Saturday, May 26

a day on the job

OK, so everyone I work with has stories about who they have had on their flights like celebrities and such. I haven't had anyone special or famous. There are people I work with that have told me stories about having Eva Longoria on their flights to and from San Antonio and Los Angeles. So every time I work a flight from San Antonio to Los Angeles I totally look for her. And Every time I work the flight I am disappointed with a no show from Eva. (I know I say her first name like we are best friends.) Then today on my flight from Salt Lake to St. George I had a famous person on board! Bill Paxton and his family were on my flight, I know you are going Bill who? But just here me out! He was the guy on Twister with Helen Hunt. He was on Titanic, And apparently on a handful of other movies too but Twister is the one that I can picture him in. I was watching pieces of that movie the other night on one of my over nights in a hotel room and I just wanted to say to him "I was watching you on TV the other night!" I didn't...I held my cool and didn't act like a total nerd, served him his coke and that was it. His Family is adorable he seemed like a total family man and really fun with his kids. But the real question is why was he coming to sunny St. George? weired?

Sunday, May 13

The Fam

This is my adorable family! We are multiplying! My brother is in the middle single and available if anyone knows someone. (He would kill me if he knew I said something like that!)
They all live in St. George so I get to see them all often and we are all still very close. My sisters are the only people I hang out with. I am a big nerd. My husband doesn't believe me when I say I had friends once upon a time, because he is yet to see any evidence of that. Besides Michelle which is the only person he's meet, and he totally loves you Michelle. So give me a call when you are in St. George. So my husband can meet you at the very least. haha

Saturday, May 12

My husband

My husband is wonderful he is definitely my mister right my knight in shinning armor my prince charming. He is my best friend. We have so much fun together we love to laugh and hang out. He is currently working at the Courtyard Marriott in St. George (which I believe is one of Camie's dads hotels) he serves in the restaurant most of the time but also works the front desk and night audits a couple times a week. He is from New Jersey but he has lived all over. He served his mission here in Utah, (I know who gets called to Utah?) He served a Spanish speaking mission so he speaks Spanish fluently. He is so sweet and perfect for me!

Tuesday, May 8

ok... So I started to make my blog account like a month or so ago and then didn't do anything with it. I am as Jocelyn called it a blog stocker and I must say not proud of it. I will try to get this up and running and actually post things or whatever you call it. But with my job it is really hard, I am gone a lot and when I AM home I don't like to spend my time on the computer. But I am sure when I finally figure this out it wont take me too long to do. So look forward to seeing me!