Friday, February 26

park days

These were actually taken a week or two ago, we had a bunch of days that were all really warm and we took full advantage of them and were out side every minute we could! I even got a tan line one day and was so happy! haha! I love the sun shine, I love summer time! and I love hanging out outside! I am so looking forward to more and more hot, sunny days, I guess that's one of the reasons I love living in St. George so much! William and Brydee playing (my sister Brittany's daughter). She is so good with him. She helps out all the time, and he loves her! He kept trying to get up on her bike too. He SO thinks he is a big kid and wants to do everything all the older kids can do! He has gotten pretty good at the park, goes up the stairs well and zooms down the slides. I LOVE the picture of him on the stairs saying cheese for the camera!
This is Auntie "B" (that's what the kids call her), helping William shoot a basket. Good thing for Aunties for helping out when momma is pregnant and can't really lift him up over my head! haha! She even did Brydee and Jay Jay after Williams turn! Lets just say they didn't get lifted so high! haha

I also wanted to add a quick picture of my adorable niece. We snapped a few photos of Bailee (Brittany's daughter) while we were playing at the park. And I thought id share one. If you want to see more go to her blog...

Wednesday, February 24

Weekly Wednesday Update

{30 WEEKS}

10 weeks to go! I can hardly believe it. The baby is up to 3 lbs. now and 15.7 inches long. AND I am feeling all 15.7 inches of this little guy! He stretches all the time and kills me. That's pretty much all that has been going on this week. A lot of stretching and pushing and contracting. Nothing too serious just annoying and painful. :) I have gotten a lot bigger these last couple weeks and it's making me nervous. I don't want to end up as big as I was at the end of my last pregnancy but really how do I stop that from happening?! I can't really exercise, If I do pretty much anything I get a contraction. Aren't I supposed to listen to my body and if that happens then aren't I supposed to stop what I am doing?! I REALLY don't want to be as big as a house in the end, and I really don't want to gain any extra weight that I don't need for the baby to still be perfectly healthy but I fear I am on that track! My appetite has increased lately and I know THAT doesn't help matters either! :) oh what to do!? Good thing I have a one year old that keeps me going! It's impossible to not be moving with him around. So that definitely helps. My body has started to really feel the strain, I feel physically exhausted and ache all over when all I have done is been out shopping or on my feet. I'll wake up in the morning feeling like I got hit by a truck as if I had a serious work out the day before! ha ha I am just choking this up to the third trimester symptoms and hoping I can cope for another 10 weeks! :)

All in all things really aren't that bad. This pregnancy has been SO much better then my last, and the fact that I have William to look after has helped me stay a lot more active. Things are going well, and I grateful for how things have progressed. Can't wait to meet this little guy! I am so curious to see what other combination of looks and personality traits Brandon and I can make together! I keep thinking I am going to have another little William, but then at the same time I know that no two kids are going to be the same and this next baby is going to be all his own child. I am just curious to see what that is! :)
{And sorry This day just got away from me! I totally intended to take some pregnancy pictures but here it is 10:30 pm I am SO tired getting ready for bed and the pictures never got taken, in fact I almost forgot to publish this post! oh well.. better late then never. and Maybe I'll do pics tomorrow and call that good?}

Friday, February 19


Yes he has realised the outside world! He loves being out side, hates when we have to come in, and LOVES going over to my parents house and playing outside! My dad has been working out in the garden (yea that's a garden! they are serious farmers!) and William will run back into my parents back yard and run for the garden saying and signing papa papa! (even if he isn't there!) some times I have to break the news to him that papa isn't back there. The weather has been lovely this week and we have been enjoying the sun shine and going to the park a lot too.
The slide! Yes it is huge! (and yes this is my parents back yard) It may not seem that big when all the tiny little kids are running up it and sliding down crazily but if you take a climb up to the top it can be quite overwhelming! haha!He thinks he is one of the big kids! It can get kind of annoying when he wants to keep going up! and up and up! again and again... but he loves it! he climbs so well, turns around at the top and zooms down with the biggest smile on his face!
Him saying CHEESE.... ever time he sees a camera he says cheese, so cute!
This is my parents garden, my dad just turned it into a green house this last week. yesterday when we were over their it was 99.5 degrees inside.
can you see his smile?! haha.. he LOVES "helping" papa! he will try and help with whatever he is doing, he will get a tool, and hand it to him, grab a rake and start turning soil, whatever papa is doing he will copy him and help.

Wednesday, February 17

Weekly Wednesday update

29 weeks...

so the baby this week weighs in at about 2 and 1/2 pounds and is about 15 inches long. This baby has been making bigger kicks and bigger movements. Last night while I was trying to go to sleep he was pushing his hands and legs out so hard I ended up having a very strange dream about him pushing out so far you could see everything, like as if the only thing that separated him from the out side world was a thin piece of plastic, so when he pushed his head you could see his whole face, and legs and feet, it was creepy. The dream went on to get more scary but I'll stop, you get the idea.

I don't know if it's the pregnancy or not but lately I feel like I can't get enough sweets and especially chocolate! After I eat any meal I want to top it off with something sweet and chocolaty... I am assuming it's the pregnancy but I don't know for sure? :)

This last week I had a doctors appointment. Things went well. I explained to my Dr. everything that had happened with my heart and how the on call doctor told me to go to the ER. and he was like oh really? He said I would have never sent you to the ER. He said that is probably the number one thing that pregnant women complain about. Are you kidding? why didn't the on call Dr. just tell me that!? He is a way chill and educated Dr. I think we get a long pretty well. So I am assuming I am not going to have anything come of wearing the holter monitor and rack it up to another lovely pregnancy symptom.

I have been getting a lot more contractions and stuff lately. I feel like if I do anything my stomach tightens all up and starts to hurt so bad. lifting children, holding William for too long, sitting or laying in a bad position, and especially bending over! :) I am remembering all too well how FUN the last trimester of a pregnancy can be! haha!

Wednesday, February 10

Weekly Wednesday Update

28 Weeks...

So this week has been a little different... first of all I have started to get nauseous again, and today I threw up... Me feeling pretty good lasted about 6 weeks (longer then it did with William) so I am happy about that but I am fearing that it is back. We'll see?

Second, Yesterday I took a little trip down to the ER. I have had heart palpitations at night, that get pretty bad. My heart hurts and pounds like it is working over time and I am doing absolutely nothing at all! I am just laying in bed. I have gotten them for a long time but always wave them off as nothing and they go away and I go to sleep and forget about them in the morning. But the other night it was worse then normal and it got me thinking maybe I should call the doctor just to be sure. I called the nurse line at my doctors office and the on call doctor suggested that I go down to the ER and get it checked out. I was a little surprised but thought ok, I will go just to be sure everything is ok. I went down and they took me right back to a room where people immediately started poking me and hooking up all kinds of stuff to me. They monitored the baby and the baby looked ok. They also took my blood, gave me a chest x-ray and took an EKG. everything seemed to be ok? So the next step was to give me a holter monitor that I wear for 24 hours and I take home with me. They are trying to figure out exactly what it is, and by doing that they need to catch it in the act. I didn't really have anything major go on last night so I doubt they will be able to find out what it is. I am sure it is nothing and everything is fine? And when I came home last night I googled stuff about it and it seemed really common in pregnant women to have this happen? So why didn't the doctor say that instead of sending me to the ER? who knows? But I will keep you all updated if anything comes of it? so that is what I am wearing in all the pictures. I wanted to take pictures today to remember the stupid monitor I had to wear and all the little electrodes that were attached to me. There were 7! and then I wore the little monitor on a strap around me. all the weirs were taped to me under my shirt so if it looks extra bumpy that's why. :)

Tomorrow I have my glucose screening test. They changed how they do it now at my Dr. office. They let me take the drink home with me (they gave it to me at my last visit) and I get to drink it 45 minutes before I go to the appointment so I don't have to go drink it leave wait a hour and come back. I thought this was genius.

William also has his 15 month Dr. appointment tomorrow so we will be hanging out at doctors offices tomorrow!

And after almost 2 weeks of Brandon being out of town I am ready to have him back! I have known all a long but these past 2 weeks have reiterated it for me, I am not cut out to be a single mommy. especially with being pregnant. It seems like clock work I started nearing my third trimester and things started getting worse, I am SO much more tired, and fatigued and starting to get nauseous again. gotta love it! :)

Monday, February 8

2 for 2

So William is napping right now {in his toddler bed.} The first day I tried it was the day he turned 15 months (last Friday.) He did really well, I laid him down in bed and I don't even think he noticed where he was. He took a solid 2 1/2 hour nap and woke up happy. yay!

Today I laid him down and he looked around like "oh I'm in this bed?" and laid his head back down and went to sleep! he has been sleeping for about an hour and a half. yay again!

I haven't done it at night yet, I was going to attempt it the other night but he was so hyper and it wasn't going to happen so I laid him in his crib. but so far I am 2 for 2! I am planning on doing it slowly and getting him used to it. so for now he will use both beds. (his crib and his toddler bed.) But I am pleasantly surprised with how things are going so far!

Next step; getting him to do a whole night in there! :) (I'm sure it isn't going to happen so easily!)

Saturday, February 6

a nice day

The other day Brittany and I met at my parents house (something we do often. :) I needed to get a few things out of their storage and put some things away (bins of clothes, and Williams new toddler bed. stuff like that) Brittany was helping me entertain the little rascal while I was trying to get that done. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed the day out side.

William is obsessed with 'Pa Pa's house' He knows he usually gets a trip out to see the animals and usually comes in holding a chicken egg, he loves the chickens and when asked what the rooster says gives a pretty good rendition of a crow.

Jay Jay and William looking at the chickens
getting a closer look. Auntie B telling the kids she will get out a chicken for them! (wasn't the best idea but was pretty entertaining. She let Jay Jay TRY to hold it, it flew out of his arms and then the kids and her tried getting it back into the coupe. It was pretty fun for them. haha)
William loves this little bike, and loves when someone will push him on it. (thanks Brydee)
We then decided to take the kids on a little bike ride, (yes I realize I am 6+ months pregnant) it wasn't very long, mostly down the street, up the street, around the corner. nothing to vigorous.
Brittany with her kids (Brydee, Jay Jay, and Bailee) in the bike trailer.
Me with William in the back.

Then, we decided to stop and check out the horses that are down the street from my parents house.
he had to point out the eyes, so I think this is me showing him the nose as well.
Trying to get a better look at the horses.
We have been having so much rain here, (something I love because we never get it) but I think I am ready to have more days like this, the sun shining and the sky blue!

Friday, February 5

cracks me up

The other day William was in his room playing with "Mr. potato head" and he came walking into my room looking like this! I hurried and grabbed my camera.HA HA totally cracked me up!

He cracks me up at least once a day. Like the other 90% of him, I think he ALSO gets this from his dad! LOVE IT!

Thursday, February 4

Proud Moment

So yesterday William was about to poop, I know this only because he starts getting the poop face, I'm sure all parents know the one, anyway, and I said "do you need to poop?" "do you want to go to the bathroom and do it on the toilet?" He then said yes and started walking to the bathroom. I pulled off his diaper and sat him on the toilet. I said go ahead and go, push it out, and he totally did, he poop, and then proceeded to try and get the toilet paper off the roll to wipe. ha ha! I helped with that part, he jumped down I pointed out what he had done in the toilet, He flushed the toilet and shut the lid! I said good boy!! I'm so proud of you! do you want some chocolate? and he said yes chocolate!

I know! he will be 15 months tomorrow!, it cracked me up, I was so proud of him I sent a text out to all my family and some friends. I realise this probably wont continue but maybe it will? I was telling a friend that because he did so well so early I'm sure he wont be potty trained until he is like 5! ha ha! But we'll see? I am not planning on potty training him now, but it makes me wonder if I can get him more used to the idea a little earlier then I hoped. Get him to the point where he isn't scared of the potty and can recognize when he needs to go? If anything it makes for a lot less mess to clean up if it goes straight into the toilet and not all over in his diaper! ha ha, I know another story where I may have shared too much information. :)

Wednesday, February 3

quick story

So, a little preface to this story,

I have throw up bowls in both bathrooms right next to the toilet. This is because I can NOT throw up with out first sitting on the toilet and then throwing up into the bowl, this is because I will involuntary pee every single time I heave! I know this may be WAY to much information for a lot of you! ha ha! oh well.

anyway, the story,

William will hang out with me in the bathroom while I am getting ready and putting my make up on. He always destroys the place in the process as well. He has on occasion like he did yesterday pick up my throw up bowl and then continue to bury his face in the bowl and make exaggerated throw up sounds into it. Ha ha, are you kidding me!? I think this means one thing, I have thrown up way too many times in my day and my poor little son has had to watch. Ha ha it cracked me up so bad, I was like are you making fun of mommy? Too funny!

Weekly Wednesday Update

27 Weeks....

This week has been good. Nothing new has changed.
What baby center dot com has to say about week 27...

How your baby's growing:

This week, your baby weighs almost 2 pounds (like a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long with his legs extended. He's sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing his eyes, and perhaps even sucking his fingers. With more brain tissue developing, your baby's brain is very active now. While his lungs are still immature, they would be capable of functioning — with a lot of medical help — if he were to be born now.
That's good news. & sorry no pictures this week, my picture taker is out of town. :(