Monday, September 26


I survived the week Brandon went out of town.
We are settling into our house.
The kids are amazing and doing well.
They love the house.
I am still very sick, and throw up daily.
Things are good.
Life is wonderful.
I am 11 weeks and the baby is 1.5 inches and the size of a fig.

Friday, September 9


Today we still don't have a close date.
We will NOT be moving this weekend.
We were told it was probably going to happen LAST weekend! ugh.
Brandon is flying out of town next weekend. for a week. for work.
Great timing.
What are we supposed to do?
When are we supposed to move?
And how?
I can't lift anything. and neither can HALF my family being pregnant and all.
I AM SOOOOOO SICK of being sick!
This week has been especially bad!
My zofran does not seem to be doing anything!
I puke several times a day!
My parents are SO ready to get their house back, and to get our furniture that is closing in all around us out.
I am just a little bummed today.

On a brighter note,
my children are happy and healthy, they are beautiful, and I love them. even if they are wearing clothes today for the first time all week because my dad was sick of seeing them in pajamas.

Tuesday, September 6

We are happy to announce...

yes yes it's true...

We will be welcoming Stott baby number 3 to the family April 2012. :)

My sister Brittany is having a baby girl in October
My sister Mallory is having a baby boy in November
My sis-in-law Lauren (Stott side) is having a baby boy in December
My best friend Sarah is due April 7th.
I am due April 14!
My sister in law Andrea is due April 16th.

My parents will be going from 9 grand babies to 13 by next April. It's so exciting!

I have been waiting to have an ultrasound to make sure everything is ok before I announced it into the Internet world. We had an appt today and everything looks good, our little peanut is good and had a fast heart beat of 182 bpm. The baby was measuring 8 weeks 5 days, 2 days bigger then what my due date says.

My next appt will be October 4th.

 We will be finding out what we are having probably the end of October. And as always I will keep you updated on my progress. 

AS ALWAYS I am sicker then a dog throwing up several times a day and nauseous all day every day!   My kids wear their pajamas all day! They are neglected! my husband comes home to a messy house and a grocery list. So NOT FUN! why do some women get SO sick and some women not at all!?!? It's just not right!

AND as ALWAYS again I am showing from the night I conceive! What is wrong with me!? I can't hide it at all!! People ask me if I know what I am having all the time! If they only knew how far a long I am when they ask me! This picture is just embarrassing!! I don't know why I show SOOOO early but I do! You would think I would just be used to it by now!??! But here I am a week and a few days ago when I was 7 weeks. I swear that's what my belly looked like at week 4! It just pops right out!!!

Thursday, September 1


Lucas was being a big helper! Jason was out in the garden the other night and the kids had a hay day playing around out there. The boys were both bare foot and filthy!! Just look at Lucas' face!

This is Lucas helping carry in a pumpkin we picked from the garden.  My dad has a million out in the garden so we thought we would pick a couple that were ripe and ready.

 It was so funny how heavy they were for him to carry, can you see the strain in his face!
 They are so cute and festive we just wanted to bring them in and carve them! haha! what else are we supposed to do with them?
 Picture taken right before he dropped it.

 They are both SOOOOO dirty.
 What is this smile? It's boarder line not cute. haha
 Showing me he could be a big helper too like Lucas.
He just wanted to sit with the pumpkins and pose for the camera. haha!