Thursday, August 30

Lucas and his stitches

Lucas took a hard fall last week! He tripped over a lamp cord and smacked his head on the tile step in our entry way. :( 
Auntie Tiffany and Auntie Mallory were over for the excitment.
He is such a tough kid it was hard to know weather or not it was serious enough for stitches, I sent this pic message to Brandon and asked his opionion... and to be honest, this pic doesnot even do it justice! Brandon wrote me back and said yeah he needs stitches, I'll come home when I can.  Since we have only one car we waited it out for a while before Brandon could bring us the van. then we headed to instacare.
This was us waiting for the dr. (im not cool enough to have a smart phone or an ipad! haha, he is just looking at pics on my phone)  I LOVE that he is still wearing the baby blanket as a cape. he was wearing it when he got hurt and it was never a good time to take it off seeing as how his cut would have gotten hit in the proccess.
 Happy boy even though he has a whole in his head about to get stitched up!  I really wish Brandon had come with me so I could have gotten pics of the actual process! but I had eva and Lucas by my self, so no picture documentation was happening durring the actually stitches! dang it.  I had never seen anyone get stitches before and was fasinated by the whole process. But I have to say when they cleaned out his cut right before they stitched it up it looked AWFUL! so gross! I couldn't belive how bad it looked, like you could see the insides of his head, haha! I know I am dramatic, but it was like gutts! I had to keep looking away!
 After he was done getting stitched up and after he recieved his sucker and stickers!
yes grandma & grandpa stott if you see this he was sporting a "camel" shirt as my kids lovingly call them.
 this was in the waiting room a bout a week later right before he got his stitches taken out. all healed up.
 and this is what he looks like now, this pic was taken yesterday.... so cute even with the big stripe down his forehead.
I have boys, What can I say its sad but I am starting to get used to things like this! :) love my BOYS!

Monday, August 20

Stott Family Jersey Shore Vaca

Just got home from our annual Stott Family vacation! loved loved it. here are a few pics, even though I didn't do very well at taking pictures and I am SOOO beyond upset about not getting any pics of the freaking awesome house we stayed in!! So if any of you stott family members took a pic of the house please sent it my way! again thanks to my in laws for making it all possible, they are beyond generous and amazing!!

Saturday we woke up EARLY and drove down to Vegas to catch our flight. 
the flight was great, couldn't ask for anything better, the kids did well, and we had empty seats next to us so we could spread out, the boys took turns napping and watching movies, Eva was (as you can see in this picture), happy as could be. haha... she got way too much attention from everyone on the plane.

 Monday, walking to the beach to check it out, it didn't last long before we came back and put swimsuits on...
 SO cute, William, Lilly, and Lucas, and yes right after this picture they all fell over! :)
 Tuesday we spent most of the day at the beach, it was a lot of fun,

 Lucas was either playing in the sand or naping on it. :)
 these two went out to catch some waves!

 Brandon would let William ride the wave in all by him self.  sad to report he did have a few killer wipe outs, and then again he also did awesome on a few waves and rode them all the way in up the beach. it was adorable, and William loved it!
 Wednesday:  we went out on uncle JC's boat. it was fun, Id never been in a boat out on the ocean before, not that we went out in the huge open water, we mostly stayed in this little channel. but it was really cool.

William was funny, he was awake one minute and the next he was out cold! Boats always have that effect on my children.

 Thursday: the baby girls taking their nap in our stroller while the adults hit up the waves. and soaked in the sun.
 This is what Lucas did most of the time, played in the sand. He would be content forever playing in the sand.

on Friday we went to a water park on the Jersey shore boardwalk.  this is the boys watching a bird show. William loved it and watched it twice!  
 They had free face painting that day also, William told her he wanted a dragon! haha! I thought it looked pretty cool!

 Brandon's parents rented a cabana for everyone to hang out in, which was really nice for all the babies.....
 ..............and for Lucas too! he would hit his wall in the middle of the afternoon, and fall asleep.
my sweet Ev, she is so much fun these days, so talkative and interactive.

Saturday: We had to be out of the house, and the 12 passenger van needed to be back to the air port, so for most of the day on Saturday we spent it hanging out at Corinn and JC's (my sister and brother in law's house) they have a huge yard to play in, a trampoline, and a fun swing set! not to mention my kids kept finding awesome toys to play with.  It was so beautiful there. plus we got to drive through Princeton, and pass the street I used to live on! brought back memories! so fun.

We took an evening flight home got into Vegas after midnight! and Brandon went to pick up the van and left me with this! :) haha! large stroller, three kids, 4 suitcases, 2 car seats, and 4 shoulder bags!  it wasn't too bad actually, but then Lucas said he HAD to go to the bathroom!! good thing the airport wasn't very busy, and I led all our stuff in the bathroom, parked it in the middle of the bathroom and took him potty leaving the door open. haha it all worked out!

we took a large family pic with Brandon's whole family while we were out there, as soon as I get a copy I'll post. So excited to see them!

a BIG HUGE thank you to my in laws for always making these vacations possible!! It's always so fun making new memories, and spending time together! we had SO much fun, and loved every minute of it! thank you thank you thank you. I can't tell you enough!