Tuesday, September 23


So apparently I offended someone with my last post and I just wanted to say a few words about what they have so politely commented about.

This is what someone commented on my blog today..

Anonymous said...
Wow. Do you have any idea how many people would give everything to be in your shoes? I am amazed that you find the miracle you have received to be such a burden. I understand that it is physically uncomfortable, but for heaven's sake, take a step back and think about what you are saying!
9/23/2008 11:29 AM

I personally believe this person was mad, hurt even. They themselves are probably in a situation that they are not happy with. And personally I don't blame her (I am assuming it's a her) in fact I have been her. I've felt her pain. I also think this person would not leave this comment on my blog if they actually knew me?? Seriously how can you read a post about someone and think automatically that you know what they are thinking and feeling on a daily basis? Obviously people shouldn't jump to conclusions! This person obviously doesn't know that every night when I go to bed and say my prayers that I thank my Father in Heaven SO much for the opportunity I have been given to get pregnant and start my family! This pregnancy didn't come easy, and this anonymous commenter obviously didn't know that. Brandon and I tried for a year. I know people try for a lot longer then that but a year to me was an eternity. I can't tell you how many times I would cry myself to sleep, and pray so hard for this very "miracle" that I am complaining about. Just because I am complaining, (which I think I have my right to do on my own blog, it is my very own "out" so my husband can share the burden!) doesn't mean that I wouldn't do this again in a second, doesn't mean I have any regrets, doesn't mean that I am not so incredibly grateful for this pregnancy!
I don't think you will find two people more excited to have their baby join their family then Brandon and I. Brandon and I have wanted this for a long time and we are so ready to become parents! We are so not naive to the fact that it is going to be the hardest thing we have ever done, we are ready for the sleepless nights and the dirty diapers and the things that people say you have to sacrifice, they aren't going to be so hard for us to give up. We are READY for that transition in our lives. We are ready to trade in our late nights with friends to early bed times and middle of the night feedings! Who actually gets excited about that? Well we are!
My point is simply this, I am sorry to the person that left that comment on my blog, you do not know who I am, you do not know the desires of my heart or the sacrifices that I would have given to get pregnant. I would have given anything as well. I would have been one of those people you were talking about in your comment. I am so excited to be given this blessing in my life! When I was trying to get pregnant I knew what I was getting my self into, my sisters and my mom have just as hard pregnancies as I do, and I still wanted it more then anything! Just relax and let a pregnant women vent a little. That's all for now, I am done. :)

Saturday, September 20

Top Ten!

Here are the top ten things I will NOT miss about being pregnant!! (in no particular order, I hate them all pretty equally!)

1. Throwing up! (I can't just throw up I have to pee every single time I throw up! this puts the fear into me that I can only throw up at home where I have a bowl right next to every toilet!)

2. 24/7 Nausea! (the meds I am taking are finally working and my body tells me if I have gone too long with out taking one but I am so sick of the feeling like I am going to throw up every second!)

One and two were so similar I had to throw in another one!

2.5 PILLS! (I am so sick of taking pills, I take two right when I wake up and three right when I go to bed, and I take something for heartburn several times through out the day! it seems like every time I go to Wal-mart I am going to the pharmacy for something! I am sick of paying for pills/prescriptions and the simple fact that my body needs them to cope! I hate having to rely on them so much!)

3. Leg cramps/charlie Horse (I especially hate the ones that shoot you up in the middle of the night, and you feel like you are going to die before the cramp goes away! oh! I so miss stretching! I cant stretch with out getting a charlie horse! I cant wait to stretch again!

4. Killer Heart Burn! (I take stuff for this, like Maalox max or something equally tasteful, and I swear it doesn't ever really do anything. I feel like there is a knife going through me! The burning feeling is horrible! There is so much pressure I feel like I can't ever breath or catch my breath!)

5. Horrible Sex! :( Brandon and I have never had to work hard at this to make it amazing and now it is like an uphill battle! The baby is SO in the way and it is SO not fun anymore! (any helpful hints or suggestions are greatly appreciated! I'm serious... you can e-mail me if you don't want to leave me a comment!)

6. Peeing!! OK I feel like I don't even have a bladder anymore! If I drink something it will be needed to come out in a little while because there is no "holding tank" for it anymore!

7. Waking up in the middle of the night to pee!! (I have to get up 4 or 5 different times! That is ridiculous! imagine to your self setting your alarm 4 or 5 different times in the night, getting up walking to the bathroom, peeing, washing your hands, and stumbling back to bed and trying to go back to sleep every time! yeah it sucks!

8. Simply not being able to sleep at night! (this was something I never had a hard time with before I got pregnant and as soon as I conceived my body stopped being able to do this! It has a little something to do with # 7 but still! I sleep with like 8 pillows in various positions around me trying to find the ultimate sleeping position! I cant sleep on my back they say that's bad, Heaven forbid I sleep on my stomach! and my sides are getting kinda sore.

again six, seven and eight were so similar.. I needed another one!

8.5 PAINS... (I know this is a very broad one... but does anyone else hurt all the time? from kicks and stuff? This guy kicks so hard and so much that it is past the point of being cute or fun! he has been doing this new kick the last couple of weeks that is really low and way on the side, like really close to my hip bone, there is no stretchy skin over there! it hurts so bad when he puts his foot over there! I also have been getting contractions from about week 24! They hurt so bad it's kinda like they take my breath away! of coarse they don't last long but they are annoying non the less! :(

9. My body! (OK I know I was looking forward to being pregnant and looking pregnant and I thought I would love it! haha.. OK I will admit I was wrong, I can't do anything like I used to, playing any type of sport is hilarious! I have tried playing basketball, golf, ping pong, anything that I have to simply throw a ball, it is all so hard! my body doesn't work like it used to! It is hard to come to the realization that I can't do something well that I used to be able to do well. (well at least I thought I could)

10. Being Tired! I am such a party pooper, my husband laughs at me when I sleep in way late, take a nap and am ready for bed at 9:00 pm. not to mention I can't go up a flight of stairs with out feeling like I am going to kill over and die! walking too fast gets me too! HA HA walking to fast and I am winded? I can't believe how tired I am all the time!

Oh my gosh I hit ten way too fast! I could have totally kept going and going! I know this seems like I am a HUGE complainer and well frankly you would be right! I am so sick of my self complaining! I can't imagine how my husband feels!

I just don't understand the women that say I LOVE BEING PREGNANT! really? what do you LOVE about it? I have even herd on different occasions from husbands that say I LOVE when my wife is pregnant! REALLY? What do they love about it? The boobs!, it's gotta be the boobs! That is the only plus I can see? HA HA... OK I am sorry this post has been SO negative! I will be doing a post soon to remind you all that I am actually a positive person and I am not always such a downer! :)

On a better note I am now 33 weeks, just 7 more to go! ha that seems like forever right now! :)

Wednesday, September 10

Pizza Night!

I have been wanting to make home made pizza for a while now. I was baby sitting my niece and nephew the other day, (Brittany's kids.. Brydee and Jay Jay), and I thought that would be as good as time as any to make it. I thought they could help out and it would be a lot of fun. It totally was! They helped out a lot and it was really yummy! Brydee and Jay Jay LOVE pepperonis, Brydee was stacking them like crazy on every pizza we let her make! Jay Jay just wanted to eat them cold!
She put the sauce on all by her self!And the Cheese... And of coarse the pepperonis! she cant get enough of them! This is Jay Jay attempting to roll out his dough, everyone else made a pizza, he ended up having to share with auntie.
This is Brydee's very own creation! I think a few more pepperonis got put on before we put it in the oven!
This is Brandon and Brydee making the larger pizza we all shared.

Love this picture! He is so funny sometimes! I think this was Jay Jay giving up on the dough!

This is Brydee's, Brandon's and My pizza we made! Look how cute and little Brydee's is! We did end up making more after My sister showed up to pick up the kids and she ended up eating most of my pizza. The last one I made was the best! I didn't get a picture though I ate it too fast! It was delicious!

Tuesday, September 2

30 weeks

SO I am now 30 weeks! which would make me.. 7 1/2 months.. right? well.. I have 10 weeks left which would make me have 2 1/2 months left... right? So why do people say pregnancy is 9 months? HA! it totally isn't.. it's more like 10 months? Anyway... I was just getting frustrated by that little miss conception we all have.
40 weeks which is forever when you are pregnant has now gone down to 10. Wow, now that is something to be excited about! I CAN NOT WAIT until this little guy is out of me! He moves SO much! he kicks so hard that sometimes it really startles me. He pushes on my bladder all the time to the point that I trinkle in my pants! I have no control, all of the sudden I am like oh crap get off my bladder! I can just see him sitting in there messing with me, kicking me and laughing and sitting on my bladder and then saying stuff like "oh what are you going to do about it?" I think he likes to push my buttons already. I am really in for it! Brandon already has planed on giving him a good talking to when he comes out!