Tuesday, June 29

has it really been....

2 months?!

This little guy is 2 months old today, It's so weird when a baby is born and they instantly feel apart of the family. Like they have always been here and you don't remember what it was like before they came? and yet it feels like just yesterday I was pregnant and going to the hospital to have this little guy! 2 months today! wow... love this little guy so much! he has his 2 month check up tomorrow! I'll post a proper 2 month post then. (don't mind the spit up all over his onesie! :)

Wednesday, June 23


SO, we are going to go back east to New Jersey in little over a week and we are taking a red eye flight out of Vegas and flying into Philly air port. Any hope that we are going to have both Children sleep the whole way there? Do we drug William just in case?! haha, mostly kidding about that!
I'm not worried about Lucas really, all he needs is Boob and I can Handel that. We flew with William when he was about the age Lucas is now and he did great (but that was only an hour flight, not 4!)
(this was the last time we flew William was 2 months!)
I really think they will sleep because they will be tired, they will be getting held, a rare treat for them to get held while they are sleeping. BUT what if they don't sleep? what if everyone else IS trying to sleep because it IS a red eye, and what if they are keeping everyone else up!? what do I do then? haha... I am sure I can keep William busy with books, and activities but I thought I would throw the question out there and see what everyone thought on the matter? He is an active little boy! Have you traveled with Children? with toddlers? with babies? what are your tricks? anything you care to share? any advice you feel would help would be appreciated! Thanks.
I will be taking my new latest best piece of baby equipment EVER this.... (thanks Sarah, dont be made I used these pictures! :) Sarah and I made a few and we use them ALL the time!! We have been thinking about selling them. Similar ones sell for 80 bucks (and the fabric we use is WAY better) and I know some baby Bjorn's sell for over 150 bucks! I would never buy something that expensive so I would never sell mine for that price, but It makes me curious to see how well they would sell and for how much? they are seriously the best things ever! SO comfortable doesn't hurt your back or shoulders at all!! SO versatile! I have used it with Lucas (New born) to my nieces who are almost one. to William who is 19 months. one size fits all. It packs SO well! It's light weight and breathable fabric! It's chic and stylish, I LOVE THEM! you can use them around the house and get things done like make dinner or even go pee with it on! all with out disturbing the baby! you don't even have to hold their heads! So great for colicky babies and GREAT for traveling. We also thought about personalizing them. So... any thoughts?

Tuesday, June 22

another day

Lucas is getting so big, looking older, and getting more personality. It's so much fun. William loves his brother to death literally, and I have to watch him every second! He wants to lay right next to him, when I say next to him it's more like on top of him, he wants to hold him and cuddle with him... He will sometimes hurt his brother usually it is accidental but sometimes he does it more on purpose and I get mad at him, usually spank his butt and put him on a time out. He feels SO bad, tells his brother over and over he loves him and he is sorry. Doesn't stop him from doing it again though! the little terror! He drives me crazy some days! If William doesn't smother Lucas with loves by the time he is old enough to get away or fight back I will be grateful!

Monday, June 21

William.... oh how I love you.

It's weird but some of my favorite moments with William are when we are driving in the car, he is SO observant points out everything to me as we are driving along and is so fun to talk with.

Me: "William..."
William: "yeah..."
Me: "Love you."
William: "Love you mommy."
He does it consistently every time I say love you.
Melts your little heart!

It's so funny, when I stop at a stop light William says from the back seat, go mom, go. Momma go!
I say Son, I can't go right now, we have to wait our turn. We have to wait for the light to change. Red means stop and Green means go.
We have had this conversation many times. Makes me laugh He will tell Brandon to GO daddy when he stops at a stop light too.
Today while I was at a stop light and the light just turned green William yells from the back seat GO mommy! I say OK I will the light turned green didn't it? I swear it HAD to be a coincidence, I don't even know if he can SEE the lights from where he's sitting?

William is big on "touch" when he was younger and fussy in his car seat I would hold his hand while I was driving and that helped. Same with when he was little and in the bassinet next to my bed. I would put my hand on him and he would be better. He LOVES to give hugs and LOVES to cuddle. At night when I am putting him to bed and he doesn't want to sleep, he comes walking out of his bed I am mad at him and say get into bed right now! he will say momma cuddle? cuddle momma!? It kills me! I want him to be able to go to sleep on his own and to not have to cuddle him to sleep! but oh how I love that he wants to cuddle with his momma! I know it wont last forever so I should just do it right? ugh, I'm afraid he is going to be like his dad was to his mom and know right what to say!

When I am getting mad at William and scolding him for something he has done he instantly looks at me and either A) gets inches from my face waves his little hand and says "hi mommy, hi mommy, hi mommy, and keeps saying it until I stop scolding him and I say "hi William" It's a pretty smart tactic if you ask me. Or B) he gives me hugs and kisses me on the mouth over and over! ha ha how do you continue to be mad and discipline him when he is doing things like that?the little bugger!
William is also very good at giving praise, Every single time I go to the bathroom and I flush the toilet William stops whatever hes doing puts down whatever hes holding so he can clap for me and say "yeaaa momma! yeaaa momma!" I say thank you William!

Sunday, June 20


So It's the end of the day... and I never did a post on Fathers day. I still have an hour (in my time zone!) I didn't want this day to pass with out acknowledging the fathers in my life...

First MY father, To say this guy is amazing is an understatement! He is the most perfect dad anyone could ever ask for! ask anyone and they would tell you they wish they had a dad as cool. as fun. as smart. as caring. as completely awesome as MY dad! Everyone that knows him loves him. He is such an awesome dad and Grandpa! Thanks dad for all you do for me and my family! thanks for the way you and mom raised me. Thanks for saying no sometimes because you didn't think I had herd no for a while! I hated it when you did it but I can appreciate it now. haha Thanks for loving mom, me and my sons! We all love and appreciate you so much!
I also couldn't complete this post with out acknowledging my father in law! The man that raised MY man. I realise this post is coming WAY too late in the time zone he is in but better late then never! My in laws recently moved to Abu Dhabi and being half across the world certainly doesn't stop them from being the great parents and grandparents that they are! We get to see them in a couple weeks and we are way excited. My father in law is a very special man. He is a very good listener gives great advice and is a loving and patient man! Thank you for passing that trait on to my husband! He needs it from time to time living with me! :)
Brandon holding WILLIAM for the first time! Brandon holding LUCAS for the first time!
Brandon running through the finish line of our families made up 5K.

and then there is my wonderful husband, the father to my beautiful boys, thank you to him for giving me my two joys in life William and Lucas, thanks for loving them the way you do!
We are missing our daddy this fathers day A LOT, he has been gone for a week out of town and will be gone for one more week before he gets back. I am SOO looking forward to him coming home, we have missed him a lot this past week!
Thanks babe for all you do for our family! We love you and miss you so much!


Lucas was blessed two weeks ago and I never posted any pictures from it so I thought I finally would! It was a nice beautiful day. Brandon gave a beautiful blessing and after we had lunch at my parents house with friends and family. It was a great day. We didn't take very many pictures but I did get some take with Lucas and I took some of Brandon and Lucas as well..

my handsome husband and little Lucas
This was Brandon trying to do the same face Lucas was doing... ha ha! He did pretty good, it looks the exact same!

Friday, June 18

crazy little fish

William has always loved the water and now that he is old enough to enjoy it a little more it is so fun to take him swimming! Some times it's not such a good thing when he thinks he can get in by him self with out a flotation device. But I do love that he isn't afraid and that he enjoys it!

Last week we got to go swimming a lot to cool down from the triple digit weather!
The first day William was begging Auntie B to take him down the slide! They would say together 1, 2, 3, BLAST OFF and then slide down together, it was so funny! He couldn't get enough!

William and daddy
auntie Mallory and Lucas, She finally got to meet her little nephew last week for the first time.
William, me, Bailee, Sidney, Dean, and Brydee
William and Mallory
Dean throwing William up in the air!

My little fish!

Thursday, June 17


Lucas rolled over for the first time from his stomach to his back a few times the other day. (not as early as Williams three days old but I was still surprised!) 6 weeks old!

He is also smiling to a reaction to your face now. It's not like just in his sleep having a good dream or gas or something. I'll be talking to him and he smiles at me. The other night it was almost like a laugh. of course it melts your litle heart!

This was about two weeks ago when he first started smiling more. He was sitting on daddy's legs looking up at him.

Tuesday, June 15

new toy

about two weeks ago I got William a little T-ball set. He loves it, it's darling. He LOVES sports, he is seriously ALL boy. any time Brandon is watching sports on TV he will say "football" or "Baseball" or "basketball" depending on what he's watching. 90% of the time he is right at which one it is. It cracks me up.

Sunday, June 13

my growing family

This was when Jason and Andrea got married obviously. It's the most recent picture with everyone in it, (minus Lucas, seeing as it was like 4 days before he came!) But I had to post it, we couldn't believe the kids were being so cooperative!

It's so weird how much things change in a few short years. and how fast we can multiply!

It's so fun!

Friday, June 11

my boys....

I can't really say much more than that.

Friday, June 4

bathtime with brother

These are a few weeks old but better late then never...

William LOVES his brother, he wants to spend his day hugging and kissing and cuddling his brother, he asks for him all the time. In the bath the other day it was no different.

Kissing him!

holding and kissing him.

and this is the sign William uses when he wants to hold Lucas. He came up with it on his own shortly after Lucas arrived home. When he wants to hold him he ALWAYS does this sign and says "Lucas" which sounds more like "do-dis" ? and or he says Brother! Brother brother brother! he says brother really well and all day long!

And another one of Williams favorite things... putting his brother in bed with him! this was the boys after they got warm and toasty from getting out of their bath.

Thursday, June 3

Kambria's photo shoot

This little girl is SO darling, I had the privilege of taking some photos of her the other day!

She is so beautiful I had to share some!

Such a pacifier girl! We had a hard time taking it away from her!

yes I stuffed her into the basket... she did well!

She is super long! She is 98% in her height!

this was the very last picture I took.... she was over it