Friday, January 30

My Happy Boy

He is starting to get fatter, and a few rolls have developed, I have to admit it's way cute! He is So happy, he is smiling a lot now and it's so fun! He has been sleeping better at night so that makes momma happy too!

Monday, January 19

slc trip

So last weekend when we went up to salt lake we got to see little cousin Lilly. She is 5 weeks older then William. We have seen her a handfull of times since Will's been born and every time she was bigger then him. This time when we saw her William and her were very close to the same size but he has past her up in weight. He will always be bigger then her, from now on out.
Lillian Elizabeth Stott, and William Randall Stott. We often have tonge twisters when we say "lil" and "Will". We didn't realise how close their names were going to be!
They are too cute together! Stott Babies!

Holding hands!
They even got to take a bath together! And Lilly was nice enough to share her room with us and let William sleep in her crib! Thanks guys it was a lot of fun!

This is Aunt Sydne, Grandmas Stott, Brandon's Mom Jolene Cousin Jessica with her newest little girl Layla, Me and will, and my sister in law Ellie with baby Lillian.

Sunday, January 18

First Plane Ride

We went up to Salt Lake last weekend for a family wedding and mission farewell, Brandon's parents were in Utah for it so we thought it would be a good time to have a lot of Brandon's family see our new addition and to use our flight benefits while I still had them, and have William take his first flight!Brandon doesn't like flying, actually he hates the whole "travel" part. The going through security, and the crowded airports and the crowded seats, taking a baby put a whole new twist on it! :) This was us right after we went through security in our cute little airport here in St. George.
reading up on his emergency procedures
Flight Attendant mommy making sure he is prepared in the event of an emergency
Reading Sky Mall with mommy
Taking a nap with daddy! Traveling is exhausting!
As always William was absolutely perfect. He looked around and enjoyed his scenery and then fell asleep on the flight. I'd like to think it will always be this easy but I know that is just wishful thinking! :) babies become toddlers!

Saturday, January 17

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Brandon had a birthday a couple days ago we decided to do dinner and invite our friends over. We have some good friends and they make for some good company! We always have a lot of fun together! Happy Birthday babe! I love you!The Birthday BOY! LOVE YOU BABE!
For Brandon's birthday I decided to do something the Stotts do all the time to make him feel at home, and that is a fondue party.
Brandon Ben and Sarah

Steve-O dipping his strawberry in chocolate! MMM!

Ashton Fondueing it up.Braden's Mommy Ashton


Braden and William were just chillin' while their parents ate!

Sarah helping out with William as always!! William loves Sarah she often watches him while we are hanging out. She gives him baths and even changes his diapers!

Friday, January 16

Braden and William


So some friends of ours had a baby just 6 weeks after us and now they are friends because their parents are friends. I am sure they will be hanging out and growing up together. We are excited for the day when they are old enough to sit and play together, for now laying next to each other will have to do.
These pictures were taken New Years Eve. We got to their house and realised without even trying we had dressed them to match.
it's so funny how much 6 weeks is when they are so young. In a few months they will be the same size or Braden may even pass Will up. For now William looks SO much bigger then Braden !
This picture cracks us up so much! Braden had some gas this night so he wasn't the happiest little guy. They were sitting in Williams "crib" hanging out.
William is thinking "what's his problem?"