Friday, August 26

We are....

getting a new house!!

We are excited,
but mostly excited.

We should be closing on the 2nd of September, that's a week away! I can't believe it! My parents are ready to have their house back, they have been SO great letting us take over the past 10 months!!  My kids are going to be SO sad when we aren't with grandma and papa 24-7! Lucas is going to go through some serious with drawls! He is SOOOO attached to my parents especially my mom.  He wakes up in the morning crying for her. He was only 6 months when we moved in and they have been a major part of his life.  He is going to have to go through some major adjustments. poor thing.
It's not like we'll be far.  It's maybe an 8 min. drive from them. about 1.5 min drive for Brandon to get to work.  And our good friends (Sarah and Steve-o) are also buying a house (and closing next week as well!!) they'll be about a 30 seconds drive away. We couldn't be happier. I am sure we will be saving money on gas for sure!

Thursday, August 25

little friends

Avary came over to play the other day...
These two get so excited to see each other, little buddies. They are as close as brother and sister. It's adorable.  What do you expect when your an hour apart!?
Lucas was saying cheese for the camera.  and yes you can admire my craigslist chairs. love them.

Monday, August 15

Disney Vacation Day 7

 The last day of our vacation everyone flew out at different times.  We had a late flight so after we checked out of our hotel we hit up the beach.  We had a great time. the kids loved it, and I LOVED IT.  I had never been in a warm ocean before! it was awesome! we dried off changed out of our wet sandy clothes in the van on the way to the airport! needless to say we were a little sandy!  It was worth it though!

 William was crazy, he loved loved loved the waves! He would run and jump in and over them, the waves would take him out and he would go under the water. He had an absolute blast!

 Lucas wanting his mommy.

Then we got on our flight...

 This was the last picture I took.  On both flights we would change the boys into their pajamas and let them get comfy. William liked his little personal screen and ear phones. It was adorable.
 The end of the Stott Family Vacation posts for 2011.