Tuesday, November 29

Family pics

I don't know who decides to take a family picture when they are 20 weeks pregnant! (not my best look)but I think the last one we have was when Lucas was tiny! we never get family pictures taken, and this was our pathetic attempt on thanksgiving last week. On our way to my moms house Brandon spilled a dish of un cooked corn pudding all over his shirt, so as soon as we got there he had to borrowed a shirt from Jason. Also Brandon had played football that morning and came home with a big lip! so all the pictures he looks a little "off" to say the least... my sister snapped a few for us, thanks Mallory even though I complained about every single shot! :)

 Random shots Mallory got of me and Lucas.

Monday, November 21

my boys as of late...

the other day Brandon gave me a little psssst... to ask me if Lucas' eyes were closed. it was so cute how he fell asleep watching a show with his brother and daddy. And I LOVE how his legs were crossed, sooo adorable, haha!

 This was on Saturday when Brandon was trying to watch a little football with his boys... I had to grab the camera for a quick picture.
 This was Sunday night just random bath time pictures..

notice Williams foot trying to get in the picture... he thought he was pretty funny.

Sunday, November 20

19 weeks

I hate these pictures, and hate what I wore on Saturday too for that matter, note to self, turtle necks aren't attractive in pictures... especially when pregnant! but I cropped my face out so now it is postable! haha

Week 16 and 17 turned out to be weeks from hell with throwing up and being sick, and week 18 has started to turn around.I still throw up almost every morning, but I have finally started to have some good days thrown in and it makes life a lot more manageable.
I started feeling her move a few weeks ago but nothing continuous and they were far a few between and random. but this last week things have picked up and she has started to move more regular now. 


Wednesday, November 9

Wlliam's Birthday

William Turned Three years old on Saturday November 5th.
I had such great hopes for a great party for William this year but I have been SO sick that I just wasn't up for anything.  He ended up feeling special and everything turned out just fine.  That's the great thing about being 3.  It doesn't take much.
 We celebrated it on Sunday at my moms house with his cousins + Avary. We got an ENORMOUS Buzz Light year pinata from the Mexican market here in town and we had a blast filling it up with treasures and then the kids and Adults had a great time beating him up.

Sat. night Brandon and I set up his train set so when he woke up on Sunday he would come down stairs and see his gift.  It was SOOO funny how hard and how long it took us to put together a track that made sense and connected all together on his train table.  It was comical to see us trying different pieces and laughing at how hard it was! We felt like it was Christmas Eve trying to be quiet and set it up while the boys were sleeping. It got me excited for Christmas to come! I got a great video of William coming down the stairs and seeing his gift.

 Helping daddy fill buzz up Sunday morning.

 above: Avary taking a turn.  Below; Sidney taking a turn.

 William blowing out his trick candle for the second or third time. (his dad was in charge of getting the cake and lighting the candles) I didn't know he had added a trick candle.

and just for fun one of little Claire at the party.