Monday, March 19

36 weeks...

seems crazy that its finally so close! I had a little scare this last week and I hadn't felt the baby move for a while, I kept thinking I'd start feeling her freak out at any given moment and Id stop worrying. I called my Dr and asked when should I start worrying, I told him it had been since the day before, he told me to go in and get checked, and he thought everything was probably OK but just to be sure.  Well as soon as I got to the the hospital of course I started feeling her move again.  Things were fine and normal. 
I had a Dr. appt today I am at 36 weeks and I am now 2 cm. and 75% thinned. I went from a 1 to a 2 and from 50% to 70% from last week.  I was happy that I had had some progress. I have contractions all the time, but that is so normal for me it just gets old after awhile. Things are going well. She is super low and is head down. I am thinking she will come any time.  and sooner rather then later. We shall see! my hands and feet fall asleep all the time so easily! She must be cutting off some type of blood flow becuase shes so low.
Can't wait to see what she will look like and how everthing will go! The fun part is almost here! Can't wait.

These pictures are before church yesterday, after having a beautiful week last week sunday was freezing!

{Warning} not for the weak stomach

This is a post about Williams accident the pic is bad but doesn't even do it justice, also it was taken with my cell phone.

Saturday was a very traumatic day. I am finally getting better when I think about it so I'm ready to post the story and pic for all to see...

William was trying to get crayons  out of the cupboard when Brandon and I herd a loud crash to the floor and a horrifying scream.... We both ran in the kitchen to see what had happened and when Brandon picked William up he said oh shoot! or something like that? I knew it had to be bad from Brandon's reaction but I wasn't prepared for what I was about to see. I grabbed William from Brandon turned him to face me and saw the damage! I said we are going somewhere NOW.... Brandon ran up stairs to grab his shoes, I saw two teeth just kinda sitting in his mouth, totally knocked out! root and all. That freaked me out. I grabbed them out of his mouth and put them in a zip lock bag. We threw both boys in the car and I called my family to start helping me find a place to take him! We didn't know where we were headed we just knew he needed some help. I was freaking out inside.  I was trying to hold it together, My poor baby was being so strong and saying it hurts mama. I sat next to his car seat in the back of the van.  He was bleeding like crazy! I had blood all over my shirt, on my face and arms, and all over him. We ended up taking him to a dentist I had just made an appointment with earlier this month for both the boys to go to for the first time.  Their first appt. was scheduled for the very next week.  Being as it was a Saturday and no one was working he meet us at his office just for us.  William was SO brave and did so awesome.  We took X-rays and determined his permanent teeth didn't look damaged. we couldn't do anything about the teeth that had come clean out, and we just have to wait for it all to heal before he can be fitted for some false teeth. like 5 weeks!!  The dentist wrote us a prescription for an antibiotic in case it got infected and we were good to go. The dentist was great and if anyone is looking for a ped. dentist it's Johnson Dentistry. 
He is having a hard time pronouncing some words and is having a hard time eating regular foods.  I just want to hold him and protect him and never let him do anything, I want to let him have ice cream and Popsicles for breakfast lunch and dinner.  It breaks my heart when I look at it. and 5 weeks is going to be an eternity! He has bounced back pretty well and we have to keep reminding him to be more careful. He gets frustrated when he tries to eat and it hurts his gums, and he cant do it.  He says when I get my teeth back I'll be able to eat in the middle again.

The other middle tooth has about a 50% chance of making it, we might just have to pull it out, but we are waiting and seeing what happens to it first.

feeding the ducks

 We had our Cousin Lilly with us for a few days last week.  William keeps talking about going to her house to play. He doesn't quite understand they live farther away then a little trip across town. This was one day last week when the weather was great and the kids enjoyed feeding the ducks.  William also enjoyed some of his bread.

Saturday, March 17

Andrea's shower

yes I am behind on posting things...
2 weeks ago I helped with hosting Andrea (my sister in law that is due only days after me) baby shower.  It was held at my parents house...
 part of the dessert table. adorable. Andy's sister did the desserts.
 Mallory wearing her wrap -titan. haha
horrible pic (sorry)  the guest of honor her self. Andy opening her presents.
 Brandon brought by my handsome boys a little later in the day.

 adorable claire and her mommy
after the shower festivities dies down all our family stayed and hung out the whole day, it was a beautiful day, the kids were running around and we all enjoyed the sun shine.  This is Lucas and bailee playing catch together.

 William using his tennis racket as a guitar.
feeding the masses! we had amillion children running around together all day, this was the very end of a LONG day for them eating some pizza.

Tuesday, March 13

one random morning

for got I took these pictures a couple weeks ago, thought id post some... Ive been bad at taking pictures of my children lately, I do love looking back at pictures like this and seeing them in there every day activities... this was one morning after we woke up and started playing with toys before breakfast... love that this little barn has gotten so much use out of it! I picked it up at a garage sale before we even had William. :)

 William loves his Lego's and he often attaches his "army guys" to things in this case they are turtles haha! ... I swear the little one dollar bag of army guys is so worth every penny! they play with them all the time. :)

Tuesday, March 6

34 weeks

pic of me before church on Sunday. a little blurry but you can still see the bump. I feel like I haven't really gotten bigger in months. but that's what I do. I get massive and then slow down a bit and let everyone else catch up. :)
I had a Doctor appointment today.  I am only 34 weeks but I also got checked. I have been thinking about this appt for three weeks now wondering if I would be anything at my appt or if I even wanted to be? I knew it was early and the likely hood of of dilating or thinning was slim but still it's always exciting when you here something right?  Well today at my appt I was 50% thinned and 1 cm dilated.  for 34 weeks I'll take it! As all of you moms know that may or may not mean ANYthing. haha... but still it's always fun.  I have another appt in two weeks on Monday the 19th. I will be checked again then and we will see if anything has happened in two weeks. I will be 36 weeks then.  It's all happening so fast and it's getting exciting. Still doest really seem real yet and I still have a hard time remembering she is a girl.  William asks all the time about the baby and he tells me that when she's a pumpkin he will have his baby sister! We look up on baby center .com what size of fruit she is all the time.  Last week she was a pineapple and he thought it was funny every time we saw one at the store.  This week she is a cantaloupe.  Baby center says she is 4 and 3/4 lbs and 18 inches long! wow... seems like shes about ready to me! so crazy!