Thursday, November 15

Tickled Pink

Has anyone herd of tickled pink parties? I saw the van or SUV whatever it was with the logo on it a couple months ago in my parking lot becuase my neighbor was having a party or somthing? I thought it looked really fun but didn't know anything about it except what it said on the side of the van. A few months went by and I saw them again at the what women want expo. They were super nice and it looked like so much fun! I have been thinking about throwing a party since I saw them last time. Long story short my sister and I are throwing a party on December 8th. I know most of you live far away but if you happen to be in town that weekend and you want to go let me know! E-mail me your address and I will send you an invitaion on what time and where. I am so excited it is going to be a lot of fun! Brandon is excited too! haha.. If you havn't herd about them before it is just one lady that does it, it is her business and she does TASTEFUL "sex" parties. She is really nice and super cute! So if any of you are interested let me know... my e-mail is