Saturday, June 23

Good Morning

This was the other morning when she woke up. (cell phone pic)  She is seriously the happiest baby ever. I am not just saying that. She has started laughing and she is starting to be ticklish. Funniest thing ever. 
She took a bubble bath with me last night, smiled the whole time.  It was a little change of pace from the normal baths she takes with her brothers. She enjoyed ours a little more! 

Tuesday, June 19

I am two..

my little Lucas turned two on April 29th.  I am finally getting around to posting some two year pics.

He had his two year check up but I can not remember his stats and can not find his paperwork. I need to find it! and then I'll add his measurements!

We love our Lucas SO much. 
He is such a fun kid to have around. 
He is starting to hit a little bit of a mischievous naughty stage. 
But it's almost comical. 
He does everything with a grin on his face and it's sometimes hard to get after him. 
He is TROUBLE when he get together with his little pal and cousin Bailee. 
He is Funny.
He listens to what I say and says "OK mommy" every time.
He loves his daddy, his Big Brother, his little sister, and his papa and Grandma.
He gives great hugs and kisses, and will always hand one out when I ask.
He likes to cuddle and asks for me to hold him when he needs some love.
He is a natural athlete and is obsessed with sports and balls, and running and jumping.
He is the fastest two year old ever.
HE has an obsession, more like a sickness with shoes and clothes!
He changes his clothes a million times a day.  He changes his clothes after I put him to bed at night, when I go in to check on him before I go to bed he is always in his bed asleep but in a different outfit. when he wakes up in the morning the first thing he does (before he even comes in my room to wake me up!) is changes his clothes!
He likes to sing his abc's even if he sings a lot of the same parts over and over.
He is an artist in fact my leather couch and almost every wall in my house has some of his "art work" on it! The little stinker!
He is such a boy, he is very animated when he plays with his toys, very full of sound effects.
He likes iron man and spider man most.
Every little army man sized action figuring we have weather it be police men, fireman or actual army man he calls them all "bad guys"
All day long he says "mom watch this" cracks me up. and makes me think how fast he is growing up!

I love you so much Lucas Alan Stott, my Middle Child. You are so amazing, Your father and I can NOT get enough of you! We love every little thing about you!

Monday, June 18

Eva's TWO month stats

I snapped a couple pics of her in her blessing dress the other day on the couch. They aren't great, and i didn't even edit them at all. but she is doing her normal happy smiley face! and I have been wanting to do this post forever and didn't have a picture to add (because I never take her picture! what is wrong with me!?)  So I added these two! maybe I'll edit them some time?

I am a little behind on posting these....

At her two month apt she was great. Smiled for Dr. Clark and passed everything with flying colors, she is Healthy and developmentally just perfect. SO don't be scared when you here her stats! haha!!

Head 14.2 in. 2%
Height 20.5 in 3%
Weight 8lbs 6 oz 4%

When the nurse measured her height she said she was 20 inches. when the Dr. came in he said lets measure her again and see if it was off a little bit, cause as of right now she isn't on the chart. haha!! I said ok. he measured her again and said yeah we can def give her another centimeter or so! at least it will put her on the chart at 3%! too funny.

I was shocked when I herd her percentiles! I know she is little but I don't really see if cause I am with her so much. it's when she is laying next to a cousin or little friend that is close in age and the tower over her that I finally see the difference! EVERY WHERE we go people stop and stare at her, they gasp and say "how old is she!?" I say 2 months and then their next question is "how big was she when she was born!?" She stops teenage boys old men, old ladies, and everything else in between. People are shocked when they see her. it's kinda funny, and I am getting used to it. haha! she is our sweet little Eva.

She fits really good into all her new born clothes now. NOT 0-3 at all! I tried the other day just to make sure and they are still WAY too big for her. I often wonder when she will be in the correct size for her age, or if she ever will?

Every time I lay her on her tummy for tummy time she rolls over onto her back. every time. Just like William did.

She is still THE best baby in the world. Sleeps through the night, doesn't cry hardly EVER. and is Happy when she IS awake! I love her more every day, and she is adored by her brothers a little TOO much!

I love you little Evalyn Rose, you are so special, and I can't get enough of you!

Saturday, June 16

living room cabinets and book case

This is what our living room looked like the day we moved in (back in September) I started painting the book case one day the beginning of January.  And it sat half painted for MONTHS! I was pregnant, had two crazy toddlers, and now I have a new born and two crazy toddlers, you name it I had a reason or two that is sat for so long. I finally got to finishing it pretty quickly after Evalyn was born.  Because for her blessing luncheon it was finally painted. 

 I saw in a magazine Idk years ago about painting the back of the book shelf a different color, I remembered it and always wanted to try it.  it was a pain in the butt, and I don't LOVE the color, I wish it was a tiny bit darker, but it will do, and I'm still happy with the out come.
before the hardware was put on...

 and this is what it looks like today.  (I JUST printed a bunch of updated pictures to fill the very dated picture frames!) they are sitting here right next to me, I need to fill them, and be done with it!

We had boxes of decor from our first place that had been sitting in the same boxes for almost a year and a half or more.  a lot of it is staying in the box. haha... I need to have a garage sale and get rid of a bunch of stuff.
There is still a lot that needs to be done, we will probably do something with that fire place! and we are painting the walls so the white pops, and there is still places that need to be touched up and paint that needs to be cleaned up off the walls and tile! but its a huge improvement!  look at the top pic again and you'll know what I'm talking about! way better.

OH and yes we are going to move our computer back over to the other side where it belongs on the desk! it's just we did that side first and then when it dried we moved the computer over and painted the other side, now that its done we haven't moved it back!! (it's on the to do list.)

Thursday, June 7

Becuase she is..

2 months TODAY.

I can't believe it really, she is growing so fast.  We have her two month apt today, can't wait to see how much she has grown! I will give her a proper post after I know all her new measurements! love her to pieces, she really is the best baby in the whole entire world! If she isn't sleeping she is smiling! I couldn't be a luckier mom!

 William and eva, (don't mind his very dirty shirt)
 I can't believe how much she reacts to people, and smiles! she has been doing it for a long time! I can't believe how young she started. my boys didn't smile forever!
 She would just sit in front of the mirror content forever! either here on the floor where I haven't put a large mirror on the wall yet, or on my bathroom counter where she has a make shift changing station, she loves the mirror, she isn't really looking at her self, just the room behind her. it entertains her for a while!