Monday, February 28

Slowing down...

Life has slowed down a little bit, it's still busy don't get me wrong it just isn't crazy like it was around the holidays and such.  We have been enjoying more days of just playing and enjoying each other. I love days where we don't even get dressed and we, play linking logs, Lego's, animals, cars, trucks, farm house, turn on the radio and dance, and read lots and lots of books. Those are the best days.  The boys love when its a low key day and we get to just hang out. William is SUCH a boy and loves motorcycles, trucks, and sports.  He loves to play catch, and kick the ball back and forth, and hit the baseball.  I'll pitch him the ball and have him hit it. and then he will want to pitch me the ball and I will hit it.  He will always tell me, "get in your stance momma" (because that's what we always tell him) and I will. He will pitch it to me and when I hit it he says good hit mommy. haha... so encouraging. 

The following are some random pictures of my children.
William lining up all his animals. I don't really know why he does this, but he always lines them up.  Are they going into battle or something?
 Auntie Bugaboo pitching William the baseball.

My funny little do-dis. I know his eyes disappear when he laughs or smiles big. :)
This is the smile I get every time I ask William to give me a smile for the camera. A total cheese. He will not give me a normal smile. Sometimes he smiles so big it looks painful! haha!

Saturday, February 26

karaoke night

Sarah and Steve-o were over the other night The boys were watching a game in the other room and Sarah and I decided to take out the ancient Karaoke Machine and have a little fun.  We got it out dusted it off and hooked it up, and before we could even sing one song Brandon emerged from the room and took the mike to show us how it's done! I swear he didn't share that mike for the rest of the night!

Sarah and Brandon singing and dancing.
Sarah can kill me later for posting this picture. :) but little avary looks adorable! :)
Then the men got a hold of the mikes and sang and sang.  We even left the room and they still just kept on going! haha! they were having too much fun!

did they miss their calling in life??

I'll spare you the video clips that I took!  :)

Saturday, February 12

My Valentines...

 Above pic NOT the best quality.

I love my boys, and am so happy to be their mama!  They make my days so fun, eventful, and exciting. It's never a dull moment... they continue to surprise me with how smart and clever they are. to my valentines, I LOVE YOU, happy Valentine's Day!

love this picture SO much... they are such good friends, and adore each other. And they play so well together now, I love it.

Tuesday, February 1

Lucas {9 months}

LUCAS turned nine months old on January 29th.

A lot of things are happening and he changes so much every day! He is learning new things and becoming more aware and more smart. He is a happy little guy with an infectious smile! You are instantly put in a good mood with one of his smiles! He melts my heart and has me and his dad wrapped around his finger, we love him more then life, he is so much fun, and makes me so proud to be his mama.

In month 8...

*He went from army crawling to full on crawling on his hands and knees.  He gets around pretty fast now.
*He pulls him self up on everything now.
*When he is standing he has started letting go of the piece of furniture he is standing at, it's almost like he is doing a trick, and tries to show off.  it only lats for seconds before he either falls or hangs back on. It's funny.
*He has started letting go of one piece of furniture to hurry and grabbing another piece that is near by, and walking along furniture.
*He is starting to boycott his baby food and just want real food. I don't really blame him Table food is way better! But I don't think he is getting as much food because it takes him a lot longer to eat table food.
*He isn't the greatest at feeding him self, he will grasp his food with his fingers but isn't very good at getting it in his mouth yet.
*He does a very loud scream these days.  Its a happy scream, it's when he is hyper and happy, so I can't really get mad at him, it's just loud!
*His second tooth just barley popped out and has been causing a lot of havoc this month!
*His hair is getting kind of ridiculous... I think we are going to give him a hair cut soon!