Tuesday, March 31

Old Western

So last Saturday we went horse back ridding with Steve-o and Sarah. It was a lot of fun. I hadn't been ridding in a long time, and I totally miss it.
From L to R. Sarah, Brandon, Steveo and Me.
It was funny because in all the pictures me and Stevo are next to each other and Brandon and Sarah are next to each other. We borrowed two horses from someone else and those were the horses that knew each other so they kinda stuck with each other. It just looks funny because it looks like Brandon and Sarah are a couple and me and Stevo are a couple. haha

The men... My husband was actually having fun, I was like "sooo maybe you will want to do this again sometime?" he said "maybe..." he is such a city boy! it cracks me up! He wore ankle socks and his dock martins (OK they are from like middle school or something so it's not like they are new.. but still).
It was like they were naturals. They went off all by them selves running like they were in an old western. I was way impressed with their abilities!
from left to right.. Me, Steve o Brandon and Sarah.
The butt shot... and Sarah's horse pooping. gotta love ridding and all the things that go with it. like the smell. :)

Monday, March 30

the men...

It's almost a guarantee if the wives leave the room they will do one of two things,
1. Pull out the poker chips or
2. turn on a little Nintendo 64.
haha.. gotta love Mario cart, and James Bond 007. We have the very old school Nintendo with Mario brothers and we also have Nintendo 64 so we can play Mario cart and 007. We like to play them occasionally. The classics are the best. I refuse to let Brandon get anything new.

Saturday, March 21

daddy time

I did a mommy and me post so I thought I would do a Daddy and son post too. I love these pictures. I LOVE his smile! and my sweet husband isn't bad looking either!

He finished his nap and then woke up to smile with daddy!

Monday, March 16


Mommy Time... I pulled out the camera the other day... lets be honest the camera is always out! Not bad for taking them myself! HA HA

I stinking love this Kid!! he makes me so happy! :)

Monday, March 9

4 months!

William is now 4 months old! he went to his 4 month check up on Friday. his stats were...

Height 25 1/4 inches 70%

Weight 15 lbs 9 oz. 72%

Head 43 cm 75%

He is growing and developing really well!
He likes to talk and smile and grab anything that is in his reach he has two toys hanging in his car seat and as soon as he gets in it he holds onto those two toys (one in each hand.) even while he is sleeping.

He is starting to stand pretty good. when he is fussy if we just let him stand he stops. he loves to stand. The other day I rested him against the ottoman and he was holding on and standing all on his own. He is pretty strong.

once a day at night he gets bottle fed instead of nursed (from breast milk Ive pumped.) and about half the time he hold his own bottle. It is the sweetest thing.

He has started to teeth! not so fun! he gnaws on his hand and fingers my hand and fingers... and teething toys for relief. I put numbing stuff on his gums all the time. he will have a good day and then a bunch of not so good days. Ive been just waiting for them to pop up and announce their arrival!

When he turned 4 months I was going to start solids. So he has had rice cereal for a couple days now. And surprisingly he has done pretty good.

He has been trying to roll over from his back to his stomach but hasn't mastered that yet!

He has also been trying to sit on his own. Trying is the key word, not doing it yet. I am predicting soon!