Tuesday, July 29

Baby Shower Anyone?!

I am just putting this post out there to see if there is anyone interested in coming to my baby showers? My sister in laws are throwing me one in northern Utah on the 13th of August. It will actually be held in Lehi I believe. If you live up closer to that area you are more then welcome to come! I also have a friend of mine that is going to throw me a shower down here in St. George either the end of August or the beginning of September. We haven't decided on a date yet. If you live down here and are interested in going to that shower you are more than welcome! All you need to do is e-mail me your address' so I can send you an actual invitation for the correct shower! This is my e-mail for those of you that may not have it.... HeatherTrask@hotmail.com Let me know! Thanks Everyone!

This is my HUGE self last week at 24 weeks!

Friday, July 25

Daddy in training

This is Corben, Brydee, Jay Jay and Brandon. Jay Jay LOVES his uncle Brandon! (he is the one giving him a hug of death!)

This is Brandon with the nephews and niece on my side of the family. Brydee, Corben, Jay Jay, and Beckham. They had been wrestling on the ground for a while so I threw Beckham on for a quick picture!

This is Brandon before his mission when he would come over and help me with the triplets. He was so good with them! I love the pictures I have of him with the girls!

This is Brandon with his niece Annalise, when we went back and visited his family last month. She is such a doll!
This is Brandon with his new favorite little girl, Kaitlyn. She is SO much fun her uncles couldn't get enough of her. In this picture he was helping her when she got out of the tub, drying her off and putting her jammies on.

This is Brydee and Brandon they have been hanging out more lately this is her giving Brandon one of her Eskimo kisses! She is such a sweet tender hearted little girl! I love her to death!

I want to dedicate this post to my amazing husband! My husband is SO great with kids! I doubt there is a man out there that has had more practice and preparation with newborns and toddlers then my husband has at his age! When I was a nanny back east he would come over and hang out and help me with the babies! He loved it! When he left on his mission he would say I miss the girls! Right before his mission he was in that whole in between stage where he didn't have a job because he was going on a mission so his family dubbed him the babysitter/Shaffer for the family. He would occasionally come over to see me while I was nannying and bring his niece and nephew who at that time were a few months old and two years old. He would have the diaper bag packed with everything that he needed, formula to make a bottle, diapers wipes, you name it he was prepared and confident to take care of a little baby that was just a few months old and a little 2 year old! What 19 year old does things like that?
Well he went on his mission and when he came home and moved out to Utah the child care didn't stop. I was working as a full time flight attendant when he moved out here. I would be gone for days at a time every week. Brandon would fill his days hanging out with my sisters, and their kids! He would literally walk in the door and they would say "oh good Brandon's here he can change the babies diaper!" What man willingly changes diapers especially ones that aren't even his children!? He has taken the abuse from my sisters day after day with a smile and because of it all of his nieces and nephews are really close with their uncle Brandon and they absolutely love him! I love my husband and I cannot wait for the moment when he becomes a father! I look forward most to seeing Brandon become a father for the first time and seeing the look on his face! That is what I am looking forward to the very most!

Thursday, July 17


This son of mine kicks all the time! I have no idea what to judge it by because I obviously haven't been pregnant before. I don't know if it is normal or if he is a more active baby then most? I wonder if this is just a sign of whats to come with a very active little boy! I don't know?
Things are going well. I have been feeling SO much better. My meds actually work now as before they didn't really do anything, I still would throw up all day even when I took them. But now there is a difference. If I am up too long in the morning with out taking my pills I know it! I am like I don't feel good and then I run to the bathroom! So I am really good at taking my pills. My body doesn't let me forget for too long. I am just glad they are doing something now!
I herd the second trimester was so much better then the first and I was waiting for it to get better the very next day that I entered my third trimester! It eventually got better and the second trimester HAS been better! I have a lot more energy and feel so much better. With less throwing up the wait gain has began! I have already gained 25 pounds! yeah I know! I didn't gain anything until I was at least 41/2 to 5 months a long.. and then in my 5th month I pretty much made up for lost time and gained everything really fast! I don't even know how that is possible? To gain 25 pounds in a few short weeks? that can't be normal! I will be 6 months on Saturday! 24 weeks! yeah!
I just thought I would post a little update on the pregnancy more pictures will be coming soon. Especially of my last few vacations I havn't posted anything about them yet! :(

Tuesday, July 8

The after pictures

So I am a little late at getting these posted... sorry. I love my new hair cut! I seriously chopped it off!! It feels so much better, so light weight and cool. I actually do my hair now. It takes two seconds to blow it dry and two more seconds to style it. I love that part! More importantly my husband likes it! I was worried what he would think the most. Everyone else I don't really care. :) but he really likes it so that makes me like it even more. The first two days or so he just kept saying "Your hot!" He would also say he felt like he was cheating on his wife because I looked so different. ha ha! well here are the results. I am glad I finally did it. With being pregnant it has really helped! I "get ready" a lot more. And I am not as hot and sweaty!This picture is the side that is a little longer then the other one.

Can you kind of tell that is is un even. like longer on one side. That's how I wanted it. :)

I don't know it you can tell but I have a lot of red and blond high lights! The red is really red! and the blond is more caramel.

And last but not least a belly shot of my growing belly! I am 22 weeks! The baby moves all the time! Most of the time I love it! Sometimes its like he moves into an air pocket or a gas bauble and I'm like woooowoo, easy boy!