Tuesday, April 28


It's amazing how fast your life can change, This picture cracks me up... well to be honest it kind of frightens me. I was enormous! All I had to do was say the words I am pregnant to start getting LARGE.. I looked back at my old belly pictures and I am amazed at how big I got right away! I'll pull a Sarah and say... It's SO weired how a precious little baby comes out of this! this was taken when he was like a month.. so tiny...Here are some random hand shots... This was taken in November...
This was taken in April... Isn't it amazing how fast time goes and how fast little ones grow up! It's happening right before my eyes, I can't do anything about it and I want to cherish every moment I have with my little guy! He is learning, growing, getting bigger, heavier and smarter everyday! I want to have a million kids if they are all as sweet as this one!

PS.... he has pooped 4 times since my last post.. he went the full 7 days and I loaded him with prunes and prune juice... I just hope he starts regulating on his own! poor little guy!

Friday, April 24


I know it isn't a lovely subject but my sister in law started it when she posted about her daughters lovely poop story... So I am just putting it out there for all to here...

My son doesn't poop any more. He goes about once a week. I KNOW, this isn't normal and I know I should probably be more worried then I am? I called his ped. office and the nurse said if he goes a whole 7 days (SEVEN DAYS *supposed to be said in a whisper*) then I should get worried, but he doesn't ever go that long, knock on wood, he is going on 7 tomorrow! I know it's probably him getting used to eating solid foods but I thought he would be used to them by now? He has been like this for about 6 weeks or so? I cant remember? He has gone about every 5 days for the past 4 weeks. the nurse at the ped office said to give him more water and juice and to only give him fruits for now until he gets better? So he has just had fruit for about 2-3 weeks now. I hate it I want him to get used to all kinds of foods veggies and all. To be honest it doesn't seem to bother him all that much? A few times he has not really wanted to eat because there wasn't any room in there with all his poop backed up! but he is still normal and happy? I just hope he poops today because tomorrow is 7 days! poor thing!!

On a better note he is learning and growing... Last week he learned to roll over and he learned how to sit on his own, he is very strong in his back and sits really well. after he rolled over for the first time it's like he had been doing it for weeks, he did it over and over and over. now he is trying to scoot and move it's pretty funny, last night he saw something out of his reach that he wanted and Brandon and I watched him move and roll so he could get it successfully. Its pretty funny.

Here is our crazy man in his jumperoo... He has started to really get into it lately! It cracks us up!

Monday, April 20

After the bath

This was William after the bath the other night...
Sarah and I were messing around with the pictures on my computer and I was making the pictures coloring book style... it's kinda fun to see what they look like when you change them. Some of them looked really good and others looked really creepy. I think I am going to make a couple coloring books for my nieces and nephews, I thought they would make cool gifts. How would it be to have a coloring book full of pictures of your self?!

Saturday, April 18

Bath Time

he is totally in motion!

This kid cracks me up... He loves the water! He loves taking baths and showers, he always has. I hope he always will! While he is in the shower he will put his head under the water and just sit there letting it hit him in the face. He will pull him self out blink a couple times and then go back under for more, it cracks me up. We usually fill the tub up really high but lately we have been letting some of the water out so he can kick and lay back all by him self. He's pretty clever he knows he cant turn his head because the water will get in his face so he is usually pretty careful. Tonight he was kicking up a storm! The water would go over his face and he was crazy, but loving it! We were laughing so hard watching him!

these are quick clips of William freaking out in the tub, (he was having a good time)

Friday, April 17

Steve-o and William

This night Steve-o and Sarah were over and I had just given William his bath and was going to put his pajamas on, he was So ready to go to sleep, he was fussy and tired and wasn't too happy. SO... I had an idea to take William out to the family room to put his Pajamas on him and get him ready for bed out where Steven was playing the guitar... William always loves it when his daddy plays guitar for him... I thought it would allow me to put his jammies on him with out him being too upset... Well I was right it totally worked! William immediately got very happy and mesmerized by the guitar.... it was SO cute I had to go and get my camera and snap a few quick photos of the two of them together. Thanks Steve-o

He's trying to help him play. Plus he wouldn't put his leg down, it was so funny, he held his leg like that the whole time, like it was the most comfortable thing to do!
I know I was holding the camera the wrong way! Sorry!
At the end of this clip I figured it out and turned the camera... but they're still way cute! enjoy

Wednesday, April 15


Rolling eggs is a Trask tradition that we look forward to every year! We each decorate and dye our eggs to make them our own and then we compete! Two at a time we each roll one egg into each other and only one egg breaks and one comes out victorious! Last egg standing wins. This year we had a lot of competitors and a lot of eggs to roll! It was so much fun!This is William with one of his eggs I made for him, he rolled his two eggs against Beckham just so they wouldn't feel too left out. haha... it's really all for the adults... we are all kinda competitive!This is half the room... my dad, dean, Mallory, Tiffany, Cameron, Jeff, Brittany, Brydee, Jay Jay, Corben... yeah a lot of people!
This is Brydee and Corben going against each other... Jason had to supervise, these kids would go one... two... three... (then they were supposed to roll their eggs into each others)... sometimes they would roll and sometimes they went air born! haha it was so funny... I guess we should have practiced rolling a ball for a few weeks to get them used to it? It made me laugh though cause I could just see them next week getting the eggs out of the fridge and rolling them into each other, (not hard boiled first!)
William going against Becks.. just for fun...
These are The Easter egg hunt pictures... We started the tradition of having an Easter egg hunt a couple years ago once the grand kids were old enough to hunt for their own eggs. They each have their own color they go hunting for, Brydee's are pint, Jay Jays are blue... and so on and so forth. The adults, (my brother and sisters and I) hide the eggs in my parents back yard for all the little kids. My parents back yard is huge and beautiful and perfect for things like this.. I think we like hiding them more then the kids like finding them! it's a blast for everyone!
Little Becks, he is so cute holding his little bucket haha!
William was sitting this one out watching the kids... Next year buddy next year! This picture cracks me up because the palm tree in the back ground looks like hair on his head.
Jay Jay finding an egg I hid in the tree....
and in the palm tree... Becks finding his egg
Beckham smiling for the camera
Beckham, me, William, and Brydee
This is how William enjoyed the Easter egg hunt, (watching) next year he will participate!

This is a short clip of the kids right before we let them go running for their eggs...
Needless to say we all had a great time and enjoyed our Easter Sunday! Traditions are always fun, and even more so when you add in laws and new grand babies into the mix so you can teach them how it all goes in the crazy Trask house!

Monday, April 13

Elijah and William

This is one of Williams Friends Elijah or Eli. He is so cute... When Eli was first born we thought they looked a lot a like, but every time we see them together they look less a like to me.. Eli looks like he is getting lighter hair and has big blue eyes where William remains to be dark, Dark hair and dark eyes. It is so funny to get together with Josh and Jenni (Elijah's Parents) and see them together. They are just about 3 weeks apart and they are so close in size. They do everything about the same time and are like little twiners. They are both learning to sit and roll over from their back to their stomachs. and they continue to master eating their toes! SO FUN!

Sunday, April 12

Our little Guinea Pig!

Our poor little guy!

Two of my sisters Tiffany and Brittany are pregnant, and they are both having baby girls! So we have been making bows and Flowers and getting all the old baby girl clothes out for them to divide amongst them selves. So needless to say sometimes we need a baby to try something on to see what size it is or if it will fit.
There was a dress in the bin that said "Medium" well what size is medium, 3-6 months, 6-9 months... So I tried it on William to see if it fit... poor little guy, he was wearing a little sun dress with a matching hat! (I still haven't told Brandon about it!) On this particular day we were making flowers and I was attempting to make those interchangeable head bands... well needless to say I needed a baby to try it on to see if it would fit... Sorry future Will!

Friday, April 10

My project.... a garden

My little plot of dirt...

I have a little bit of a back yard that I can do whatever with and I am doing a garden this year! There were a ton of weeds, a couple tree/bush things we needed to rip out, and a bunch of roots to tear up. My dad came over of course and helped us! Thanks dad! This is actually a "during" shot and not a before picture... I should have gotten a before picture so you could really appreciate how much work it took!This is a horrible picture (i know) but I had to get an action shot!

Mommy's Little Helper...

Brandon HATES to work in the garden, he wants to reap the benefits of having a garden but he hates working out side (I kept telling him he was being the little red hen story)... It doesn't help that he has killer allergies to these huge trees right out side our back door! so I had to take William and show him what a good example of working in the garden was. Me trying to work in the garden and tan my legs at the same time... this is what I call Multi-tasking! My little piece of dirt I'd like to call a garden.

my little planter boxes, (the before picture)

This is the after picture... after everything was planted... I am doing a garden all on my own for the first year. My parents have an outstanding garden!! and I have been inspired growing up with the example of my parents to always have a garden to do one of my very own! We planted, Beans, Peas, sugar snap peas, carrots, cucumbers, cantaloupe, squash, zucchini, spinach, ice berg lettuce, and Romain lettuce. I also have cilantro, jalapenos, and bell peepers in my plant boxes before I transfer them to the garden. I am still hoping to get some tomatoes and some berries (strawberries, blueberries, and boysenberries or blackberries) So I hope in a few weeks I can post a picture of a flourishing garden!! I am sure I will keep you posted! I hope I didn't screw it up too badly like I said it's the first time Ive ever done one all by my self. I seriously threw in a million seeds where it said to only do a few... more is always better, right? HA HA... we shall see!

Thursday, April 9


William loves this little arch thing... it plays music, the toys on it either spin or go up and down, he hangs on to the toys while they are trying to move and it will go click click click click... trying to move.. he has started to get violent with it lately too... he will kick it and push it over and it lands on top of him, he is getting more aggressive these days. but its an activity that will buy us a few minutes so we can eat dinner or lunch or something while he is playing.
This is a short video of William playing with his toy,
(Enjoy Sunday morning conference in the back ground. :)