Monday, December 3

Pillow talk with William tonight....

He was unusually awake and not fast asleep tonight which required a little longer effort in putting him to bed…. So I asked him a few questions…

What do you want to be when you grow up? - deliver mail. I have an idea I could ride a bike and throw newspapers.
What do you like to do for fun? - crafts, paint and play with play dough.
What does Mommy like to do for fun? - Put us in bed and go down stairs.  {this cracked me up, but it was because he was just asking why me and Brandon get to stay up later and I was explaining to him...}
What is your favorite color? - Blue and Green.
Who is your Hero? - Corben and Beckham.
Who is your favorite Character?  - Peter Pan.
Who is mommies best friend? - Daddy.
Who is your favorite Auntie?  - Sarah. {hilarious mostly because she isn't even related. Haha}
Do you want to go on a mission?  - Yes.
Where do you want to go on your mission?  - California.

He wanted me to keep going and said do you have any more for me? I said maybe tomorrow night…
Id be tempted to ask all of these questions in a few days and see if any of them are the same answer! He is a funny boy. And a little smarty pants. I still need to post all of his birthday party pictures...