Friday, December 21

New family pics

new family pictures... we were going to do them outside but it ended up being bad weather so we threw something together at the last minute in the house, my mom hates them so we are doing them again. :) that's okay with us fortunately none of us are camera shy!
I am so excited we had Christmas with my family last night and it was a big success! and now tomorrow we are flying out to New Jersey for more family and Christmas fun! Brandon and I have been very blessed in our lives to have awesome in-laws! We both love hanging out with each others families! :)

Thursday, November 15

Tickled Pink

Has anyone herd of tickled pink parties? I saw the van or SUV whatever it was with the logo on it a couple months ago in my parking lot becuase my neighbor was having a party or somthing? I thought it looked really fun but didn't know anything about it except what it said on the side of the van. A few months went by and I saw them again at the what women want expo. They were super nice and it looked like so much fun! I have been thinking about throwing a party since I saw them last time. Long story short my sister and I are throwing a party on December 8th. I know most of you live far away but if you happen to be in town that weekend and you want to go let me know! E-mail me your address and I will send you an invitaion on what time and where. I am so excited it is going to be a lot of fun! Brandon is excited too! haha.. If you havn't herd about them before it is just one lady that does it, it is her business and she does TASTEFUL "sex" parties. She is really nice and super cute! So if any of you are interested let me know... my e-mail is

Friday, October 26

Brydee An Davey

This is my adorable niece Brydee (Brittany's daughter) she is 2 years old. She was a flower girl for a friends wedding this summer. She did so well, it was her and another boy that walked down the isle together the boy being the ring bearer. She had been practicing and we had been talking to her about it for weeks prepping her for the big day. We didn't want her to freeze up in front of everyone when the time actually came for her to have her big debut. She loved her dress and her real flowers she got to wear in her hair. She loves to look pretty and she sat still while I did her hair in hot curlers. She did really well. and it turned out beautiful! She had her little umbrella on one arm full or petals and her other arm free so she could throw the flowers with her other hand. It was adorable! She kind of froze up a little when she fell flat on her face because she tripped on her dress which was a little bit too long. She was fine got right back up and continued down the isle. The wedding was beautiful it was out side on the grass at the Entrada Golf Course. With the lunch-in and reception at the club house. It was really beautiful. Brydee did great and didn't she look beautiful too!

Monday, October 8

how time flies when you are having fun!

So Brandon and I had our one year anniversary yesterday. I cant believe it's been a year and at the same time I cant remember how my life was before Brandon was in it? Does that makes sense? This year has gone by so fast and then again it feels like we have been married forever! I love my husband he is so sweet and good to me! We voted to stay home for our anniversary we thought about flying somewhere but we decided to stay home cook dinner and relax together. One of our favorite things to do! It was a great weekend with cooking, relaxing, watching movies, and re-enacting our honeymoon ;) (if you know what I mean) still trying for that baby... things are wonderful, I am so grateful for a wonderful marriage with an amazing husband!

Monday, September 10

part time!

Soo.. I am going part time next month, I am so excited! I don't really know what exactly is going to happen to the money situation, but I think we will live with in our means and this will just force us to not spend as much. I think it is a lot easier to not spend when you don't have the money to do it. :) I have been waiting for Brandon's insurance to kick in with his new job so that we won’t need my job for the insurance. sooo.. Starting next month I will be home a lot more! I have a friend that every time we talk he always reminds me that you have to be home to get pregnant and now that I am going to be home more maybe the baby magic will happen?

So, yes that means we have been trying.... about 6 months now! I know it's not that long people try and try and try, and it doesn't ever happen. But when you decided you are going to start trying you think you are instantly going to get pregnant. Well at least that’s what I hoped. I have been flying with a couple of different ladies this last month or two that have similar situations where they tried everything and nothing worked! Insemination, In vitro, fertility shots... I am hoping Heavenly father isn't prepping me for some bad news. I am hoping he isn't having me fly with them just so I can learn how they dealt with it. There was one lady that tried In vitro twice and is still paying for that bill every month with no baby to show for it. :( I am doing better though one month I went crazy with the emotional roller coaster of thinking I was to not, to thinking I was to not. This last month I have been doing way better. I have to be ok with my life even if it takes years. I can’t live my life in an emotional roller coaster state. My parents took three years and Brandon’s parents took five years. So this month I am ok with not being pregnant (well at least that is what I have to tell my self.) My life is good I am so incredibly blessed; I have an amazing family my side and Brandon’s side! My husband is the most incredible man alive; I love him so much and am so grateful for all that he does for me! I have much to be grateful for!

Wednesday, August 8

Sittin' here

Do you ever just sit there and do nothing because you don't want to? I bet this doesn't happen for very many of you, I know we all lead pretty hectic lives we are all so busy with the many things that we do! This week I called in sick for my trip I felt awful, sinus pressure, nauseous, drowsy, sneezing, runny nose the whole bit. This week has been so uneventful for me. I am so glad for the time off but because I have been feeling so awful I have no motivation and no desire to do anything. And trust me there are things that can be done! I just have no energy to do anything and I finally have the time to do it. I tried to do a scrap book page today which I haven't done for like ever and I stopped when I wasn't even half way done with it I ran like two errands, watched some TV and pretty much sat around for the rest of the time. So I was thinking to my self. Self, you have been feeling like you have no energy for a while. I have been so tired lately for no good reason I could probably have a better diet but it isn't all that bad and it hasn't been changed at all for me to feel different, at least I think. I think I get enough sleep. I don't work out though but I never really have it will go in spurts where I'll do sit ups and push ups and stretches every night and then I'll stop for a while. I guess the lack of working out is catching up with me! I hate this feeling. I have always thought I was a pretty energetic person, someone that likes to be outside and not afraid to get dirty. I have always been pretty athletic and active in my lifestyle, but lately I have no energy to do anything and I hate it, not to mention the scale is telling me to move my butt because the LB's are getting to a ridiculously high number! I just don't know why I have been feeling like this? I need something to snap me out of this trans that I am in. Something to rejuvenate me I hate feeling like such a blah, and so tired! I am 23 for crying out loud I shouldn't feel like this. I guess I should try something new, but what?
On an after thought I have not been depriving my husband. He comes home for lunch every day and I have something made for him. He comes home to dinner ready too. at least I am doing one thing right. Now if only I could have make up on, dressed, and my hair done too when he comes home!

The picture is old, about a year actually but I hadn't posted any pictures for a while and thought I would put one on that showed my more energetic self.

Wednesday, August 1

just passin' the time.

I know I am a horrible blogger and I am way past due for a post! I haven't been inspired to write any thing exciting. Brandon started his new job. He started at all connect almost two weeks ago. We needed a change from the Marriott no offense Camie, he really loved the Marriott but I would work all week (being gone for four days at a time) and then he would work doubles on the weekends where he would go in on Friday at 4 in the after noon and get off at 7 in the morning and try to get as much sleep as he could (so I would have to leave the house just to let him get a couple hours of sleep before he would go back and do that same thing on Saturday, and get off at 7 in the morning on Sunday and then try to go to church with me! yeah right! We would never see each other! SO... that was one of the reasons, second.. I have the medical insurance through my work and if I ever wanted to go part time I wouldn't have insurance anymore, SO all connect offers insurance after only 45 days of working there. And you still qualify for insurance even if you are part time. They also help pay for a percentage of your schooling which Brandon will be going in the fall. They have great benefits and I hope he really likes his new job. I am way proud of him they have been in training for the past two weeks and they have homework almost every night and they have tests almost everyday and he has been getting like 100% on all of his tests and doing really well. I am really proud of him he has been doing so well!
Anyway, I am sitting in a pathetic hotel in Buffalo NY and I am SO tired but its only 5:45 here which makes it 3:45 Utah time, I cant go to bed yet but I cant take a nap, I want to go to bed early but not to early so I can sleep all the way through the night. I have to wake up at like 5:00 though (3:00 Utah time) I am trying to hold off a few more hours so I can go to sleep! oh the glamorous life of a flight attendant! HA! Anyway.. I have nothing real to blog about and I am trying to do better but I know this was a pathetic attempt at a post!

Wednesday, July 11

I got Tagged...

Jobs I have had:
1. Superior Threads
2. JC penny (home department)
3. Red Lobster (hostess)
4. Nanny
5. Personal Assistant/Manager (2 fat guys)
6. Flight Attendant

Places I have lived:
1. Ontario California
2. Alta Loma California
3. Princeton New Jersey
4. St. George, UT (Present Residence)
5. Palm Springs California
6. Salt Lake City, UT

Shows I Like to watch:
1. Desperate House Wives
2. The Girls Next Door
3. World Series of Poker
4. Greys Anatomy!

Places I have vacationed: (I won’t count work travel)
1. San Felipe Mexico
2. Hawaii
3. Mazatlan Mexico
4. Cancun Mexico
5. New York
6. London England
7. Bahamas
8. Argentina

Things I enjoy:
1. Eating
2. Reading
3. Riding bikes with my husband
4. The beach
5. Being with my family

Stores I shop at all the time:
1. Dollar Tree
2. Wal-Mart
3. Cost-co
4. Charlotte Ruse

Favorite Foods:
1. Chinese
2. Mexican
3. Burger, fries & a Milk shake (can we say in-n-out)
4. My moms shredded pork and rice YUMM
5. Broccoli and other steamed veggies
6. MILK ( I know it’s not a food but I love it!)
7. Avocado/guacamole, good salsa!
8. Fried Chicken! (actually the whole KFC menu!)
9. And nothing beats a good salad!
10. I know the most things I have is on the food topic, and I could have
kept going, but I’ll stop, I just can’t help it!

I'll tag:
Michelle Kelly
Jessica Mortensen

Friday, June 22


So I have been a little ornery lately and I don't really have any real reason to be like this, So first off I want to apologize for my last post! You know when you just start to type and you are venting and you don't stop typing until it is all out of your system!? Well that's what I did. That is why people have journals! Why do I feel the need to make my mood swings public knowledge and post them for the world to see? I don't know? I am still learning. After I posted my last post I instantly regretted it. I am usually pretty private abut my personal feelings and problems. haha.. so sorry to all of you that had to read it. Unfortunately I cant promise that it wont happen again. Ha ha!

Wednesday, June 20

how do you do it?

ok, So I have been a flight attendant for 2 years now so nothing is new when it comes to having to leave for work every week! When Brandon and I first got married I dreaded leaving for work SO much! the night before I would get sick to my stomach get anxiety, and nauseous. It has gotten better, we were getting used to it I guess. Then the last month or so I have been SOO dreading work again. I break into tears every time I have to leave! I don't want to pack I don't want to think about leaving I just cry! my husband is sooo sweet he just holds me and lets me cry. (I am a big baby lately and no I am not pregnant). I thought I was getting better, now all I want to do is stay home! I have been wanting to stay home and raise babies, whats wrong with that? I am perfectly content with just being a mom! Not that I am a mom yet! But I would like to be. I just don't know how you guys do it! (and I don't mean how do you make babies). How do you stay home with kids and afford to pay the mortgage have your husbands and your self go to school and work and still live? I have asked this question a million times and I still don't know how it's done! I cant afford to quite my job because we need two incomes to pay for everything! Mortgage, cars, insurance, phones, HOAs, utilities, School tuition and the list goes on and on... Is every one just all independently wealthy and I just don't know about it? All I want to do is stay home and be able to be a normal wife and hopefully not to long from now a normal mom too. One that doesn't have to fly out four days a week! One that can keep her house in order not always feeling like she is living out of a suitcase, one that can make diner for her husband and run errands, and do normal stuff! I feel like I am always leaving and I don't have a life. I am not reliable because who knows what my schedule is going to be? I cant hold a calling in church because I am not there very often! And my visiting teachers I am sure hate me! We have been in the ward we are in since we have been married and people think we are visitors still! That's pathetic! Anyway... I am sorry for all the venting! This has been on my mind everyday since I got married last October! If there is a secret that I don't know about let me in on it!

Saturday, June 16


SO, my brother in law is getting married on the infamous 07-07-07 and like the good person that I am I wanted to help with all that I could, knowing my in laws are back in New Jersey and my brother in law and his fiance are actually living in Utah I thought I would be of some assistance where they couldn't help. SO, I was talking to my mother in law and she suggested that I would be in charge of the bridal shower. We are going to do it just a couple days before the wedding so that Brandon's sisters and mom from back east will be here for it. So no big deal right I have done this kind of a thing before. I even like this kind of thing. I love to entertain I just don't have any friends to do it with very often. SO, like I was saying, I am in charge of a bridal shower and I was wondering if you could remember what your favorite things were from your own bridal showers or of peoples that you have been to. I know why am I stressing about this? Well did I mention my Mother in law put me up to the task! Ya, she is incredible at stuff like this and I don't want her coming and thinking to her self if I wanted it done right I should have done it my self. It will be held in St. George because the bride her self is actually from here too, so it's kinda like my baby on my turf and I don't want to screw this up! Anyway, anything different, fun, creative things you can think of from previous bridal showers would be helpful. So put your little genius and creative minds to work, and lend me some ideas. Anything will do. Anything will be helpful. Thanks!

Saturday, May 26

a day on the job

OK, so everyone I work with has stories about who they have had on their flights like celebrities and such. I haven't had anyone special or famous. There are people I work with that have told me stories about having Eva Longoria on their flights to and from San Antonio and Los Angeles. So every time I work a flight from San Antonio to Los Angeles I totally look for her. And Every time I work the flight I am disappointed with a no show from Eva. (I know I say her first name like we are best friends.) Then today on my flight from Salt Lake to St. George I had a famous person on board! Bill Paxton and his family were on my flight, I know you are going Bill who? But just here me out! He was the guy on Twister with Helen Hunt. He was on Titanic, And apparently on a handful of other movies too but Twister is the one that I can picture him in. I was watching pieces of that movie the other night on one of my over nights in a hotel room and I just wanted to say to him "I was watching you on TV the other night!" I didn't...I held my cool and didn't act like a total nerd, served him his coke and that was it. His Family is adorable he seemed like a total family man and really fun with his kids. But the real question is why was he coming to sunny St. George? weired?

Sunday, May 13

The Fam

This is my adorable family! We are multiplying! My brother is in the middle single and available if anyone knows someone. (He would kill me if he knew I said something like that!)
They all live in St. George so I get to see them all often and we are all still very close. My sisters are the only people I hang out with. I am a big nerd. My husband doesn't believe me when I say I had friends once upon a time, because he is yet to see any evidence of that. Besides Michelle which is the only person he's meet, and he totally loves you Michelle. So give me a call when you are in St. George. So my husband can meet you at the very least. haha

Saturday, May 12

My husband

My husband is wonderful he is definitely my mister right my knight in shinning armor my prince charming. He is my best friend. We have so much fun together we love to laugh and hang out. He is currently working at the Courtyard Marriott in St. George (which I believe is one of Camie's dads hotels) he serves in the restaurant most of the time but also works the front desk and night audits a couple times a week. He is from New Jersey but he has lived all over. He served his mission here in Utah, (I know who gets called to Utah?) He served a Spanish speaking mission so he speaks Spanish fluently. He is so sweet and perfect for me!

Tuesday, May 8

ok... So I started to make my blog account like a month or so ago and then didn't do anything with it. I am as Jocelyn called it a blog stocker and I must say not proud of it. I will try to get this up and running and actually post things or whatever you call it. But with my job it is really hard, I am gone a lot and when I AM home I don't like to spend my time on the computer. But I am sure when I finally figure this out it wont take me too long to do. So look forward to seeing me!