Tuesday, February 26

Happy Birthday to me!

So Yesterday was my birthday, the big 24! isn't it weird as we get older how birthdays seem to matter less and less. It seemed like any other day except for the fact that I got to use the birthday card every once and a while. (It's my Birthday dang it you have to do this, or I get to do this.. you know that sort of thing (: ) anyway.. it was fun, We had friends over last night and had dinner, and then we went bowling! I know when do you go bowling for your birthday unless you are in like 5th grade? well I guess I do. It was a tun of fun. We hang out with these other two couples all the time and play games and cards and have dinner over at each others houses all the time, but to actually get out and do something it was such a good time. I kicked some serious butt the first game with a dominating score of 152. By the second game I was so tired and sore (from my first game) that I couldn't keep up my streak. Seriously I was so sore, my hand hurt from griping the ball my fore arm hurt, my peak hurt, my back hurt, my shoulder hurt. I know I am way out of shape but this is pretty bad it was only a 9 Pound ball for crying out loud! Maybe it was all my victory dancing. We (meaning the two other girls and my self) made up a rule at the beginning of the 1st game that we had to have a victory dance at the end of each bowl that we did well at. You could get points for style, but most importantly creativity and originality. You couldn't do the same move twice. This is what made the game even better! So the second game my husband killed everything with a dominating score of 187! So that's my birthday story, a big thanks to my husband, Bashton (also known as Ben and Ashton), Sarah and Stevo for making my birthday a great one! Sorry I didn't bring the camera, so no pictures.. I know I am more upset about this then you are trust me!

Wednesday, February 6

baby making...It's like a one two punch!

The baby making department has been on a low note this last month. It started with the exciting news from Brandon's brother that after going off birth control for only one month they got pregnant! They have been married about 6 months and it was a big shocker for everyone! When they called to tell us, they were really nervous to tell us because they knew we have been trying. It was so exciting but on the inside I was dieing. As soon as Brandon hung up the phone with his brother his mom called to see how we were doing and how we took the "news". She talked to Brandon for a while, the whole time I was shaking my head and mouthing to him "I don't want to talk to her.” (Not that I don't want to talk to her just the fact that I knew if I did talk to her I would lose it. The perfectly placed smile I had on my face pretending I wasn't hurting inside would be crumbled if I got a little sympathy from someone that has been there…) Then I here yeah she’s right here hold on... I gave Brandon "a look" and took the phone with a smile. I had to hurry to the other room before the tears bursted out of me. We were at our friends house and I didn't want to make a seen.
Then about a week later I felt really nauseous, my boobs hurt, my smelling senses where working like crazy everything I smelt I about heaved up whatever was in my stomach. I felt like I just had to be pregnant. I told my self I knew I would be pregnant when I got sick. I was getting excited like too excited when you lie awake at night thinking could this really be it? I knew I was getting my hopes up too high but I just couldn't help it. Then a few days later my cramps started and I about died! Every month when you are trying to get pregnant and you start it's horrible. But what makes it even worse is the fact that my cramps hurt like hell! It's seriously the biggest slap in the face! Not only do you find out you are not pregnant yet again but you are also in the worst pain ever! It's like a one two punch to the heart.
Anyway.. I am doing better I go a few months of being ok and then I'll have a really bad month! January was my bad month. Things are looking up for February and I am planning on going into the doctor next month. I went in a few months back and he told me to try for at least a year and then they will start looking at what might be the problem. Next month is our year mark for trying. I'll let you all know how it goes.
One more thing.. to all of you who ARE pregnant right now, don't for one second think that I am not happy for you or that you can't share your exciting news with me or be excited in front of me because I am happy for you, ALL of you. What an exciting time! It makes me happy to see your news and I look forward to seeing and reading your up dates so keep them coming!


So it's official we have our new computer! and the internet is hooked up. I have been on it practically all day. I finnally had to take a break and put on some clothes and some make up. now I fill a little better about my self. I did a lot of cleaning yesterday so I don't feel as guilty sitting here on the computer. So the reason for this post... I am going gray! I knew it was inevitable and someday I would have to surrender to my fate and die my hair every month but I didn't think it would come just shy of my 24th birthday! My mom is completely gray and so are some of my uncles and my grandma (all on my moms side). That just so happens to be the side of the family that I take after. I am just like my mom, when people from my moms past see me they think I look just like her. My mom started going gray really young too. :( I noticed the gray hairs about a month ago, and I started seeing more and more, I died my hair and my re-growth is coming in it's not way noticable because my natural hair color is close to what I die it but I already have gray re-growth! I know... I guess I just have to accept defeat and by boxes of hair die in bulk!