Friday, August 29

A BIG Thank You!

I had an amazing baby shower thanks to some really great friends! Thanks to Ashton Bolin for all she did, and especially to Sarah Spagnolo for all the time and effort she put into making my baby shower such a success! I have great friends! It was a beautiful shower, the food was excellent, and the turn out was great! thank you to all who came and "showered" me with SO many great things! I really appreciate it as a new mommy!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!
This is the only picture I could find of both me and Sarah, I don't have any of me and Ashton, I guess we need to take more pictures when we are together!
Me opening one of my many gifts. I cant believe he is going to be that tiny when he comes out. Well at least I can hope he is tiny, I have a fear I am going to give birth to a huge baby boy! :( He feels huge in my belly with how much he pushes, kicks, and hurts me!This is Brydee, she was such a big helper while I was opening my gifts, handing me another to open, and opening a few herself! She is SO adorable! I love her to death!
Thanks to Sandy King for embroidering "William" on the blanket, sleeper, and outfit she got for baby Will! I love that she does that for gifts! It makes it so fun!Another big thanks to all the people who hand made such beautiful gifts, blankets, quilts, hats, booties, burp cloths and etc. for baby William! (Grandma Stott, Grandma Visser, Stephanie Prescott, Kelsey Lawrence, and I know there is more.. sorry!) I appreciate a talented person and a well made piece of work! I will treasure them forever! Thank you they are all so beautiful!

Monday, August 25

baby shower

Last Chance...
If you want to go to my Baby shower you are more then welcome, it is being held tomorrow August 26th. @ 6:00 PM at the Court Yard Marriott. I thought I would just let you all know. I am so excited. I tried to scan my cute invitations that my friend Sarah made for the shower but I am an idiot and couldn't figure out how to post it? SO there you go.. tomorrow at 6:00.

Monday, August 18

Last Week

This is Me and Ellie giving you our best belly shot. We are due a month apart. She is having a girl me a boy. She is carrying high I am carrying Low. and by the looks of it I should be the one that is ahead but really she is due in October and Me in November. as always...I am just large! :)
This is Brandon and Kaitlyn waiting out side the temple for the Bride and groom to take all their pictures. She is giving him "loves". This is a mutual love relationship. They have a lot of fun together.
This is Kaitlyn and Brandon taking a nap. I had just showered with her and she was SO tired, when she got out of the shower with me I dried her and wrapped her up in her towel and set her on the bed so I could dry off and get dressed, and before I was done she had fallen asleep. And with all the lack of sleep we had been having Brandon went in and layed down by her and was out in no time! They were so adorable together I couldn't help but take some pictures!
Me opening gifts at my Baby shower my sister in laws put on for me and Ellie, (my OTHER sister in law) Thanks Corinn and Kelsey!
This is the Bride and Groom right after they came out of the temple. AS Mr. and Mrs. Stott. They got married in the Logan Temple. It was beautiful, the sealer did a great job.
This is Me and Brandon at the reception for (Brandon's brother) Matt and Lauren.
This is my handsome husband in his tux! He was the best man. (I don't think this pose lasted long. I am sure I was breaking his leg!)

We are back. So it has been a long week as I had mentioned on my previous post. I ended up driving down to pick up my sister in law in Vegas Tuesday night and then we drove through the night up to Ogden Canyon where Brandon's parents had rented a beautiful house for all of us to stay in. We hardly got any sleep while we were up there but it was a lot of fun!!

Monday, August 11

This week...

Hello all..
I am going to Salt Lake this week. I am excited. Brandon's Brother Matt is getting married. The last one in his family to do so and all of Brandon's family will be flying in! I have decided on driving up there instead of flying, I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous! Drive 5 hours or however long it takes to get up there and pay a ton of money in gas or fly for free and get there in like an hour! ha ha! I was going to rent a car when I got up there with one of my sister in laws so we had a little freedom while we were there and we didn't have to rely on everyone to go where we needed to go, but the prices to rent a car were SO much! It would be cheaper for me to drive my car up and pay for the gas then to rent a car! oh well! Soooo,.... if anyone down here in St. George needs a ride up to the Salt Lake area I will be heading that way! I will be going all the way up to Logan so any stops on the way up there will be on my way up! I will have to drive by my self because I am leaving either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning and Brandon works Wednesday and will be flying up after work! That little cheater! I have to drive and he gets to fly! oh well.
I am excited to see Brandon's family and spend time with them again! We just saw them all in June but we don't get to spend time with all of them that often so it's always exciting! Also My sister in law Ellie is Pregnant and is only a month ahead of me and she and I are having a Baby shower while I am up there, (Thanks to my other sister in laws for throwing it for us!) It will be on Wednesday this week in Lehi. I am totally excited about that. Then on Thursday I am throwing a bridal shower for the bride to be and that should be fun! (fingers crossed! ha ha) if any of you guys have any last minute bridal shower games that I could play let me know?
This week is packed, Wed night is my baby shower, Thursday morning Lauren (Matt's fiance) is going through the temple (in Logan) and then that night we have a bridal shower for her in Lehi. Friday they are getting sealed (in the Logan temple) and there is a dinner that night. and then Saturday they are having their reception for everyone. They wanted to have everything spread out so they weren't so overwhelmed on one day, I think. so an eventful week to look forward to. I am excited. I will tell you about it when I get back. And again I am serious about if anyone wants a ride up to northern Utah, I will be driving by my self so let me know! :)
This is a picture of my sister in laws... From left to right, Lauren (the bride to be) Corinn (Brannon's sister) Kelsey (Brandon's sister) Ellie (the one that is pregnant and due a month earlier then me) and then ME. This was when we were all together in Cincinnati in June. This was the day we went golfing. We should have taken the group picture BEFORE we golfed in the sweaty humidity! But it was a lot of fun!