Tuesday, July 10

4th of July!!!!

I'm not going to apologize for the million pictures. :) but there IS a ton.
I even cut back and didn't add all the ones I wanted to becuase it was getting TOO long..

I LOVE the 4th of JULY. I love our nation, our Beautiful State we live in, and a day set aside for no work and all play. :) We started off our day bright and early where Brandon my amazing husband ran in a 5k.  I didn't get any pictures and I feel way bad!! My dad. Brittany my sister. Jason and Andy, and crew also ran it. 
Brandon did amazing. He has found a new love for running. I for one am still looking for that desire. :)

I headed to a photo shoot and Brandon took the kids swimming at Brittany's and I met up with them later.
 My little Lukey. He has gotten really good this year at swimming. such a cutie pie.
Jason Pushed the little ones around the pool in our stroller. Lap after Lap. haha... Some of the mommies got to enjoy the pool for a little bit.
William was enjoying Brandon throwing him and flipping him. He would fip him in a back flip and he would land perfectly come up and say yeeeya.

  We have also started trying to teach William to swim with out his floaty. He does pretty good, mostly Sinks rather then Swims. but he loves to try and doesn't give up. something I admire about him. He can hold his breath really well kick and swim with his arms, but isn't a pro just yet. but hey hes 3.

After naps for the boys we headed to the firework show.  We had dinner there and hung out with friends and family enjoying one anothers company for a few hours until the fireworks later that night.
 love my little lukes.
 Eva napped off and on.
 Lucas played catch with whoever would play with him.

 one of little claira
 my boys. love.
 JOY. need I say more? I can NOT get enough of her endless smiles!
 Our first shot of our whole family. WOW... why is it so hard to get a picture haha! I'll cherish this.
 We did A LOT of dancing. there was a live concert and it was a lot of fun. My kids LOVE to shake it, and show off their moves!
 William took the initiative and asked Avary to dance. haha... I think Lucas tried cutting in later.... little glimpse of their future! haha
 we had a few rain sprinkles give us a little scare, but that's all it was and they never came back it was perfect weather!

kind of a weird pic, but hes still handsome!
These two! almost as much trouble together as Lucas and Bailee. (almost)
as Sarah would say, "mildly inappropriate but still cute!" haha!

squishy face. Something Brandon does with the kids. it started with Lucas and now he does it with brielle and bailee, and sid, and who ever else will put up with him.  He asks lucas if he can squish his face on a daily basis, and lucas does it back to him. haha


 haha my sweet William.
 So patriotic. love the American flag and everything it represents!
 A PIC OF ME! haha! I told Brandon to get a couple of me that day... i can NEVER find a pic of me!
then we got out our glow sticks. I got Eva her own wand. haha.. she dug it can't you tell.

When it got a little darker we did sparklers. Williams face is priceless... as he would say, "I was just a little bit terrified" haha!

 A few firework shots

 William watched Fireworks with his dad. Eva with me, and Lucas cuddled up with Grandma.
It was a perfect day. LOVE the 4th. LOVE everything about it. Good food, Good fun, SUN SHINE, and Good company!

Friday, July 6

Last night.....

when i went in to check on the boys before i went to sleep
(something i do every night) 
i found lucas like this.....

I was startled and ran to get Brandon, we came back in and he said OH my gosh hurry and take a picture. hahaha... too funny.