Monday, June 30


We will call this the before picture... I had just gotten out of the shower so it was half wet half dry (not the best look) but I just wanted to show you what the before picture looked like.

So it's official I am going to chop of my hair! My apointment is tomorrow morning! I will post pictures of my new look soon. I am totally ready for this! It is SO hot especially with no air conditioning! (but we are getting that fixed too! YEAH!) And then the whole being pregnant thing on top of that. It's just HOT! I sweat all day long! it's gross, Brandon and I take Several freezing cold showers a day just so we don't over heat! Tuesday I chop my hair and Wed. We get our air conditioner fixed! What a great week! I am so excited! I have been really wanting an A line Bob look.. something kind of B semetrical even. Something like what Rhianon and Victoria Beckham have.

Friday, June 27

The Results

OK... I now have to apologize to me little baby because I have been calling him a her for the past two weeks or so. I was TOTALLY wrong. I hate that I was wrong. But we are totally going to have a little boy. A Son. It's kinda cute when I say "son" for some reason? We are really excited though! I kinda have to change my thought process a little because I totally thought we were having a girl. Even after the ultra sound I kept thinking no he was wrong. I kept having Brandon show me again on the picture where his penis was! now I have to deal with a penis. Eeww. Don't get me wrong I am totally excited. My son will be the biggest pimp daddy ever. I went out last night and got a couple "Boy things". I thought I would let you all know our progress, and our news!

Thursday, June 26

Baby Gender

This is me at 20 weeks! I know I am huge! people are always shocked to here how far a long I am! They say things like "Are you sure there isn't two in there?" or something like "What are you going to look like when you are at the end of your pregnancy!?" I know! I am big! I just keep growing! I used to think me boobs where getting quite large, and now that my stomach is enormous I don't think they are even big anymore. ha ha!

I am so excited... I find out the sex of the baby today! I thought I would find out last week and then when it didn't happen I was totally bummed out, along with all the people that have been anxiously waiting with me! but today is the day! I will let you know what the sex is soon! Brandon and I have always thought we are having a girl. So the last two weeks or so when the baby moves I call her a "her" Brandon laughs at me and says oh really, HER? this doesn't mean I WANT a girl I don't really mind either way what I have. The only thing I am going to be disappointed about is if I have been wrong this whole time! you know? I wont be disappointed if it's a boy despite what some people may think. We have a name for either a boy or a girl. We are just excited to finally find out! :)

Friday, June 6

Hello All

12 weeks. I know I am huge for 12 weeks. 16 weeks. again I know I am huge

I am 18 weeks tomorrow!

I think it's time. I think I am ready to CHOP off my hair. I have only been talking about doing it for over a year now. I told my self when I am ready I will do it. Am I ready? I don't know? for those of you out there that are thinking wow she is thinking too hard about this it's only hair! well your wrong. This is a big decision. Some of you may not get that but it is to me. my hair is long.. and I am ready to change it, first I thought I would just do my regrowth because I have a million gray hairs but now I am thinking ill do what I do every summer and put high lights in it just to pacify me with some type of change. BUT I also think I might actually be ready to do something very drastic! OK for those of you with long hair when you cut it do you regret it instantly or are you so happy with the out come?

I never do my hair any more so what is the point of having long hair in the first place? plus it is SO long and St. George is very hot in the summer. Especially this summer because we just found out we need a new Air Conditioner! YEA! we had someone come out the other day charge us 80 bucks to let us know that it was broken and that we need to replace the whole entire unit! He was guessing it would cost us about 5,500 dollars! So you know THAT isn't going to happen anytime soon! We will have to sweat out the summer and then when the baby comes we will have to change that.

We are going to Cincinnati on Tuesday or wed. next week to visit Brandon's family. Everyone is flying out there to see His parents new place. They recently moved out there from New Jersey. We are super excited to see everyone! All of Brandon's siblings will be together for the first time in like over a year! We will be hitting up a Cincinnati Reds baseball game playing golf and probably doing a lot of shopping and eating. Cross your fingers that I have a lot of "good days" while I am out there.

I am still taking my meds to help with the nausea. I have more good days then bad now. That is a miracle! I still have bad days but now they are mixed with good ones so it makes them bearable! Everything I have been reading about the pregnancy says this is the best I will feel so enjoy it now! And I am! I have gotten so much stuff done since I have had more good days. It is nice.

We have been getting the nursery started! painting, painting, and everything else, we are practically under construction. Its a mess! I will post pics of our project soon! And as promised here are some belly pics!