Sunday, October 31


I've been bad at blogging.
life's been busy.
We moved,
kind of.
We are going to rent out our place in hopes to find a larger house.
SOOO... we moved in with these guys!...

(kind of a weird picture of them but I still thought it was cute I love how my mom is looking at my dad to see if he is smiling or doing a serious face? so she can match him. haha, you can tell they just love each other! love these two people so much! They are such good people, wonderful parents, and awesome grandparents!)

Ya it's been a week... our stuff is still very much EVERY where! We finally hooked our computer up too so that's better. but life is definitely not back to normal. hopefully we will get in the swing of things soon, and we will be able to clear a pathway of boxes and clothes so we can walk though our room!

Monday, October 18

She is so stinking cute!

My photo shoot with Kambria the other day was a success, she is SO beautiful! She was happy and she was being so funny!

to see more go to my photo blog...

Saturday, October 16

real quick

Ive been so busy!!, and my house, laundry, children, and blog are feeling the neglect! I got my self a camera! A total splurge I've been wanting for a long time, and I finally just did it! I took two photo shoots yesterday and now have a million photos to go through and edit! which i LOVE doing but I know it means more neglect to my house, laundry, children and blog! haha, oh well... Lucas turned 5 months and I never did a post he will be 6 months at the end of this month and I can hardly believe it! William will be 2 the beginning of next month and that is crazy to me as well!! I love my boys! I love my husband, things have been going well for us, just busy! I'll post more soon! I just couldn't stand to see that same post anymore so I had to do something?! here's a picture to help until I can post for real!

two very RANDOM pictures! Lucas in all his drool glory, and William cheesin it with a dirty mouth. :)

Tuesday, October 5


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Saturday, October 2

Grandma Stott

Brandon's mom and sister came to town for about 24 hours last week. It was fun to have them here and hang out even if it was super quick! Kelsey (Brandon's sister) was the one that was due the same day as me and we had little boys just two weeks apart. Jonah and Lucas still look a lot alike, its always fun to get them together and compare! love that little guy so much! I wish they lived closer and we could see them more often!
Brandon's mom with her latest grandchildren I think they are numbers 8 and 9? but I could be wrong.