Tuesday, April 1


We all new it would happen... I am SO sick! I have been awful, my house is a mess! I don't cook any more AT ALL. I don't even go grocery shopping. How in the world am I supposed to go fly? yeah not going to happen! My husband does everything. He works full time, comes home takes care of me, cleans the house, does the dishes and is such a sweet heart! Last Monday I threw up about 9 times.. Tuesday I wasn't keeping anything down. Brandon came home from work and notified me that we were going into the doctor, (he had taken half of the day off). We went in and got a prescription to Zofran. Which has made a big difference! I still get sick I still throw up but I can tell there is a difference. But the last couple days it has felt like the pills aren't working. I feel awful again! Brandon thinks that my sickness is just getting worse and that if I didn't have the Zofran it would be unbearable. And that it is doing something, even though I still feel crappy! I can't really leave the radius of the toilets. I went grocery shopping for the first time last night and I almost threw up a million times at Walmart. As soon as we got home I let it come out, I am just grateful I didn't do it at Walmart and cause the loud speaker to say "We need a clean up on isle 4, clean up on isle 4" that would have been bad! Nothing sounds good to eat! I cant smell anything either! Every time I need to eat something it is a struggle to find something I haven't already thrown up, something that actually sounds good and something that wont be too bad coming back up again! I have had a lot of help from friends and family. I have some friends that come over and clean my house and cook us dinner! How nice is that! I guess I will have to repay them someday! That's OK with me They have been lifesavers! Thanks Sarah and Stevo!