Wednesday, December 30

Weekly Wednesday Update

22 Weeks...

I know I didn't do a post last week, We were busy out of town with family. I skipped week 21, the baby went from the size of a carrot last week to the size of a spaghetti squash. He is 11 inches long and almost 1 whole pound! I feel this little guy kick all the time and it reassures me that he is still in there! I haven't been sick this last week (HORAY!) and I love it but at the same time I am so used to being sick that when I am not it always makes me nervous. I'm finally at the point in my pregnancy where I finally feel good for about a month before it starts getting worse again! haha! I am going to try and enjoy this time. I also feel like I haven't gotten bigger in my stomach in a long time? Its so strange how HUGE I get from the night I conceive, I INSTANTLY look like I am 6 months pregnant, and now I am slowing down and looking more normal. so that's good. sorry, I thought Id take a picture today but I didn't get around to doing one. soon.

Thursday, December 17

It's A...


We are having a little baby boy! (it was very obvious even to the untrained eye), as soon as he pulled up the "male parts" on the screen I said "it's totally a boy!" We are excited, William and this new little bundle will only be 18 months apart so it will be fun to have two boys so close in age! It's going to be really helpful when it comes time for them to share a room, I didn't know how I was going to decorate their room if this baby ended up being a girl! Now I can get started on re-doing the nursery, YAY! The baby measured right on schedule and everything looked good and normal! Due date for baby number two is May 5th 2010 (Cinco De Mayo)
So now that we know the sex we will share what our (by OUR I really mean MY) two picks of boy names are (I realize this may not be the wisest thing to do, share what we want to name our baby, people have opinions especially MY family but we are strong enough to take it, I don't mind what people think, as long as I like it! haha) So the choices are... Terrance Alan or Lincoln Alan. We had Lincoln on our previous list when we were pregnant with William but we both agreed on William so early that we didn't need it. Terrance; Brandon suggested one day and I instantly liked it, and now I think he wishes he never suggested it in the first place. Our girl name will just have to wait until we have a girl, or if we have one. ;) (I hope I get to use it someday, cause I love it. even if my family HATES it!)

Wednesday, December 16

Weekly Wednesday Update

20 Weeks!
half way!
hump day!
20 weeks,
whatever you want to call it,
it is cause for some celebration!
From here on out I have LESS then half way to go!
and thats something to be excited about!
Tomorrow morning is when I go in for my ultrasound!
I will post tomorrow what I am having!

Can't Wait!!

Thursday, December 10

Kissing cousins

I have been wanting to put up some mistletoe in my house this year, well I guess we don't need it, William does it all on his own! Just a little bit of Christmas kisses!
He is planting a big one on his little cousin Bailee, (Brittany's Baby) She is 4 months old. It's weird to think When these little ones are older they will be in the same grade in school and probably have a lot of the same friends. (I'll have to save this picture to show them when their older!) I just love Bailee's face, her eyes are staring at William like what are you doing?! HAHA! I had a few more photos to choose from but this one is by far my favorite! love it! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 9

Weekly Wednesday Update

19 weeks today...

So the baby is now the size of a large heirloom tomato. I am still sick, blah! nothing new in that department unfortunately. Things are going well, progressing normally (from what I can tell?) I feel the baby move and kick often. I am staying active (because I have a toddler at home) and hoping I don't gain as much weight this pregnancy as I did with William. So far so good, but I still have a long way to go! This next week I am sure is going to be the longest week ever. I can't wait until I can find out what I'm having! I hate not knowing what to call it, and I always let William love and kiss my belly, it would be so much easier to refer to "it" as his "little brother or little sister."
We watched the video of when William was born recently and it has gotten me even more excited to have this little one! I loved the labor and delivery part. It was just a big party in my room, full of family fun, laughter, and love! I'm not sure if we want as much of an audience this time or if we will even have the option of having anyone in there (with how strict they have become with the swine flu and all), non the less I am still very excited! little more than half way to go! haha!

That's all for this week, nothing too exciting... till next week..

Friday, December 4

the other morning..

The other day before church I wanted to snapped a few photos of William, He wasn't really cooperating because we had just woke him up to get ready for church and he was hungry and wanted his milk. (you would think we have early church but nope we have church at 11:00) This kid takes after his mom and likes to sleep in!! Lets just hope this other baby gets the memo and we can continue our ritual of sleeping in every morning!So this is the best I got, Sippy in hand, I was trying to capture his sweet tie but he wasn't letting me. haha
Mommy and William... so serious... (again he had just been woken up.)

Daddy and William.. can these two look any more alike!? Some days I really see it, and some pictures I laugh because they are SO the same! William is like a little clone of Brandon! especially in these pictures! It cracks me up! LOVE them both so I really can't complain!

Thursday, December 3

random pics

I was looking through some pictures and came across these, I uploaded them last week, and I totally intended to post about each of them and then never did. I wanted to quickly add them on here so I didn't forget and before they became too old.
William giving one of his scrunched up faces, he does this some times it cracks us up. He does a version of a scrunched up face when he does his cat meow too.

This was William 2 Sundays ago all ready for church, haha.. yes we put a bow tie on him!.. I was skeptical at first but it grew on me, and now I love it!

Total G.Q. (besides the blush brush in his hand, haha! he totally loves that thing!)

and this is William with his little puppy dog. He sleeps with it every night and for nap time. It's really adorable. I tried for a while to get him to like something, something to comfort him, different cuddles and such, and he would like it for a day or two and then kinda forget about it. I have always had this kind of handy in his crib and recently he has attached to it for bed time. It cracks me up! I love that he has a little cuddle buddy, it is too cute! We give it to him tell him good night and he lays down with his little friend and goes to sleep! love it!

Wednesday, December 2

Weekly Wednesday Update

18 weeks today!...

According to Baby center dot com the baby is as big as a bell pepper, almost 7 oz, and 5 1/2 inches long from head to bottom. This week marked the transition stage from feeling a spontaneous kick every so often to the continuous movements and kicks I am now feeling! It's funny how it happens, for about two or three weeks you will fell a random kick or flutter and then one day it just changes and you start feeling everything. Sunday night I was like I totally feel the baby! Brandon has even gotten the privilege of feeling the little thing moving around. It's still the fun part when it doesn't hurt yet. William hurt me all the time when he would move and kick, I am going to enjoy these little movements for the time being cause I know they will get bigger and harder soon! Although the baby did kick my full bladder last night and I was like oh yeah I forgot about this part.. oh the joys...

I have been pretty nauseous this week, a lot less throwing up but more nauseous I don't know what's better? Some days I wish I would just throw up and get it over with. Oh well, I think It means it's getting better. I just feel bad when I have a bad day and I feel really crappy and William and I are still in our pajamas in the late after noon! :)

We have names for this baby, we still have our girl pick from when we were pregnant with William and I have two boy names that I am still deciding between. We will see what way we will have to go when we see what it is in two weeks! :)

I have gained a couple more pounds this week, It was inevitable being Thanksgiving weekend and all! I think I will just blame it on that! :) I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

William giving the baby loves and kisses... which he does often. :)