Friday, July 30

William and Lilly

Lilly and William before...

William and Lilly now...

not sure what William's face is doing in this picture? and Lilly's hair totally looks like Hairy from Dumb and Dumber in this picture! love it!

This picture just makes me laugh, they look so funny, both of their mouths are so full of food!

Sunday, July 25


While we were back east my sis in law Ellie took a lot of pictures for me! She is great at snapping pictures of the kids, they don't even realise shes there, they go on with their business and she snaps away! She got a lot of really great shots for me! I didn't bring my charger for my camera so when it went dead it was a goner, I told her to take as many pictures as she wanted for me! and she did! THANKS AGAIN ELLIE! I LOVE THESE PICS!

Lilly (ellie's daughter) and William are just 6 weeks apart.

cousin Lilly and grandma Stott.

Friday, July 23

Family (the Stott side)

I don't know why I never did post about our family vacation back east, So here goes, I am sure there will be many more posts to follow, First off,

Family photos...

This is the whole gang, Randy and Jolene (my fantastic in-laws) All 5 of their children (Kelsey, Corinn, Steven, Brandon and Matt.) and all 5 of their children's spouses, (J.C., Kevin, Me, Ellie, and Lauren) and then 9 of their children's children. (Tyler, Samantha, Caitlin, Annalise, Lilly, William, Greyson, Lucas, and Jonah.) haha got it?

I'll admit it was a little scary getting this picture! haha, We have a 5 year old holding a 2 month old Lucas and a 2 and 3 year old holding a 2 month old Jonah. We gave the 8 year old the bigger baby to hold Greyson who is 7 months. and then we were trying to not have William and Lilly escaping up the top of the stairs where it was a busy street. The girls with their youngest baby...
All of us again... William was NOT happy in this picture, I think some of us our mouths are moving cause we were singing to try and make him happier. The little stinker!
Kelsey was holding my son for me for a second, and we thought it was a cute picture cause of HOW much Jonah and Lucas look a like. I thought I wanna get in on the picture so I jumped in, that's why I look so awkward not holding a baby... haha My Cute Family...

I love how William stands out so well in this pic.

EVERYONE (even if they really didn't want to!) Sitting on the dock... Made for a cute picture! Why are feet pictures so cute? or maybe they just are to me? (me and Brandon) As you could have guessed taking pictures down by the water turned into more and more wet pictures! love this picture! I wish it would have been better lighting, and not so many shadows on our faces, but I still like it!

As you can imagine, the kids were all swimming in their clothes by the end of it!

My adorable son!

a BIG thank you to Ellie (my sister in law) for using your amazing camera, and the hours that I know it takes to edit pictures! I think I speak for everyone when I say they are awesome and we all love them!

Wednesday, July 21

best buddies

William didn't want to lay down for his nap the other day, He was fighting me on it even though I knew he was tired and should fall asleep quickly. He came out of his room again and I just let him, He came into my room where I was on the computer, after a minute I looked behind me and I found him fast asleep like this.....

It was seriously like one minute, he climbed up into my bed next to where Lucas was sleeping and he went to sleep in seconds. He just wanted to cuddle with someone. He wants to cuddle a lot! he would love if Brandon and I laid down next to him and cuddled with him to put him to sleep every night. It's sweet so it's hard when I have to say NO. Hes so sweet, I love that he is a cuddlier, he gives me spontaneous hugs and kisses a hundred times a day! and oh how he loves his brother! The best part is Lucas is starting to really adore William too. William can get him to stop crying by singing him a song. He makes him smile and laugh, it's really sweet.

Thursday, July 15

Little Daddy

William is such a BOY!, but the other day he was being so sweet with his baby, he was sitting in his rocking chair, I put the nursing pillow on him, and gave him a burp cloth and blanky for his baby, he thought it was so fun! He fed the baby it's milk, burped it, gave it a pacifier, and loves. It was so funny, I had to grab my camera.

Tuesday, July 13

Lucas and Jonah

you can kinda see his dimple in this picture

I know it's shocking, I have to admit it kinda freaks me out a little. These two look SO much alike! haha! These two are cousins and were due on the same day but I was a week early and Jonah's mommy (Brandon's sister Kelsey) had him a week late; making them 2 weeks apart. Lucas looked more like him before he puffed up and got fat! haha, but I am guessing in about a week Jonah is going to go through the same thing. It was so fun to see them last week and let the kids hang out with their cousins they don't get to see much.

Monday, July 12

Lucas (2 months!)

Has it really been two months? where has the time gone!? So I started this post a while back and now Lucas is nearly 2 and a half months, but oh well.

his two month stats...

Height 23 inches 50%

Weight 11 lbs. 10.5 oz. 60%

Head 39 3/4 50%


His eyes are still blue.
His hair is still blond and coming in thicker now.
He has been a great sleeper!
He rolls over from his stomach to his back.
He smiles a lot now.
He has a big goofy smile.
He is destined to be a tough kid from getting roughed up all the time from his big brother.
He has a double chin.
He has at least one dimple... not sure about the other side yet.
He has a belly button Hernia.
He was tongue tied when he was born.
He goos and coos and has just started to giggle. (it's the best sound ever!)
He is an excellent baby!
He is loved by his brother and many others!
He has been on a plane ride already in his short life.
He loves when I put him in the wrap.
He kicks and kicks like William did like he is ruining a marathon in the air.
He has been swimming a few times and likes it.
He loves showers and bath time. He just smiles the whole time.
He gets about a thousand kisses a day between William and I.

I feel VERY blessed to have had two very good babies with not so loud cries! I am just thinking its going to take a girl to change the pattern we have going of good well behaved babies with soft cries. Love you little Lucas! You are such a good boy, we appreciate it so so much! your such a joy to have in our home!

Saturday, July 10


Boys don't get much choice when it comes to accessorizing... Throwing on a hat is about all their options. I love hats, and love that William will wear them for the most part. Some times when it's hot he gets over it and I tell him we didn't do your hair today so we have to keep it on! haha.. If I can successfully distract him then we can get it put back on. But hes usually pretty good about it. I have put a hat on Lucas now just a couple of times and I am excited for him to get big enough to fit into more. But I do love Williams new hats, gotta love Ross! :)

(this picture is actually like a month old)
This picture cracks me up, 1. because of the face he is making! 2. because the bill on this hat is huge so he is wearing it back wards, and 3. because we have never put our boys in overalls before, William has never worn any and Lucas wouldn't have either but I found this outfit in the drawer and it had a matching hat so I put it on him! haha... Brandon was out of town or it would never have happened. Brandon is more strict then I am when it comes to what our boys can and can not wear. haha but yes I did put him in overalls the other day. It's not like infants stay in the same out fit long, I think it lasted a couple hours before he had spit up and it was off. :)

Friday, July 9


we flew... we conquered... we saw... we had a lot of fun... and were back...
More on our adventure back east coming soon. It's good to be back home, we were spoiled by my in laws, and we had a great time with Brandon's siblings!!