Wednesday, March 31

my little toddler and his bed

He has graduated from his crib to the toddler bed! I am so happy with how well he has transitioned! I tried one random night about a month ago and after him thinking it was funny that he was laying in bed I put him in his crib and he went right to sleep. I knew I would have to wait a little longer and try again. SO last week was that try. I had just finished the baby crib bumper I had made and put it on the crib to see what it looked like. I didn't want to take it off but I didn't want to lay him in the crib with it on either. So I said now is as good a time as any lets give it a go! SO last week on Tuesday he went to bed in his toddler bed. He did fabulous and I was so excited! I continued to only use his toddler bed and he has continued to be successful! oh happy day! So for over a week he has slept only in his toddler bed! I am so happy and proud of him! I thought if we are just consistent and make it a habit he will do fine! and that's just how it's been! He is napping right now as I type in his toddler bed! one more thing to cross off the list! :)

The other night I wanted to document his fabulous transition and so I tip toed into the very pitch black nursery and pointed the camera at where I thought he was sleeping and snapped a quick picture! haha! It was funny to see the pictures after I left the nursery cause it looks like it is as light in there as mid day! but nope, it was practically the middle of the night and he had been asleep for a good couple hours! I just wanted a picture to add to this post! I haven't done very many pictures lately and I haven't done any posts on William lately either! so here you have it! my sleeping little man, snuggled up with his glow worm! haha, love it!

Weekly Wednesday Update

35 weeks!

I had an appointment on Monday things went well. I was measuring right on 34 weeks. I herd the heart beat and he confirmed again (even though he also told me weeks ago) that the baby is very head down. My next appointment I will be getting checked to see if I have had any progress and or if any of these contractions are actually doing anything or not? I doubt it, but I always like getting checked and finding out whats going on down there even if sometimes it's not so pleasant. :) Baby Lucas continues to kick and stretch and grow, and contract.

I am trying to be productive and cross more things off my list of "things to do before Lucas comes" Things are moving right a long. It's all very exciting and a little surreal that we will be going to a family of four! Brandon and I often think about how it will be and how it will change the dynamics of our family. When I think about it the very most is when we are sitting in church. I always think we will have to take up more space on the row, we will have to bring more things then we already do when we go to church and just little things like that. I think about how we wont be able to use the back seat of our car any more when Lucas' car seat is back there. I am so excited and ready for him to come but at the same time I know things will never be the same as they are right now. I love my little family how we are right now but I also know adding another baby in the mix will only make it better! We are very excited. William even says "Lucas" and "brother" it is very sweet. I think our practice with his little baby doll is working and he is ready to be a big brother! :) well at least I have wishful thinking! :)

Wednesday, March 24

Weekly Wednesday Update

34 weeks!

Wow 34 weeks seems a lot better then 33 weeks. It seems so much further a long then just a week more. HAHA I know I am going a little crazy here. I am starting to get pregnant brain and I start losing my train of thought all the time. It takes me forever just to tell Brandon a simple story cause I can't even focus on what I'm saying. I am going to assume that's the baby and not really me! :) The baby is supposed to be about 18 inches long and 4 and 3/4 lbs. about the size of a cantaloupe. This baby is very low and has been for about a month now. People comment on it and say you seem really low, and I say yeah I can feel him down there! There is a lot of pressure, my back hurts a lot, and my tailbone is getting some of the strain as well. I am still getting hard contractions all the time and every once in a while think what if I go early? Things are progressing normally from what I can tell? I wish I could just look in there and see how things are going! I have another doctors appointment Monday now that I am seeing him every 2 weeks. I'll let you all know how that goes next week! That's all for now.

Wednesday, March 17

Weekly Wednesday Update

33 weeks.

I let this day get away from me and before I knew it it was past ten and I want to go crawl into bed, and then I remembered I never did my update... So here I am, I am sure this will be quick and no pictures, sorry.

33 weeks.. the baby is growing as evidence of my growing belly and weight gain. I have had A LOT of contractions lately. Friday night I was having a lot so I decided to time them. They were consistently 6-7 minutes apart for over an hour. I was ready to go to sleep and they started to slowly get a little further apart, to eight minutes and then to about ten minutes. I got into bed and fell asleep. But that happens all the time. I had a doctor appointment on Monday and told the doc about my contractions, he didn't seem worried and said it was really common, which is what I thought too. I figured some people just get contractions and some people don't feel one until they are pushing a baby out! He said for me to put my feet up and relax and drink plenty of water when they start coming on. He said they should start settling down and going further apart. And if they continue for over 2 hours then he might be a little more worried. So for now, I am just working through them. They hurt, and they are annoying but they are manageable. I guess it is just gearing me up for the real thing! I am getting more excited. I pulled all the baby clothes out this week and that got me even more excited. I am doing little projects for the nursery (pictures to come I am sure) and that is exciting as well.

Well that is all for this weeks prego update. till next week, :)

Wednesday, March 10

Weekly Wednesday Update

32 weeks!

only 8 weeks to go! yay!

According to baby center dot com the baby weighs approximately 3.75 lbs. and is 16.7 inches long. Baby center also says I will be gaining about a pound a week and half of that will be going to the baby! wow.. that seems like a lot, this baby is going to get big over the next couple weeks! The baby already feels way crowded in their and is pushing on my lungs and causing me to feel like I already can't breath. Lets see how it gets as this baby gets even bigger! He is moving a lot so I take that as a good thing. Still contracting all the time, but I consider that normal? I did with William all the time too.
I have started to be more productive this week and started cleaning out Williams closet so I can make room for 0-3 month size clothes! I don't know where it's all going to go!? I know how much stuff I had in 0-3 months! well in every size for that matter! That's what happens when all my sisters share all the baby clothes... it makes for A LOT! But I am excited to pull it all out and go through it all again! I also want to get the bassinet and car seat out of the shed and have them ready. I know I still have 8 weeks but I keep having this feeling like "what if" I go early? I just know I'll go late I have always told my self that, that's what I told my self my whole pregnancy with William but for some reason I keep saying to my self, but what if?! Then I need to be ready! It's a possibility! and there is a few things that I need to get done before this little guy arrives! I don't want to be doing it when he comes! So I am going to get busy! :)

Friday, March 5

15 & 16 months

William is now {16} months old.

I started this post over a month ago when he turned 15 months old! I never finished it and now that he is 16 months old today I thought I would try to finish it! So much has happened in the last 2 months of his life that I want to remember and document for my own remembrance, these monthly updates on him are usually long enough when I am just covering one month, so I will try not to be too long winded while trying to do two months worth.!

This age is very fun, but kicks my butt some times. He is always on the go, running and playing, and climbing and jumping. He is a boy through and through. He makes me laugh and smile every day. He makes me so happy and so proud to be his momma!

I'll first start with his 15 month check up he had, at his check up his stats were...

Height 32 inches 80%

Weight 23 lbs. 10 oz. 45%

Head 49 cm. 93%
(my whole family didn't believe his head percentage! They ALL said she must have measured wrong! my sister always says how little and petite he looks? I honestly don't know? It's probably accurate?)

Some of my favorite things about these past 2 months....

He says every ones names really well. Jason, Bugaboo, (auntie Mallory's nick name) Dean, jay jay, Brydee, Bailee... and on and on. Also It's so weird how he knows where we are when we are about to pull up to someones house, when we get to my parents house before we even get their he is saying and signing pa pa! pa pa! and when we pull up at Brittany's house he says Jay Jay! Brydee! How does he even know where we are is my question!?

His talking has just gotten SO good this past month, some of my favorite words he says is Cereal haha he says all the syllables and it cracks me up, Banana, which sounds more like nanana, guitar, and chocolate! (my fault he learned that one so fast! but really he is SO bad, loves the stuff and asks for it all the time!)

He does really well with playing with his toys. The things he comes up with makes me laugh, he was pushing around one of his trucks like he does all the time but he had the farmer in the back ridding a long. who taught him that? it's just funny what they pick up on. I was like "oh the farmer is going for a ride huh?"

He also plays with this little toy gun at my parents house and goes around saying bang bang bang.. again who taught him that?

He cut four more teeth and now has 10. I am pretty sure more are on their way.

He continues to sign a lot which is very helpful. It's just second nature to him to sign while he says something. And this last month or so my mom has finally gotten him to learn the sign for Grandma. After knowing the sign for papa for months she was getting kind of offended! :)

She now comes home from work and has more signs she wants to teach him (I think she has a little def boy on one of her bus runs that she has started asking him things.)

He continues to have poops in the toilet but only if we know when he is about to do one and we say lets go to the bathroom. Then he does his business and it makes clean up SO much easier! He doesn't by any means do it by him self yet. Which I am fine with he is still so little!

He is obsessed with "out side" like every other little boy is at this age! He would stay out side forever playing and exploring in all kinds of weather if I let him.

We have been trying to get William used to nursery for the past month or two. The nursery leader has said we can start bring him in because they don't have very many kids right now. It isn't working so well.. He loves it if I'm in there with him! but If he senses me leaving then he starts to get upset. I think we are progressing but I am worried that he still wont be ready when the baby comes, which has been my goal! Brandon and I are both very busy with callings during church hours so it's not so convenient to chase a toddler up and down the halls the whole time (which is what he would like to do!)

Although sacrament meting has gotten a lot better, The past 2 weeks in a row he has sat with us in sacrament meeting the whole time. (we just have to come really prepared with toys, and books, and snacks.) Cracks me up though when he starts going through one of his animal books and is saying all his animal sounds very loudly! you can't help but laugh when he is baucking like a chicken while it is so quite.

He continues to sleep in his crib 90% of the time. He has taken about a handful of naps in his toddler bed but hasn't conquered going to bed at night in it. I think that is going to be a little more of a challenge!

He has started to be more of a little stinker! Like he has learned to hit and push other kids. He tests us all the time and pushes his limits! We will tell him NO and if he keeps going we say "do you want a spanking?" he usually says "no" and stops. But not always, he has had his fare share of spankings. Sorry if you are offended and don't believe in that. Brandon and I see eye to eye on parenting and we spank his little but when he needs it! haha But I really think it helps. He learns pretty quickly and knows when something is off limits for example he goes up to the fireplace at my parents house and says "no no no" to it every time he sees it!

He continues to love to read books. We bring several with us when we go to church to keep him occupied. He points to everything on the pages and tells me what it is, weather it be an animal and the sound it makes to body parts or different kinds of foods.

I finally bought him a little baby doll. I know he is a boy and they aren't "supposed" to have dolls! but what could it hurt?! There was one on clearance at wal-mart and it is dressed in blue clothes so it's a boy in my eyes. when you push it's tummy it either says mama, dada, laughs, or cries. He is learning how to be soft with a baby. We are trying to practice before his baby brother comes! And it is adorable when I say rock your baby, and he rocks is from side to side!

His laugh is SO contagious he giggles when when he gets tickled. and I LOVE that sound!

He loves shoes? He gets them out of his drawers all the time and says "shoe" or he will get mine and hand it to me, or get Brandon's and say daddies!

Every family picture in the house is "daddy" even if Me and William are in it also. and every picture of me and Brandon that is in the house is "daddy"... what's up with that?

he is really good at saying Cheese for pictures. It makes me laugh when he is playing with my phone and holds it out and says cheese and tries to take a picture of him self.

He does the slides at the park all by him self. It's so funny to see how proud of him self he gets when he does it.

My favorite thing He does is raises his eye brows really high. He does this all the time. He has the best facial expressions. He does this thing where he scrunches up his face really small and then pop does the complete opposite and raises his eye brows really high and opens his eyes and mouth really wide. It is the funniest thing ever!

I could probably keep going but I will stop. I think this is enough for my journaling purposes.

Wednesday, March 3

Weekly Wednesday Update

31 Weeks...

Baby center says the baby weighs about 3.3 lbs. and is about 16 inches long. and is headed into a growth spurt. Baby is moving like crazy these days! I know I say that every week but as he gets bigger the movements get bigger and hurt more! and keep me up more at night, especially the hiccups! I don't love when he has hiccups.

This week I have had a lot of contracting! and who says that braxton hicks contractions aren't supposed to hurt!? ha ha, yea right! This may be too much info for a lot of people but when has that ever stopped me... so here goes; this last week I was at wal-mart and I all the sudden had the most intense pressure almost like the baby was sitting on my bladder (something he does often!) I caught up with Brandon and said I am going to the bathroom now before I pee my pants and headed straight their! (good thing we were close by cause I don't think I could have made a farther walk!) anyway, while I went pee I noticed the tiniest amount of blood tinged mucous? It kinda made me nervous but I told my self I would watch it carefully and see if it got worse. I continued to have a lot of pressure but the blood didn't get worse. And I continued to have a lot of contractions the rest of the day? I might have called the nurse line for my doctors office if it wasn't Saturday. Things seemed pretty normal on Sunday so I didn't call on Monday when they would have been back in the office. Would you have called?!

I have gained a ton of weight these last couple of weeks and I am fearing the scale when I go in for my next appointment! The only bright side of gaining weight, (I know you are thinking there's a bright side?!) is the fact that I am fitting into more of my maternity clothes from when I was pregnant with William. I can't really wear my fat pants that aren't maternity. I keep trying to put them on but it just isn't working very well, this bump is getting bigger! and you can't pretend it isn't when your clothes that fit you a week or two ago no longer fit! :)

We are getting down to the wire though and I am getting more excited. Things are so much different with this pregnancy since it isn't our first. I am not as anxious, and I also have this other side of me that wants to enjoy my last moments with William before it will no longer be just the two of us, (or three of us counting Brandon) I know another baby will only make our family grow in love but it's still weird to think that things will no longer be the same in a couple months. I am looking forward to adding to our family and having another little one to love! I am so excited. I can't wait to see what he looks like!

Tuesday, March 2

the hutch..

Back when I was pregnant with William I bought this hutch off of Craig's list for 50 bucks. I painted it added some boxes and baskets and made it into my changing table. It has been a great piece of furniture and has worked really well. Well I gave it a NEW life to go with the new nursery! It is a working progress but here is the before, during and after pictures...
right after I bought it...
What it has looked like for the past 16 months....
and what it looks like now... (well what it looked like a few weeks ago before I did a little touch up, and before it chipped again! :)
change is good, I like doing projects I just like them more when they are finished! My friends are still trying to talk me into painting the walls, (a project I don't really want to do but think I might be doing! ugh!)