Friday, October 31

No Baby Yet...

Sorry I haven't givin anyone an update for a little while. I have had progress... I have been examined four times now,

1st exam Oct. 14th, I was 1 cm. and 40% effaced
2nd exam Oct. 20th, I was 2 cm and 50% effaced.
3rd exam Oct. 23rd, I was a tight 3 cm and 60% effaced (at this app. I got my membranes stripped)
4th exam Oct. 28th, I was a good 3 cm, and 80% effaced.

I still have contractions every day so I am hoping they are still continuing to do something. I don't know how much more I can progress with out going into full blown out labor though? I am 39 weeks tomorrow, I guess I shouldn't be too frustrated that I haven't had this baby yet but I have been having contractions every day for over 2 weeks! It is kind of getting annoying! I just want to have this baby already! That's my update for now, I'll keep you posted on my progress. And Happy Halloween to everyone!

Monday, October 27

Happy Birthday to my DAD

So it was my daddy's Birthday last weekend, I just wanted to say a quick shout out to the best daddy a girl could ever ask for!! I like to joke about me and my siblings being able to get first pick in heaven when it comes to our dad! I could just imagine when we were in heaven we were randomly selected to have "first pick" on which dad we wanted while we were here on earth! And of course SO many people wanted my dad but only so many could have him! I was one of the lucky ones! I love my daddy SO incredibly much, he is THE BEST dad, THE BEST husband and THE BEST PAPA! I am so grateful for him and all he does for me and my family!

A few things about my daddy!
*He is such a hard worker!

*He would do anything for his children!

*He loves his wife!

*He loves the Gospel!

*He is SO talented with So many different things!

*He loves his country!

*He loves his children and his grandchildren!

*His old 11 year old scouts would come over to the house and ask if "brother Trask" could play!

*He used to drop me off at school and scream at the top of his lungs "Heather Trask I LOVE YOU!" just so everyone would stop and look at me, and so that everyone would know including me that I was loved!

* He loves sports and still claims he can kick your butt at basketball (he plays twice a week for two hours a day, every week.)

* He is such a good example to me and always made it easy for me to know what I wanted in my future husband! And fortunately I was lucky enough to find someone a lot like him!

* He likes to dance and is pretty good at it!

* He likes to read. And reads a lot!

I could keep going but this list is long enough, I just want everyone to know how much I love and appreciate my dad for everything he does! He is such a good example to everyone around him! He is a happy and positive person, and loves to laugh, love you daddy! Happy Birthday!
This was taken in August when he had a "camp out" in the back yard with all kids. That's what he choose to do for his birthday last weekend too but I didn't get any pictures of that, you will have to see them on my sisters or moms blog.

Tuesday, October 21

Week 37 update...

Yesterday I had another Dr. appointment. I have made a little progress and am now dilated to a 2. He says I am thinning nicely, (whatever "nicely" means I am not sure, he didn't give me an exact percentage) I can just hope it means better then last weeks 40% but who knows?

My blood pressure was a little high today for the first time and he wants to see me again on Thursday to see if it is still high and to check to see if I might be slipping into Toxemia. He says if it's high again on Thursday and I have Toxemia he might go ahead and induce me on Saturday?!
The baby is large and he always tells me he can't induce me just because the baby is big. So he thinks this might be a good enough excuse to get this baby out? but we will wait and see what Thursday brings for us?

I would much rather go into labor all on my own and not get induced but I also don't want an enormous baby!! SO we will see. I get contractions all the time so maybe I will do it on my own? Last week when I went in he said something about maybe stripping my membranes the first week of November. (that would be about a week before my due date) But yesterday when he was examining me I think he might have done it then. I almost guarantee he did it! I didn't ask him before he walked out the door, but it hurt way more today then it did last week which really didn't hurt at all last week. So it makes me think he was doing a little something extra up there and just didn't tell me he was doing it? but I don't know for sure?

I have been getting contractions for the past two days pretty much all day long. I hope my water just breaks and I go into active labor all on my own! I have been walking a lot and still having sex. So we will see, and I will keep you all posted! :)
Last week after posting those pictures of me I figured you needed a better one that you could actually tell how large I am! so I took a few more in a better outfit. Now you can appreciate why I am scared I am going to have such an enormous baby!

Tuesday, October 14

36 Weeks!

I know these pictures are not that great for my belly. They don't do it justice of how large I really am! The last 4 appointments or so I have been measuring three weeks bigger!

I just came home from my doctors appointment, I am 36 weeks, and I am measuring at 39 weeks. Today was my first time I was examined and I was 1 centimeter dilated, and 40% thinned. I know it isn't that much, and I can still be over due, but it was still kinda exciting! :)

Thursday, October 9

Will's Closet

OK so my OCD'ness came out a little when I was doing his closet. Everything is sized, labeled and color coded. I am telling you it has been like this for months! I am a little over prepared in this area! I have a ton of clothes thanks to my sisters for all the hammy downs, and the very generous people that came to my showers! THANKS! I also already have a ton of diapers and wipes! I don't know if you can see the ones stacked on the far left of the closet and then on the top shelf in the center! Hopefully I don't have to buy any for a while! :)
Zero to three month's is in orange.
Three to six month's is in yellow.
He has more socks then you can imagine! I kinda went over board with socks I thought you can never have too many socks right? especially for a winter baby? but maybe he can?
Aren't little shoes the cutest things!?
He can spit up on a different burp cloth or bib forever with out using the same one twice! It's kinda ridiculous! But a lot of my burp cloths match my blankets, you gotta use the right burp cloth with the right blanket! HA HA

Tuesday, October 7

2 years!

So today is my anniversary! It seems like I have been married for a lot longer then that, but in a good way! It's weird to me I have only been married for two years but I can't remember what my life was like before I got married! I love being married! I love my husband! I am such a lucky women! Brandon is THE BEST husband, and there is no doubt in my mind that he is going to be THE BEST father! It seems like a life time ago! This was right after we came out of the temple as husband and wife.

This picture is probably a year and a half old. When we went on a hike with the family.

This is Beckham giving Brandon loves. (It was the most recent picture I had of Brandon it's only a couple weeks old.)
Thanks babe for the last two years! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I am so excited for the next couple years. I am so grateful for the blessings of the temple and the chance we have to live with our families forever!

Thursday, October 2

The Nursery and A LOT of pictures!

So I have had my nursery ready for a couple months now, I know, I am a little early in this but I couldn't help it. I bought my crib and glider way early started painting and re-doing the room, and bought my crib bedding all before we knew what we were having! (we are a little excited) My nursery is kinda like my wedding, haha! There were so many different ways I could have gone in decorating it! after you do it once your like I could do that again totally different and still way cute! (you know what I mean? maybe it's just me?) I love so many different color pallets and ways to do things that's why I have always wanted to be an interior designer/decorator. Anyway... this time I decided to do something gender friendly, I did green and yellow.

My Crib, rocker and ottoman are black.

I also put up beat board. (for those that don't know what this is, it's like wood paneling a long the bottom part of the walls, it's white.) I put up new baseboards, new chair rail, and new casings (for the doors and closets) the top half of the walls we painted yellow.
*I bought a couple different shelves at garage sales and painted them all to match.
I painted this... Don't you love the little robe? I got it as a gift, and think it is so cute! This is my little book shelf. I LOVE BOOKS. I want to collect a million children's books, my niece and nephews love to sit and read. They will do it for hours if I let them.
This is one of the shelves I got at a garage sale and painted. This is one I got at a garage sale too. I know nothing really cute is on it yet but I have to at least have a few things still to do, or I would just be twirling my thumbs wondering when this baby is coming. I will be putting a cute picture in the frame, and I think putting his name up in letters. I don't know?

I bought this hutch off Craig's list for 5o bucks! I painted it and turned it into a changing table. I wanted something that I could still use even after I didn't need a "changing table" other changing tables you can only use as a changing table and then you have to take it out of the room. This one I can take off the changing pad and then it turns into just a piece of furniture.

I Bought and spray painted these baskets to add to my changing table.
I looked every where for baskets for the bottom half of the changing table and I couldn't find ones that fit perfectly. They were either an inch or two too big, too small, too short, too tall, or too wide. So I had the idea to make boxes so they could fit perfectly. (ok so I didn't make them my wonderful daddy did!!) I did paint them and put the cute rope handles on though! We even had the idea to make them out of the beat board we put on the walls so they match the room. My daddy is so handy to have around! Thanks dad! They are storing all my baby blankets!

These are the "BEFORE" pictures...
These are the shelves and towel hanger thing before I painted them.
This is what the hutch looked like when I bought it, but I could see it's potential.
Notice it's mostly my dad working! I know, I did a lot but really HE is the AMAZING ONE!
Thanks again dad for all you do! You are always so willing to help your children!! You are so talented! I really appreciate all you do for me! You are not only the best dad a girl could ask for but you are an awesome grandpa too!