Thursday, February 19

my son

I can't believe how big he is getting! He is 3 and a half months and gets cuter and cuter!

his hair is finally getting long enough to do something with... and look at his smile! Love it!!

Wednesday, February 11

it's all over

So it's official, I put in my notice with SkyWest and told them I didn't want to come back to work. I turned in my SLC airport badge, my SkyWest crew badge, my parking pass for the Salt Lake airport, my uniforms, and my manual.

It's official after almost 4 years, I am no longer a flight attendant.

(this is me at my graduation almost 4 years ago when I completed my flight attendant training)
Me and my class I went through flight attendant training with.

Surprising this has come with mixed emotions, I didn't want to go back to work, I could never have left my little guy at home! I have the hardest time leaving him for a few hours let alone leave for a few days at a time!

I will miss some things while others I will not miss at all! The whole time change thing and having to adapt your self to go to sleep early one night and stay up late another night. Waking up early on a cold morning in freezing places like Canada and having to wait for the airplane to warm up! The crazy life style of living out of a suit case (hated that! but I got really good at packing!) flying to a different city every night. Meeting all sorts of new and interesting people.

I will miss the crews that I used to fly with. There were a lot of fun times and I am so glad for the experiences I had while I was employed with SkyWest, I grew a lot, became a lot more brave, (I can admit, I am a big baby) I got to go on several vacations to a lot of different places. I will miss my benefits! The next time we have a family vacation and we either have to drive or buy plane tickets that will kill me!

I am SO SO glad I get to stay home and I don't have to work any more, Before I got pregnant work got to the point were I was dreading to have to go the next morning! I would literally get sick to my stomach! So I am happy I don't have to do that anymore, but also in a way I am kind of sad to see that part of my life ending. To know that never again will I get up in front of hundreds of people daily and demonstrate the seat belt and oxygen mask! It was a chapter in my book of life I will look back on with fond memorise!
This is another picture of me after flight attendant graduation.

Monday, February 2

Beckham and William

Beckham is one of Tiffan'y little boys, and He LOVES LOVES LOVES William! He gets SO excited when we go over to visit!! It started when William was still inside of me, he would come over to me lift up my shirt and lay his head on my tummy giving it kisses and loves! and now that william is here he loves him even more!! he gives him kisses all day long!!! I have a bout a million pictures of Becks giving him kisses! here are a few, and a short 3 second video clip too.


and more kisses!!!
Beckham helping give William his pacifier.William and Beckham in the stroller together! They Barley fit!