Tuesday, August 25

bath time fun

So William still loves his baths... Brandon was bathing William last night when I herd A LOT of commotion coming from the bathroom!! I thought I better go check this out and see what the damage is... and this is what I found... William splashing it up! Daddy wasn't a big help at containing the water in the tub either! at least they had fun, and William got clean! :)
This is what Brandon gets for encouraging it! He was soaked!

Are we bad parents for laughing at him when he fell over? haha... he was fine! :)

Monday, August 17


So we had our Stott family vacation! we got home last week, we went from monday to monday, and I am just now starting to unpacked! all of our suitcases sit here in my bedroom. I have had no desire to unpack them. It was A LOT of fun, we needed a vacation so badly! It was really fun to be with family we hadn't been with in a long time and that we don't get to see very often! Of course we did a lot of swimming!

One night we went down town with Brandon's siblings and left the little ones at home with grandma and grandpa. Even though I had anxiety from leaving William, it was way fun, and much needed! This is most of us lining up waiting for the fountain show to start.(from left to right, Steven, Ellie, Corinn, JC, Kevin, and Kelsey)

While we were down town we went to the m&m store, Brandon and I had to take a pic with the m&m. :O) top pic is me and my sis-in-law Kelsey.

We also went to the strip a few other times as well, this was one of our trips we took during the day.

Us at the fountain at the Bellagio.

We went to F.A.O Shwarts (the big toy store) they have two, and one is in Caesars Palace, they had these birds that made all kinds of different calls, and William thought they were so fun! That's what that red fluffy thing is in some of the pictures.

While we were in Vegas we bought William a little umbrella stroller, we didn't own one yet and we needed one, it was very useful! The center pic is of William and Cousin Lillian (she is 6 weeks older then Will) sporting their brand new strollers.

Thanks again to everyone who made it possible... love you all!

Friday, August 14

William walking?

William has started walking with the help of his little walker, It's so fun to see him get better and better, He is TOO CUTE, and I can't believe how BIG my baby has gotten! It happened WAY too fast!

Thursday, August 13

9 months

my son turned nine months old last week, I can't believe how fast time has gone and how big he has gotten, he is no longer a baby, he is a child! he is a BOY. I look at him and see my husband, and a sweet little face and beautiful big dark eyes. I LOVE THIS BOY so much!! He makes me so incredibly happy!

He had his 9 month check up yesterday,

It was Brandon's day off so he got to come too :)

his stats are

Height 29.25 in. 80%

Weight 20lbs. 7.5 oz 55%

Head 46.5 80%

I thought wow his head is 80 % it doesn't even seem that big to me, but the Dr. said his head and height should be the same, so that's good! And to everyone that says he is SO heavy and such a big baby! I want you to check out the 55% I know, I was a little surprised that's all he was too? :)

In month 8...

He got a tooth, can you see it in the picture?

He is trying to say more words

TRYING is the key word, we will repeat a word over and over in front of him and ask him to say it, and he will try, we are working on Ball.

he said "uh oh" a few months back but then didn't say it again for a while, he says it more often now.

He is SO much fun! he still gives me huge wet kisses all the time and I love it!

After only wanting mommy for a while he has started wanting his daddy more... I am happy to share the love!

He is kind of a bully to his friends and babies smaller then him, I don't think he means to be mean on purpose he just gets excited!

He is starting to walk with the assistance of his little walker. It's so cute.

He also gives kisses to his new nieces its really sweet.

He will be switching to a big boy car seat (forward facing ) Dr. Said he was ready! :)

He is so fun, I know there was a lot more things he did this last month but I can't think right now and I am way over due for a post so this will have to do for now!