Tuesday, June 30

Sneak Peak

I took some photos of Mallory and Dean the other day... Here's a couple... hope you like em sister, even though you wouldn't listen to the photographer! :)

Friday, June 26

can't wait any longer...

I am SO excited about our Stott family vacation! I have been thinking about it for months, it's been a big tease since the planning for this family vacation started way back in March!! I totally plan on laying out by the pool every day, all day long! (that's totally my idea of a vacation) We have been brain storming on what we would like to do while we are there, like I said we have had a lot of time to think about it so we keep coming up with more and more fun and exciting things we can do while we are all together.
Family Olympics, golfing, Games, cook-offs, and a scavenger hunt around Vegas! I cant wait! It will be the first time we have all been together, in a long time. We are going to Vegas, I know how did we get so lucky, Brandon's family had pity on us and choose some where that would be convenient for us. :) some people are coming from Phily and Texas, and having to buy plane tickets, and we just have to load up the car and drive an hour and a half, we realize we are being spoiled and we are very grateful and very happy about that, it has been a blessing! thanks everyone!

We are staying here...


Wednesday, June 24


I was baby sitting these two crazy boys the other day, and I threw them all in the bath together. They all liked it, and had some fun.

Saturday, June 20


I thought in honor of fathers day I would take some pictures of my dad with his Grand children, (this was a couple weeks ago so Sidney wasn't born yet.) My dad is the best daddy and the best Grandpa to his grand kids! They all love him the most and they all say papa at a very early age! They all love going to Papa Trasks. (Sorry mom, but you know it's true.)
Love you dad thanks for all you do for your children and for your grand children!

Friday, June 19


This is Roxy my Sister Mallory's dog, They got her a couple weeks before they got married. Mallory wanted a companion when Dean was at work, and I guess so did Dean. They kind of work opposite scheduls. Mallory works days, and dean works in the evenings.

This was William and Roxy the other night at Mallory's house. They first had to check each other out.
Roxy kept getting closer and closer, and then she went in for the kill, with a big wet kiss!

she also helped William clean up after he had dinner, how nice of her! I know why do I let her do this? does it make me a bad mom that I don't care if a dog licks my sons face, that I pull out the camera first before stoping the dog? Aww it's ok, it's gotta be good for him, right?! :)

Thursday, June 18

Flat Hair

This is for all your Foe Hawk/Mo Hawk haters, I combed Williams hair down the other day for church, it makes him look totally different! People tell me "they love the foe hawk", "they hate it", "it's getting too long to do it like that", "do you cut it that way" to sum it up I get mixed reviews. So I tried this out on Sunday and Brittany (my sister) about died she was like what happened Will? today it was back to it's good ol' MO hawk self and she was like William your back. ha ha I am not really sure what the verdict is? I think he looks handsome either way!
His Mo Hawk the other day.

Wednesday, June 17

Pulling Up

William can now pull him self up. He did it Saturday night June 13th in his crib, (well at least that's what his daddy said, I wasn't there to witness it but I ran in there right after.) Then he did it again at church in primary, I went over to where he had been sitting on the ground and he was up hanging onto a chair, I asked a lady that was sitting close by if she had put him up like that, she said "no I didn't, he did it all by him self, I watched him do it." (again wasn't there to see it) Then last night when we were laying him down for bed, he didn't really want to go to sleep, I go in there to check on him and he is totally standing in his crib, I was so impressed I yelled for Brandon to come look and flipped on his light, even though he was totally supposed to be going to bed.

Today he has continued to do it through out the day and it amazes me how fast he is learning and how much he has changed in the last couple weeks, he has been crawling a lot better now too, moving his hands and knees, it is so cute, I LOVE IT. And he loves it too, he LOVES to stand to be able to pull him self up. Look at that smile on his face!

Tuesday, June 16

Baby Sidney

My sister Tiffany had her baby last week on June 11th. Tiffany had a strong opinion about having this baby at home. (despite what everyone else thought of it!) Nobody in our family was on her side and we told her that on a regular basis! But weather or not we agreed this baby was going to be had at home! I was a first hand witness as she pushed baby Sidney into this world at 2:36 A.M. Thursday Morning. Everything went perfect, mother and baby are perfect, Tiffany did SO well with out having ANY pain medicine, she didn't tear at all, and the baby was perfectly healthy, thanks to all those prayers that were sent heaven ward! These pictures were taken later that morning when the boys meet their sister for the first time. Corben is 4 and Beckham will be 2 in September. They have been looking forward to adding a little girl to the mix. Lets just hope she survives all the loves from her brothers! (and the pics of me are with little to no sleep and no make up, lovely I know!)

Saturday, June 13

More Baby Sitting

So last week when I was watching Troy I put him in William's jumperoo... he didn't know exactly what to do and William thought it was so funny as soon as I put him in there he looked over at him and laughed, it was so funny. So I put Will on his little scooter thing and sat him in front of Troy. He was trying to show him how to jump, and play with the toys. It was so cute I had to document it for Troy's mama to see when she got home.

Wednesday, June 10

William and Braden

I have been baby sitting Braden every once in a while because his mommy went to work and training was full time. Training is over now and she is just going to work part time on days when his Daddy can watch him. It's been fun to see him every so often. He has gotten so much bigger and learning so many more things. They are only six weeks apart so it's funny to see them interact with each other. They watch each other, hit each other and steal each others toys. They are already acting like BOYS!

Sunday, June 7

My son is now 7 months old!

William turned 7 months on June 5th

In month six:

*He wont take his passie (aka pacifier) any more. He has gone through stages before where he wont take it for a while so we thought maybe that's what this was but nope I think it's for good this time. He hasn't taken it for a long time, he will hold it and chew on it but it's more like a toy now.

*He likes to sit and play with his toys now, he can entertain him self for a good amount of time just playing with something like his farm.
* He now says MA MA MA.. YAY! he has mastered mamama and has perfected da da da, he even says dad. he has gotten a lot louder too, and continues to jabber other things as well.
*If he wants to get some where he will! He some times tricks us and pretends he is going to crawl with the correct motion of crawling but he isn't that great at it yet. He scoots really well all over the place, he gets up on his hands and knees and then lunges forward. It's been working pretty well for him.

* He can get from a sitting position to a crawling position, and from a crawling position back up to a sitting position, that's always pretty handy to know!

* He is a friendly little guy. He will pretty much go to anyone, smile at them and let them hold him, but just recently he has started reaching for people, it's the sweetest thing when he reaches for you.
*He still LOVES his jumperoo, jumps like a mad man in it!
*He likes when I push him around on this toy, sit him in front of it so he can spin the thing in the back that makes noise, or just sit on it and scoot around. He thinks it will jump like his jumperoo. He thinks he can bounce on everything.

* He just recently has started clapping his hands, its so sweet, If I say "clap hands" he gently claps his hands together. and has the biggest smile on his face like he knows he did it right! He also likes the patty cake song. smiles every time I start singing it.

* He is trying to pull him self up into a standing position onto things. He has only done it against someone laying on the ground, not anything hard yet. but he wants to, and if we stand him up against the ottoman or in his crib or something he loves it. No big surprise there he has always loved to stand.


He looks just like his daddy I know! But I'll take it, love this little guy so much!

Thursday, June 4

Old/New toy

I bought this farm years ago before we even got pregnant at a garage sale. I used to garage sale a lot and find little treasures like this! I got it for our nieces and nephews that we babysat all the time and for our future children. I finally introduced it to William and he loves it. It's so fun how he is learning all the little things that it can do. He is so curious and loves to eat the little animals and the little farmers. In some of the pictures it's like he is saying "this is my farm, not yours" Love this little guy so much!

Tuesday, June 2

matchy matchy

This was when we were in Provo the other weekend ago, we matched when we went to church, (I packed Brandon's bag so he didn't really have a choice He hates when I do things like that.) so of course it called for a family photo op.

This isn't the best picture of me but when your a mom you don't really get to pick the best picture of your self anymore, all that matters is if the little one is cute! Am I right? Oh well it was just a quick snap shot, I hadn't even showered, (I know who admits to that?!) But I do love Will's smile in this picture! love him!

Brandon wasn't being very cooperative while I was trying to take their picture. I said stop it, Smile, cheese it, be animated and this is what I got! I guess I better be careful what I ask for!

Love these two so much!