Monday, November 29

it's been a while, time for some ramblings...

Life has been crazy!, I know I say it a lot and I know everyone says itI know everyone thinks their life is more busy then the next person, but really it has been. I am not one of those people that has to be busy, I enjoy quiet days sitting on the floor playing with my children. I don't feel like I have to be entertained and have my scheduled filled. I'm not even one of those people that go crazy if they haven't gotten out of the house for several days at a time. But lately life's been crazy busy! I keep waiting for it to slow down but I'm afraid this is my life now. There isn't a day that I don't have numerous things on my "to-do" list. and there isn't a day that I even complete a to-do list either. Starting up TWO businesses, moving, trying to expand my photography skills, having two sick children, church callings, playing hostess to visitors, all while trying to do my wife and motherly duties too. some times it's all I can do but keep my head a float. Don't get me wrong, I love my life these days, things are very good, very busy, but very good. I am a very blessed women! I just want to do SO much, I want to do everything, I want to do it all and I am coming to the hard realisation that I can't do everything. If I want to be the perfect wife and mother I feel like I have to do that and only that. If I do anything else with my time then those two things get neglected. I also want to be able to do a good job with my new business. I think of new clever things I want to make and create and if I put my whole heart and sole into it I think I could be successful at it. It would be so much fun! I really enjoy making and creating new and beautiful things. Then there is my photography, I really have a passion for it, I always have and now that I finally got my self a camera I want to learn all I can and really do well at it! I feel like I learn so much with every shoot I do, and my mind goes crazy with ideas for new shoots! I would LOVE to be able to through my self into my photography learn and get better, and take pictures all the time, but with that means time away from my children, time sitting at the computer and editing pictures. and then I feel guilty because I am not spending my time with my precious children that are only young once! I am also a believer in expanding your talents and one should continue learning and developing through their whole life. I don't think there is a clause that says (except for when you have young children) or is that really the case? should I put my interests on hold to raise what I consider my priorities? I REALLY do think that raising children being a wife and mother really is THE best job there is out there!! I LOVE my job as a mom more then anything. But is there room for more??

Thursday, November 18


The other day when I was taking pics of the boys out side Mallory came out for a second and I snapped a couple pictures of her. She really is beautiful.

Wednesday, November 10

my boys...

I have been wanting to do a "6 month" photo shoot of Lucas, and a "2 year" photo shoot of William. The other day we snapped a few pictures of them, and well daddy too! this will have to do for now. my cute boys!

Tuesday, November 9

more family pics...

Ok, I need better post editing soft wear! what do you suggest? I also need help putting Jeff (my broter in law) in the picture... He has been sick and I thought maybe I could add him but it's proving to be harder then I thought. :)
don't love this pic, but we were taking an extended family pic of all my family so we thought we would try a family pic of just my little family.

Monday, November 8

8 and counting...

We took some family pictures the other day...
These are the cousins...
all 8 of them.
Jay Jay.
It's amazing how fast we multiply!

Saturday, November 6

and hes two....


where has the time gone?! How did this happen? my baby, my baby! He turned two years old yesterday! I LOVE this kid SO incredibly much! he brings so much joy into my life! despite the fact that he is crazy sometimes and going through some terrible two's. He is still SO sweet so loving and still loves to cuddle!

He asks me to cuddle him all the time. "cuddle mommy, cuddle" and he puts his arm out to wrap around my neck. He also does the whole hand on my neck thing. My little sister Mallory used to do it to my mom. it looks like hes strangling me but it's just placed there gently for comfort. He's been doing it for about 6 months or more?

He now spontaneously says "I love you mommy". LOVE it. melts your heart and you want to just say ok you can have whatever you want!

He is a little athlete. I am sure mother that has ever had a boy says this but he is naturally really good at sports! haha, I'm aloud to brag a little. It still surprises me when he can catch a ball from really far away or knock his baseball of his tee. He can throw, catch, kick a soccer ball and hit a baseball like a pro. and could do it all day.

He also loves to watch sports! he will sit with Brandon on the couch and watch a game on TV, but he especially likes to watch his daddy play softball!

He also has a quiet side where he sits and reads book after book after book. I love that he likes to read. He always has, even when he was super tiny he loved it.

He now asks for cartoons ALL the time and gets sucked into the TV when it's on. I have to admit it was nice these last couple weeks while we have been moving and trying to get stuff accomplished to have something to occupy his time. But I hate it when he sits in front of the TV like a zombie child! nothing makes me feel like a bad mom as much as letting my child sit in front of the TV forever. at least a lot of the stuff on these days is educational and interactive. but it's kind of embarrassing when he goes to his cousins house and can name ALL the shows and their characters!

He has started getting a little better with going to nursery at church. He still struggles depending on who is there that week. But I think we are making progress.

he has gotten better with his brother, more sweet, softer, and more careful, I think he is learning. He is also more protective of his brother. He will say, "NO, MY baby brother" haha... I LOVE how he says "baby Brother" it's the cutest thing ever

He is a little smarty pants, we will be driving down the road and he says look mama, horsies, 1... 2.... 3..... horsies. I say yep, their ARE three horses! good job.

He has been getting really good at going potty in the toilet. At least once a day he goes on the toilet. sometimes more then once. He is sometimes dry in his diaper when he wakes up in the morning so I'll put him on the toilet and he goes pee. and then through out the day he will tell me he needs to go and we run to the toilet. He has been doing this for probably over a month. it's really nice. It's still not every time he pees but it's pretty much every time he poops that he goes in the toilet.

Since his Birthday yesterday every time he gets asked how old he is he answers "eight" every time. haha! where did that come from?

He loves his Trucks motorcycles, and Cars. He points out every ones car and who it belongs to all the time.

He loves his cousins, and all his aunties and uncles. He loves his Grandma and papa, and he is loved by all of them as well. He really loves his cousin Brydee. Every time she comes home from school William gives her a huge hug for a good couple minutes.

He does not like to share his toys some times. He knows what toys are his and doesn't like when everyone helps them selves to all of his toys. We are working on it.

We got him a bike for his birthday. with training wheels. from di. for 6 bucks. love di!
He was an adorable dragon for Halloween.
right after he got his bike for his birthday.

at our ward trunk or treat. (maybe I'll get around to doing a Halloween post?)

Tuesday, November 2

6 months

Lucas Alan Stott..
He turned 6 months old a few days ago. where does the time go!? I swear the second baby goes by even faster then the first!! Things are so busy and he just keeps getting bigger! can I just please slow down the days please!!!

He had his 6 month appt yesterday his stats were....

Height 26 and 3/4 inch. 65%
Weight 17 lbs. & 0.5 oz. 48%
Head 44.5 cm. 70%

oh what a joy this baby is, he is getting cuter, fatter, smarter, and more fun every day!

Lucas in his true form... With spit up coming out of his mouth! These next three pictures are actually like 2 months old!!, (taken with my old camera) but since I haven't done a post on my son in that long I thought I better add them! I have been HORRIBLE at blogging! I have taken a million pictures of everyone else and their dogs (literally! haha!) but haven't taken very many of my OWN children! :( I'm kinda sad about it! I want to make a goal to do better!

He rolls all day, rolls and rolls until he runs into a wall or a piece of furniture that stops him.

He took to the spoon really well, but does NOT like fruits? I never believed it when I herd of babies or children that didn't like fruit but Lucas continues to prove me wrong. I give him a veggie and cereal and he gobbles it down! I give him fruit and he gives me the funniest faces! spits, doesn't open his mouth, and gags on it! too funny! I am thinking he will grow out if it but we'll see?

He sits pretty well but still timbers over onto his face sometimes! :)

He is a drooling mess this last week, I'm pretty sure its teething? when those dang things actually decide to poke out who knows? He is biting on everything, fussy, and acting like they are hurting him but again who knows?

He still spits up more then the William ever did but I think (or maybe I'm just hoping,) it's getting better.

He sequels with delight, and is a ticklish little boy! makes me laugh when he gets going!

He was the cutest Caterpillar Ive ever seen for Halloween.

He loves little kids you can tell he adors his brother, he smiles and stares at him all the time. He also really loves his cousins! Brydee, and Beckham especially.

He has sensitive skin, SO not a fan of that! William never did, and if you know me you know I definitely don't take care of my skin! haha! But Lucas breaks out with eczema on his tummy and back often. I just need to break down and buy the stinkin dreft! I'm sure it will clear it all up! :) poor kid! mean mama.

He is now getting to the age where him and William have a lot of matching clothes! :) haha! I have them matching a lot! I love it! haha even if Brandon doesn't agree always. :)

Still Never took a pacifier, (Ive been his pacifier!)

Still never took a bottle. He was chewing on Williams sippy the other day, I think we will go straight to a sippy cup. It's that time anyway.

Since we moved into my parents house he now has his crib. (he had been in his bassinet up until now) It's been an easy transition for him. He still sleeps really well. I really can't complain.

The poor kid totally has man boobs. haha.

He IS such a good baby still, he is happy and smiling and starting to babble and blow raspberry's!

Brandon and I can't get enough of him sometimes we just cant help but squeeze him! this guy is definitely loved by his parents!