, you are the last ones here so since you had to wait the longest you get the longest ultrasound. He started doing it and noticed my bladder was full.. So I put the little paper sheet they give you around my legs and barefooted ran down the hall to the bathroom, like he said nobody was around the reception area was closed and the lights were turned off. I ran back and he started again. Right away he said Wait a minute we might have something here… I think we have a fetus, I think we might have something. Brandon and I couldn’t believe what we were hearing “WHAT we were going to beat the 5% chance he gave us just two days before!” He said yep we have a fetus, and I think we have a heart beat! He turned on the noise and I couldn’t believe the sound we were hearing!! Music to our ears! He said my sack is still a very irregular shape but things are definitely improving! He moved the wand around and the sack almost looked like it went into two perfectly round separate sacks, he would move it back and it would go into one “irregular shaped sack” I asked could it be two and it’s just playing games with us? He said I don’t know I am not sure, we will have to wait and see. He measured the fetus and I was only measuring 6w. 3d. Not the 8plus I had originally thought. I am nursing William so my periods aren't normal anyway. SO I knew it was an option that I wasn’t as far along as I thought. I also had “something else off to the side of my sack that the doctor thought was some blood? A hemorrhage or something? Brandon asked when the Doctor was done, So what is our % now? The Doctor gave us 50/50. We said we’d take it after hearing 5%! We made another appointment in 5 days for another ultra sound.
September 11th-12th Had some more spotting

September 15th (Tuesday) Ultrasound appointment. I was hoping for some more answers but totally preparing my self for the fact that I may not here anything new? The doctor measured the Fetus it had grown a little and was now measuring 6w. 6d. And the heart beat had gone from 114 BPM last appointment to 137 BPM. So the baby had grown and the heart beat had gotten stronger. There was still that mass of blood off to the side that he still isn’t 100% sure about and there was still what appeared to be another “something” another sack or something. The Doctor thinks that it may have been a baby at some point and is now nothing, he said he doesn’t think it will become anything, I have my own feelings on the matter at what it is? I am still hoping and praying that its’ another baby that is hiding and we just wont see it for a while? I am hoping it will explain why I am showing so huge already! I left the office that day with VERY high hopes! I was SO nervous for so long, it felt good to finally exhale a little. I herd and saw the baby and it was growing. Growing in a very irregular shaped sack but there and growing none the less. The Doctor was very happy with the out come so much that he didn’t think he needed to see me again that week, so we made another ultra sound appointment in 2 weeks.

So I have another ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday September 29th. It will be my 4th ultra sound and I will be 8w. 6d.

Sunday, September 13

mowing the lawn

Every Grandchild loves loves loves when papa or grandma let them ride along when they are mowing the lawn. This was William's first ride, don't let his serious face full you he was so happy and excited... he just kept waving to me! It was so cute!

Wednesday, September 9

10 months

William turned 10 months old last Saturday September 5th!

I can't believe how much has happened in 10 months, how fast they learn and grow. He is SO FUN! he amazes me at how smart he gets every day! The other day I was saying to him, "William go get your ball, Go find the ball" and he looked at me like OK mom, and went off and looked through his toys and picked up the ball. I also said, go find spider man, go get mama spider man, he looked at me thought about it, and went off in search of spider man, and totally found him! I thought it was so cute! He totally understands what I say to him, he listens and he is starting to get more and more things. He tries to copy things that we say all the time, the other day I was saying no, no, no to him and he said clear as day no no no. and no says it all the time. (OOPS) haha.. he thinks it's funny when he says something right, it's like it's up in his head and when it finally comes out right hes like yay finally I can say it!

In month 9

He has taken a few consecutive steps in a row. I think his record is 4-5. He has amazing balance and can totally do it, but he just gives up and crawls to where ever he needs to go. He is SO close to just one day taking a few steps and then taking off! I am thinking a couple weeks and he'll be running around the house!

He has started this new screaming thing, it's loud and annoying and I am trying to put a stop to it! what happened to my quite little guy? It just started in the last week or so. I'm hoping it goes away as quickly as it came!

He was doing really well at sleeping through the night but then he'll go through a bad stage, like what he is in right now. It's like he wakes up scared, like he had a bad dream or something? He has been waking up lately because his teeth, his top two teeth are working their way down.

I am still nursing him, he likes the boob, it will be weired when we stop that, which is coming soon. It's been so convenient and helpful, I don't know what I'm going to do with him when we stop?

Still so sweet, He plays really well with his toys, and then comes over to me gives me a love and a big wet kiss and then goes back to playing. I LOVE IT.
He loves when his daddy come home from work, he gets so excited! He crawls his super speedy crawl to get to him and as soon as Brandon picks him up he gives him hugs and pats his back. It is the sweetest thing to witness for a mommy!

He moved to his big boy car seat this last month, he loves it of course and so do I. The main reason I was so worried about switching was the fact that when he falls asleep in the car I can't recline him and he would be uncomfortable and his neck would be in an awkward position. But it's not like that at all. He falls asleep in it and he is totally fine, his head doesn't fall forward or anything. :)

He waves Bye Bye, and Hi. He even tried saying bye bye a couple weeks ago, it was more like ba ba... but it was while he was waving so I figured that's what he was saying.

He gives hi-5's now.

He tries to talk more, I say what does a dog say, and then bark, and then he tries to bark, same with chicken, he does the bak bak bak. it's kind of funny. he says, ball, doggie, ditto's (my parents dog's name) no no no, and "OH" all the time, everything is "ohhh" and "uh oh".

He knows what I say when I say NO, "do you want some milk", spider man, ball, cow, clap hands, hi-5, his name, kisses, and he knows some peoples names, like papa and Grandma. He doesn't say all these things just understands what I am saying when I say them.

He is TOO stinking cute! I love this little guy SO MUCH! he brings so much love and joy into our home! Thanks William!