Tuesday, January 29

Computer/Internet Shopping

Hello everyone,

I know I am the biggest slacker in the blogging world but here I am once again. I know you don't know this about me but I have gone through moving out getting married and still not surrendering and getting the Internet and a computer! I know I know how could I have lasted this long? And how could I be the amazing blogger with out it? (well... maybe that's why I am a horrible blogger?) Anyway with over a year of my husband asking for a computer and Internet I finally have come to a point in my life where I really NEED it. I have never thought I needed it that badly I know it was inconvenient and it would be way better if we had our own! but I am such a cheap skate sometimes. and Internet is expensive! My parents live about a 30 second drive from my house and we have been using theirs. The turning point came when I was called as the Secretary in the Primary for our ward. I was shocked and scared to accept the call (over the phone may I add, right before we walked out the door to go to church) I didn't realize how much my new calling required computer work. So I am caving and we have been computer shopping.. A LOT. Needless to say we are excited about it! And if nothing else then perhaps I will become a better blogger out of it!