Friday, April 30

First swim of the year

I have been SO looking forward to swimming this summer. This Week we had the privilege to go! I have been SO excited to take William in the pool and teach him to swim. He loved the water and was SO not afraid. (almost in a bad way) He doesn't get the danger of it yet so that makes it a little scary. But he did so well. It was a lot of fun, (it definitely helped that the pool was heated to 80 degrees) and I can't wait to take him and get him used to it more and more.

Me trying to teach him how to kick kick kick...

even with out a nap he was ALL smiles the whole time!

Doesn't he look like a pro already! haha!

Such a sweet heart!

Thursday, April 29

the wedding

My adorable son on the temple grounds after the sealing.
Well the wedding went down with out a hitch and the weather was beautiful. The reception was held in my parents gorgeous back yard and we caped off the night with a lot of dancing! I was SO busy most of the night playing hostess with my sisters and Sarah (keeping the food tables stocked and guests happy) that I never had time to take out my camera! I am WAY bummed I didn't get more pictures! I finally took out my camera at the very end of the night and snapped just a couple pictures. I wish I had more of how beautiful the back yard was and all my hard work! haha! oh well.
Brydee and Corben dancing the night away! After most the dance floor was empty Brydee and Corben were still going strong! It was cute I had to get a shot or two of them! What I really can't wait for is the pictures the photographer took while we were all getting our grove on! It was a lot of fun, I love dancing with my family and husband! and now our Son is getting old enough to join in on the fun! it was so cute!
My dad and William...
William sure loves his papa!

And a HUGE thank you to these two! We have put them to work several times the past few weeks getting ready for the wedding many long days and nights!
We love you Sarah and Steve-o. Thanks again!

Wednesday, April 28

Weekly Wednesday Update

{39 Weeks!}

I have made it to week 39, I can hardly believe it! Last Thursday was my 38 week appt. I had gone from 2cm to 3 cm, and from 50% to 70% thinned. I was happy to here of my progress but hoping I made it through the weekend. When Saturday night rolled around and I was still going strong I celebrated with the rest of my family on the dance floor at my brothers wedding! We had THE BEST time dancing the night away! My siblings and their spouses and many others. My son enjoyed him self the most as he kicked up his heels and LOVED all the attention. I thought maybe dancing would help labor along but many contractions later I am still here on Wed. at 39 weeks. :)
Through out the weekend I had many people tell me "oh you look like you have dropped even more from the last time I saw you!" and it was the day before or even earlier that morning that they had seen me! HAHA are you kidding me, how much further can this guy go? I feel like these pictures don't do a great job a depicting how low he really is! He is seriously so low he is between my legs already!
I am now ready whenever this little guy wants to join us! This week would be nice but we'll just have to wait and see. I have another doctor appt. for tomorrow morning and we shall see if the dancing really did help anything and see if I am dilated any further?

Thursday, April 22

Jason and Andrea's Bridals

I really wasn't planning on taking any Bridals for them, they had hired a professional photographer. But they decided they wanted to go out and do another shoot for fun so we did! I have been wanting to post them but didn't know if I was stepping on toes? Since the wedding is SAT I thought why not! :) I thought id show off my beautiful new sister in law and very dashing brother! They do make a beautiful couple!

Wednesday, April 21

Weekly Wednesday Update

{38 weeks!}

So this last Thursday at my Doc appointment I hadn't changed, and I was still 2 cm. and 50% thinned. I was ok with that. If I didn't have the baby last weekend then I didn't want to have him until NEXT week or any time after that just NOT this week. My brothers wedding is Saturday and we have been super busy getting everything ready for it! If I had the baby this week it would mess up a lot of peoples plans! haha.. so we are hoping for next week. (but like we can choose) just NOT this weekend, NOT Friday night, and especially NOT Saturday while sitting in the temple.

I have another Doctors appointment tomorrow morning and well see if I have progressed at all since last week but my guess is that I haven't? I have been SUPER active running around like a crazy person getting ready for the wedding, and I feel like I haven't been contracting as much as I was a couple weeks ago. Don't get me wrong I still get contractions all the time I just haven't gotten them as often it seems like? And I would think I would be getting them A LOT with how much I have been doing lately. Baby center dot com says the babies organs have matured and our ready for life outside the womb! That's always good to know!

I know this probably sounds stupid but with how busy we've been I have almost forgotten that I'm pregnant. I know your thinking how can you forget? I get reminded in ways ALL the time through out the day with my body not being the same not performing to what I want it to do and then there are the kicks and contractions that remind me as well. But my mind hasn't been consumed with baby like I thought it would at this point. A couple weeks ago I was thinking baby baby baby but this week I have been thinking about so many other things I have almost forgotten this baby is coming. I know that's weird but it's true. I think after this wedding I will be consumed with baby thoughts again and be super ready and excited for this little guy to get here! We shall see.

Wednesday, April 14

Weekly Wednesday Update

37 weeks! (only 3 more weeks to go)

Things are progressing right a long. I had my 36 week appointment last Friday (so 5 days ago) and I got checked for the first time. I was dilated 2 cm. and 50% thinned. I was happy to here of some progress! I know this may mean absolutely nothing and I could still go over due but I was happy non the less.

I have another appointment for my 37 week check up tomorrow! I am hoping for the best and that I am still progressing, dilated further and thinned even more.

Wishful thinking I know but who knows? It could happen.

I know it's still early but with my brothers wedding on the 24th I would love to have this baby this weekend! HA HA is that too much to ask? can't I just pick a day and say lets make it happen? oh how I wish that could be the case. :)

according to baby center the baby is considered full term, weighing in at 6 & 1/3 lbs. and a bit over 19 inches long. and his lungs are fully developed now. I say hes good to go! :)

I'll let you know what happens at my appointment tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 7

Weekly Wednesday Update

{36 weeks!}... only 4 weeks to go!

I feel like I am on the down hill stretch now, I feel like I could go at any time. Days that I have some killer contractions I say maybe it will happen soon? I also know that things are always up in the air and never what they seem and when it comes to having a baby you can NEVER predict when and how it will happen! So I am not getting my hopes up and just taking it one week at a time.. THIS week however I go in for an appointment on Friday and I get checked! yay! I am excited to see what he says!

This last week I did have a little bit of a new development and I have started to have a little leakage from one of my milkers. I thought that was kind of exciting and at the same time Brandon was not so excited about it. I have had a lot of back labor contractions! I didn't really have that with William, I thought my back hurt with William but I guess I was wrong! Cause this is way worse! Every time my contractions start I get the worst back ache! It almost feels like the baby is hitting nerves and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, no amount of rubbing and massaging can fix it, it just plain hurts! It makes me nervous as to how different this labor and delivery can be? The last two days I have noticed some changes in my body, how I feel where the baby is, everything just feels different it feels weird. I feel like it is close. I think this baby is going to come soon. I am trying to listen to my body and it just feels like things are different and things are getting ready. I use the analogy that is feels like when you have been in water like a pool for a long time and you are weightless and then you get out and you feel like 100 more pounds then you are! I feel like my tummy has been in water for the past 9 months and I just got out of a pool and it feels SO heavy, I feel like I can't walk with out holding it up cause it's so heavy! I feel like the baby is SO low like he is down between my legs! ugh, I am a big complainer the last couple days and I am so tired! Again I can't wait to see what the doctor says on Friday!

Tuesday, April 6

new hobby

Lately I'll find my self thinking William is all the sudden very quiet, I wonder what happened?, and I'll look and see him like this...
We live in a town home, where the gardeners are scheduled to come every Monday, and in the summer I think they might even come twice a week cause last week they were here twice? anyway, If we here a weedier, lawnmower, or blower of some kind William perks up and says "gardeners". And I'll say go look for them out the window! He loves to watch the gardeners do their work! He will sit like this forever content with just watching them. I think it's so darling, I had to snap some pictures of it yesterday.

Saturday, April 3

Jason and Andrea

I took some Engagement photos for my brother today (well I guess you can technically say "yesterday" since it is after midnight!) I wanted to edit a few tonight to show them a couple and how well they turned out. I am so excited and happy for these two! They are getting married here in St. George on April 24th! yep APRIL 24! They are SUCH a cute couple! I am excited they asked me to help with their Engagement pictures! It's been so much fun!