Thursday, March 20

here we go...

OK, so I scheduled a doctor appointment with a doctor that I was referred to that specializes in helping women get pregnant. Two days before that appointment I took a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE!

okay So I have known for 17 whole days and I haven't said anything yet... I thought I would do better but at the same time I have kept it in for a long time. Brandon and I had an eventful day on the Tuesday the 4th with finding out some of our really good friends were pregnant. We had been on the same schedule with our periods and we had both been spotting and not really starting.. So after we came home from celebrating with our friends (because we were at their house when they took their pregnancy test!!) WE took one... and it was positive! needless to say we were VERY shocked and very much in denial especially after just finding out our friends were pregnant! We have been very nervous after a year of trying that something might go wrong... and then last week we found out our friends the same ones that found out they were pregnant on the same night as us miss carried! :( that was a really hard week! So needless to say we have been very nervous to tell people! But this week I have been VERY SICK! My first throw up day was monumental and I was even excited after I threw up for the first time. I know who gets excited about that? ha ha! But we did, we took that as a good sign. :) But now I can do with out it! I am sick all day long! I am about seven weeks along so it's still very new! But fortunately I have already been to the doctor because I kept my originally doctor appointment for my fertility appointment. I already have an ultrasound scheduled for April 7th. My 40 weeks are up on November 8th!

Friday, March 14

It's beautiful here!

I love living in St. George. A couple weeks ago the weather started changing and everyone pulled out their summer clothes and flip flops! I love it! So Brandon and I gave each other pedicures so our feet would look beautiful in our sandals. It was a lot of fun. We did really good jobs. Last year for my birthday Brandon bought me a pedicure set. And all year he said he would give me one when I was ready for it. And a year later I redeemed my gift and we gave one to each other. We went all out with the foot mask, the foot balm, and the yummy stuff you put in the water to make it smell good and feel good on your feet. The pedicure set came with these little polka dotted booty socks and after my pedicure I wore them for a while then after Brandon's pedicure I made him wear them! He even polished my toes and choose the color. I polished his too with a clear coat. They looked really good and it was a lot of fun. :)