Friday, July 24

Bailee Jaine

Bailee Jaine was born Wed. at 12:06 AM. weighing in at 7 lbs 7 oz. (I think most of that is in her cheeks!) and 18 1/2 in. long. Brittany has been using my camera at the hospital so I haven't been able to get the pictures up loaded onto my computer yet, so I stole this one from my other sister. Its "the girls" Bailee, Brittany, and Brydee. I can't wait to get my camera back I feel naked with out it! Mom and baby are doing perfect!
As soon as I get my camera back I will give her a proper post.

Thursday, July 23

short on time

I've started watching her...

Baby Sidney.

So, My sister Tiffany went back to work after her maternity leave was up. and I have started watching her 3 kids. (Sidney 1 month, Beckham almost 2. and Corben 4.) I have been busy and haven't had time to post... :(

I need to figure out my schedule and find out how to fit blogging into it!

Saturday, July 18

first tooth

On this day, July 14th, I noticed Williams first tooth coming in! He hasn't been too bad, he wants mama a lot! which is sweet but I don't get very much done, he has been more somber and sad but not to cranky, he has been running a fever and didn't sleep good last night but I must say hes been a little champ. I tried getting pictures of his tooth, it wasn't really working! haha.. maybe with a little help I can get a shot of it!

Friday, July 17

frozen fruit

So my mom made William a bunch of baby food, mostly organic because it's fruits and vegetables that were home grown. I started giving it to William frozen, like an icee, or a popsicle. I let him suck on it, and he loved it! It took me a minute to realise that that way probably wasn't the best way, I now break it up into little pieces but he still has been eating it frozen, he loves it! thanks mom for all the baby food! The fruit ones are amazing, it's just like a frozen fruit bar, but nothing is added, it's just straight fruit, it tastes delicious!

Thursday, July 16

this little guy

It seems like he is always in such a good mood late at night when I want to go to bed. This was him the other night after bath time, hyper and happy, how can you make him go to bed when he is being so much fun! love this little guy SO much!

Tuesday, July 14

Will's 1st hair cut

William got his 1st hair cut the other day by my brother in law (Brittany's husband) Jeff. William did SOO good, he sat SO still and wasn't scared of the buzzing sound or anything, I was so proud of him. Thanks Jeff for the hair cut, he looks so much older with it cut, but he is still SO cute!
thanks! William sitting so still, playing with his book, and the cord to the clippers.

The hair cuter (Jeff) and his two helpers... Jay Jay and Brydee.
Brydee was a big helper, every once in a while she would give William a "puff" or give him a drink from his sippy cup to keep him occupied.

I love this picture, it's like he is saying, HI MOM, look at me, I'm getting my hair cut! haha.. love that smile.

Here is a quick video..

Saturday, July 11


There is something about Popsicles in the summer time that kids can't get enough of...

I went over to my moms house (this was actually a couple weeks ago) and Tiffany was out back with her kids and my mom. The boys had eaten about a million Popsicles each and were still going strong, my mother thought it was time to give William his first Popsicles, (I know how did I even hold off this long) Of course he loved every minute of it! How could I be mad when he obviously loved it so much? and his little blue face! Since this incident he has had a couple Popsicles (thanks to PAPA) and he also shared snow cones with everyone on 4th of July! he was getting obsessed, I had to distract him and take it all away.

Thursday, July 9

gotta love the 4th

I love 4th of July! It's evolved over the years as the nieces and nephews arrive, and we get older. The thing I was most excited about was to see how William would react to the fireworks, if he was going to like them, or be scared? My bet was that he would like them and I was right. He doesn't really scare easily, I try to laugh loud (ok so I don't need to try, I'm a Trask) and to also make things happen through out the day so that he wont be sensitive and scared of load noises or anything. He sat there and watched, he was mesmerized and happy, and clapped his hands... He was super tired considering the firework show didn't start until after ten, but he did really well!

We went swimming earlier that day.. he still loves swimming!

This was at the park right before the fireworks started... with Cousin Brydee.

This is his cousin Corben's sword he was borrowing, he loved it, it light up and blinked, a perfect boys toy!

Tuesday, July 7

8 months

My son turned

8 months

on Sunday July 5th

In month 7.…..

He weighs about 20 lbs give or take, (this is from what i can tell from sitting him on the scale?). and is in 12 month clothes.

He is a way fast crawler now, you look away for one second and he is in the bathroom weighing him self on the scale, (one of his new favorite toys)

He pulls him self up on everything now and is walking around furniture.

Because he is so mobile now he bumps his head on a daily basis! I feel so bad when it happens I seriously don’t know how much more his little head can take!

He laughs a lot more now! We can crack each other up! But with that I think he also cries a lot more now. L

He has been having a little separation anxiety lately from his mommy. An article I read says it happens around this time and he will grow out of it.

He has been a little pill getting to go to sleep at night lately, he used to be SO good, and now he jumps right up and stands there and cries.. I hope this is just part of the separation anxiety and it will go away soon too!

He does NOT like laying on his back anymore! Which makes changing his diaper a special treat! He has even started throwing a tantrum if we force him to lay on his back so we can get him dressed or change his diaper. The little stinker that WILL NOT/ CAN NOT continue!

His eating habits have changed a bit too… all last week I couldn't get him to eat any of his baby food, he would either A. turn his head and seal up his mouth or B. take a big bite and then spray it ALL over the place! Finally last night he ate dinner ok, I think he is just board with it and wants table food? I thought it was because he was teething but I’m not sure? It’s weird too because the week before he was eating like a champ! Anything and everything several times a day! ?

Still NO teeth? I am happy about this because I am still nursing but kind of bugged because I swear he has been teething like crazy and I'm wondering if it was all for nothing? I swear one day he is just going to wake up in the morning with a mouth full of teeth? Well see?

He loves kids, and is very entertained by them. He loves all the kids in Primary and all his nieces and nephews!

He taught him self how to turn on the music in his crib, it was funny when he did it for the first time, I knew it was coming but when the music started playing when no body was in the room with him I had to laugh. He LOVES playing in his crib, he thinks it’s funny when he stands up and shakes the heck out of the crib.

He gives me big wet kisses all the time! I even think he has started to realize what the word “kisses” means. He also mimics me and does the smack sound all day long.

One of Williams new toys; the blinds! He loves to play with them!

Thursday, July 2


So Brandon and I are trying to put together a scavenger hunt for our family vacation, It is going to be around down town Las Vegas. There were some good ideas online but I thought I would just ask the blogging world for help and see what happened? I don't care if I don't even know you, if you have a good idea then leave a comment... love to see what you can come up with! THANKS