Monday, May 16

A sun shine day

We had a few nice hot days last week, I was babysitting Tiffany's kids and text her to see if she packed the kids with their swimming suits? She said no so I went in to see what I had.  To my surprise I had a bunch of swim trunks ranging in sizes! They all picked one out and we were ready.  poor Sidney was dressed like a boy as well! haha! I don't have little girl clothes in my house. I didn't know where the slip in slide was so we just turned on the hose sprinkler and that was good enough for them!
 notice Sidney! haha! shes the one next to the water.
 William and hit butt crack. Those dang shorts would not stay put!
 Corben, William, Beckham, and Sidney.
 my little Lucas
 no summer day is complete with out some otter pops!

 Sidney! Even when she is dressed like a boy she is still beautiful! she is too funny if you ask her her name it is ALWAYS sidneyrella.  If you call her Sidney by mistake (Heaven forbid!) She will always  say "NO!  NOT Sidney, SIDNEYRELLA!"

Wednesday, May 11

batters up

The other night Brandon was working late and I went out back with the kids... It was one of those beautiful spring nights where the weather was just right after the sun goes down a little. The kids loved getting out and throwing the ball around.

 look at him keep his eye on the ball... haha
 Lucas pitching the ball to William?
 He sometimes would rather throw it and hit it him self rather then putting it on the T.
 Lucas my little walker boy. He is walking like crazy now, all over the place. It's darling.
Lucas' turn.

Tuesday, May 10

Massive Marshmallows!

 The other day I got those HUGE marshmallows that you have probably all seen at walmart? William couldn't wait to eat one! We got around to roasting some on Friday night, eating one of these if like eating 4 large marshmallows. It's kind of gross if you think about it! haha! I didn't feel like walking way out to the fire pit thing and starting a fire so we sat on the back porch with one of my moms "canned Heat" containers. for those of you that don't know that they are, They are awesome! It is a can with a whole roll of toilet paper inside and alcohol. When the alcohol runs out you just pour more in, and the toilet paper doesn't ever burn. They can be used for cooking, light, heat, a must for every ones pantry or camping supplies.

 When these things caught fire it was like blowing out a torch! you had to keep blowing to make sure you got it all.
 celebrating a success, not sure which one?
 He got a little messy,
 and sticky,
and everything else he touched.

Monday, May 9

Strawberry Jam! yum

I love me some home made strawberry jam! and when we got some flats of strawberries for killer cheap we had to jump on it!! So excited... aren't they pretty?

Tuesday, May 3

WONDERLAND aka Lucas' Party!!

So the party came and went with success!! This will be a picture over load! I wanted you to get the full effect of actually being there, plus for those of you that were unable to make it... and for Lucas and Avary to see when they are older especially when they say "you never do anything for me" we will be able to show them the pictures from their huge party party we threw!

Welcome to Wonderland!
The entrance to lead to the back yard aka the rabbit hole.
along the wall leading to the back yard had signs we made, you can't really tell what they are... One says "Lucas is 1" and the other says "Avary is 1"
Signs that say... Yonder, queens croquet, here, there, house of bounce, we are all mad here, wrong way.
Tables and chairs for our guests to sit at.
The centerpieces for the round tables.

Each Center piece had a hand painted Tea Cup with a colorful assortment of flowers, lollipops and pin wheels in it. And one picture each of Avary and Lucas from the photo shoot.
All the kids got to take home a pinwheel & lollipop out of the center pieces along with a goodie bag!
 The mad hatter buffet table...

two highchairs set up for each of the Birthday boy and girl.

 Cup Cakes, they were VERY colorful on the inside, each cupcake was an individual surprise for whoever bit into it.
 Chicken salad Sandwiches
 penutbutter and Jelly sandwiches
 more cupcakes...
Grapes, cookies, queen of heart brownies. (all the brownies were in the shape of a heart)

more cupcake toppers
Croquet People... (Sarah did a great job on making them!)
The Queen of Hearts
The White Rabbit
The Caterpillar
a playing card.
Rockwell playing some croquet.
Face painting was big hit with the kids.
 Jay Jay
 but the big winner had to be the bounce house. kids young and old loved it!!

 we had quite a few children entertained for a good long time.

 HORRIBLE pic, but it was the only one I had of our "Happy Birthday" sign we made.... you can't even tell what it is!
HORRIBLE pic again but it was the only one (for some reason?!) that I had of the cakes!
 Then we brought out the cakes... (these are a little out of order)
 he had a few melt downs...

 he shared with me! he would lick his finger and then let me lick his finger, it went back and forth for awhile.
 When he was done... He didn't do too much damage on that thing.
a big THANKS to these two for making Lucas and Avary's Cakes!
 one of the Guests of Honor! The birthday girl her self, Miss Avary Elle

Some of our guests include but are not limited to... (I didn't get a chance to take a picture of everyone)
 Beckham (showing off what he found in his goodie bag)
 The always fun Haylee Ray
 Horrible picture!! (sorry!) but darling baby, Skyler
 Raya, Eyla and Rockwell
 another Haylee Ray just cause shes so funny.
 Julianna, Baby Ruby, and My sister Brittany
 SO cute Tyler
Miss SydneyRella
The always adorable Kambria 
New baby Claire & her auntie Mallory
 opening a couple presents

"L.S." on the back of his "1" onesie. just for fun. haha