Thursday, April 26

Cousins and Friends

It's so nice to have cousins and Friends close in age! My parents have 13 grand children all 7 years and under. The last 4 with in the last 6 months. (and thats not even counting sarah and steve-o's! hahaha) It's madness when we all get together, but the kids love it! :) They are all such good friends and it's so nice they have insta buddies to grow up with!

 Titan and Brielle Mallory and Brittany's latest babies...

 Crew Jason and Andy's new little bundle.  He was bron one day before Evalyn and we were in the hospital together hanging out. :)
BFF's Evalyn and Mason (Sarah and Steve-o's) He was born 9 days before Evalyn.

Tuesday, April 24

My sweet Evalyn...

I love this TINY bundle SO much, she is SUCH a good baby.  I have been SOOOO lucky and so blessed! She never makes a peep, and when she does it's just a sweet tiny cry to match her tiny little body.  NOTHING fits her! her newborn clothes drowned her! I keep wondering when she is going to catch up to other babies her age? is it going to be a couple months a year or more? I have no idea? I have so many adorable summer dresses in 3-6 months size that I am sure she will never be able to wear before the summer is over.  She should be in preemie size but we don't have any for her! She was in preemie diapers for a while, but after we went through the first couple packages we just decided to use the newborn size that we had on hand instead.  I wish you could tell how tiny she really is but these pictures don't do her size justice.  she is so tiny.  everyone is always shocked when they see her!

William and Lucas love their baby sister! They dote on her and give her loves and want to hold her.  Especially William. He wants to hold her and talk to her all day.  He says things like "Hi Eva, I'm your biggest brother" "I love you so much" "I am going to teach you so many things"... He just talks and talks to her, tells her about his day, about what their future is going to be like, it's adorable and I should record it some time.  He is so sweet with her and can't get enough of her.  Sometimes he is more smothering and doesn't understand personal space!

She has been my best nurser and probably my best sleeper. I hope it doesn't change! She has her two week check up & PKU Apt. today. I'm so curious to see how much she weighs. Her birth weight was 5. 6. and in the hospital she went down to about 4. 12. and at her first apt when she was like 4 or 5 days old she was already up to 5. 3.  So we shall see how much she weighs today. 

I don't really love these pictures. s soon as I uploaded them to my computer I didn't love them. I don't really think it looks like her? I don't know? I want to take some more of her but I haven't gotten around to doing it yet. we'll see if I ever do!? 

Sunday, April 15

shes here...

She is one week old, she is adorable. She is tiny. She is loved.

Evalyn Rose Stott
born at 4:15 pm
on Saturday April 7th 2012
Weighing in at 5 lbs. 6 oz.
& 17 Inches Long.

We all can't get enough of her.

I will post better pics soon, this was just the first one I edited of her little shoot yesterday. I realise it doesn't even show off her adorable face very well. and I need to sit and write the birth story before I forget all the little details.

Wednesday, April 4

38 weeks

I have been dreading this post.  I had my appt yesterday...  I hadn't changed from the week before I was still at 2.5 cm and 80% thinned.  I have been so bummed and pissed off that I am still pregnant and haven't had this baby! What is wrong with me?! I'm only 38 weeks!? At my 37 week appt we scheduled an induction date if I didn't go before hand, (which me and my doctor both thought I wouldn't reach that point!)  Well the scheduled induction date is Saturday, and it's looking like I'll be still pregnant by then.  ugh. :(
Id love to spontaneously go into labor have that rush of adrenalin and hurry to get to the hospital.  That is always way more fun! We'll see if I get that in the next couple days.  If not then Saturday I'll be waiting to here from the hospital to let me know when to come in. The end result will still be as sweet so I should just stop being so mad. I'll keep you posted.