Wednesday, August 8

Sittin' here

Do you ever just sit there and do nothing because you don't want to? I bet this doesn't happen for very many of you, I know we all lead pretty hectic lives we are all so busy with the many things that we do! This week I called in sick for my trip I felt awful, sinus pressure, nauseous, drowsy, sneezing, runny nose the whole bit. This week has been so uneventful for me. I am so glad for the time off but because I have been feeling so awful I have no motivation and no desire to do anything. And trust me there are things that can be done! I just have no energy to do anything and I finally have the time to do it. I tried to do a scrap book page today which I haven't done for like ever and I stopped when I wasn't even half way done with it I ran like two errands, watched some TV and pretty much sat around for the rest of the time. So I was thinking to my self. Self, you have been feeling like you have no energy for a while. I have been so tired lately for no good reason I could probably have a better diet but it isn't all that bad and it hasn't been changed at all for me to feel different, at least I think. I think I get enough sleep. I don't work out though but I never really have it will go in spurts where I'll do sit ups and push ups and stretches every night and then I'll stop for a while. I guess the lack of working out is catching up with me! I hate this feeling. I have always thought I was a pretty energetic person, someone that likes to be outside and not afraid to get dirty. I have always been pretty athletic and active in my lifestyle, but lately I have no energy to do anything and I hate it, not to mention the scale is telling me to move my butt because the LB's are getting to a ridiculously high number! I just don't know why I have been feeling like this? I need something to snap me out of this trans that I am in. Something to rejuvenate me I hate feeling like such a blah, and so tired! I am 23 for crying out loud I shouldn't feel like this. I guess I should try something new, but what?
On an after thought I have not been depriving my husband. He comes home for lunch every day and I have something made for him. He comes home to dinner ready too. at least I am doing one thing right. Now if only I could have make up on, dressed, and my hair done too when he comes home!

The picture is old, about a year actually but I hadn't posted any pictures for a while and thought I would put one on that showed my more energetic self.

Wednesday, August 1

just passin' the time.

I know I am a horrible blogger and I am way past due for a post! I haven't been inspired to write any thing exciting. Brandon started his new job. He started at all connect almost two weeks ago. We needed a change from the Marriott no offense Camie, he really loved the Marriott but I would work all week (being gone for four days at a time) and then he would work doubles on the weekends where he would go in on Friday at 4 in the after noon and get off at 7 in the morning and try to get as much sleep as he could (so I would have to leave the house just to let him get a couple hours of sleep before he would go back and do that same thing on Saturday, and get off at 7 in the morning on Sunday and then try to go to church with me! yeah right! We would never see each other! SO... that was one of the reasons, second.. I have the medical insurance through my work and if I ever wanted to go part time I wouldn't have insurance anymore, SO all connect offers insurance after only 45 days of working there. And you still qualify for insurance even if you are part time. They also help pay for a percentage of your schooling which Brandon will be going in the fall. They have great benefits and I hope he really likes his new job. I am way proud of him they have been in training for the past two weeks and they have homework almost every night and they have tests almost everyday and he has been getting like 100% on all of his tests and doing really well. I am really proud of him he has been doing so well!
Anyway, I am sitting in a pathetic hotel in Buffalo NY and I am SO tired but its only 5:45 here which makes it 3:45 Utah time, I cant go to bed yet but I cant take a nap, I want to go to bed early but not to early so I can sleep all the way through the night. I have to wake up at like 5:00 though (3:00 Utah time) I am trying to hold off a few more hours so I can go to sleep! oh the glamorous life of a flight attendant! HA! Anyway.. I have nothing real to blog about and I am trying to do better but I know this was a pathetic attempt at a post!