Tuesday, September 25

Cell phone pics...

I Never do anything with the pics I take randomly with my cell, so I am trying to save them to my computer and post them every so often, Here are some of the recent pics over the last month or two... 

William on a new"er" tricycle (yet another garage sale) (I don't think he had his teeth in in this pic! he always has a weird smile when they aren't in, fyi they have fallen out a couple times and we've had to go get them put back in. poor little guy!)

Brandon doing what he does with eva, EATING her. 

We watched Titan one night, this was us having story time after bath time.
 This was a random pic of the room we stayed in in New Jersey! forgot I had taken a cell phone pic. (this pic doesn't even do it justice either!)
 Here is my two twinners watching a show. haha! so brothers!
 This is Lucas and I when we had a little alone time. :) Brandon and I like to enjoy the kids one on one every so often.
 Every night the boys beg to have their sister lay with them for a little while before they go to sleep.
 Lucas has undies on (I think) haha! I bought eva a swing the other day off the yard sale fb page. we had to try it out. She is still SO tiny for it! haha!
 This pic cracks me up and is one of my favorites! I got the boys some new action figures (again from the yard sale fb page) this was what they did with them... it's captain hook peter pan and mr smee hanging from a stick in a bucket of mud, over the alligator in water! haha!! so cleaver!

Sunday, September 16

the kitchen!

This post has been sitting in my "drafts folder" for MONTHS! haha, thought I would finally post it! :)

This is what our kitchen looked like when we moved in... we had high hopes to paint and redo and update a bunch of stuff... well I was also pregnant at the time. which equals sick and nauseous. and we also had a million other projects on my to-do list, and it sat like this for 8 months or so.  We finally got around to doing our cabinents and the lighting. Thanks to two of my brother inlaws for helping out big time!! :)

 I am NOT very good at getting pictures of my projects! I am always covered in paint, or too busy to think about stoping and getting a picture before I dive in and start changing things! I have been trying to get better but I still forget! I wish I would have taken more pictures, but here we go...
 we started painting and painting the bones of the cabinents we have a lot of ends, there for making it more work. the sides, the tops, the front of the bar...
 Dean came over with his sprayer and sprayed all the fronts of the doors and drawers way fast! I need to get me one of those! dont mind my messy backyard, the weeds, and the patchy grass! :) it's on the list!
 I swear it isn't fare that Brandon is in most of the pictures becuase I do most of the work! and there is no evidence of it! He'll jump in for a second and thats when I take a picture! haha!
 Dean cleaning up after he was done, I told him I forgot to get a picture so he indulged me and posed for the camera, so natural don't you think.
This is one side of the kitchen all painted... before hardware was put on....
other side.. so much better
the nobs, love them

 the handals on all the drawers
 Then a few weeks after we painted we finally got around to taking that eye sore of a light down! (scroll to the top pictures if you don't remember it!)
This is my other brother in law Cameron, he put in the cans for us.  SO HANDY! thanks cam!  all you have to do is watch all 4 of his children for him for a day and bam! he comes over and busts out a kitchen in a couple short hours!

cameron wired for the pendants and put the boxes up, and later that day brandon and I bought and brought home the pendants and brandon put them up.  Who knew he could do that right?! haha... it only took him an hour to do the first one, and then he had it down, the second one took him 15 minutes, and the last one from opening the box to light bulb in and on was only 10 minutes! hes a pro now. haha and I can't tell  you how many times in a day or in a week he walks into the kitchen and says "wow look at thoes lights don't they look great." haha, he was pretty proud of his work.

yea I took these pictures a little prematurely (still have the tape on the floor!) this is the desk in the kitchen.

Then came the wall PAINT!

 the cabinent accessories....

next the refinishing of my kitchen table, chairs and bar stools...

and see that mirror on the side of this pic with the chairs, same mirror that's now white hanging on my brown wall next to the table, in the nook.
I also painted the back door leading out to the back yard...

(You would think I would have vacuumed before I took these pics right!?)

I am still in the process of putting up things on the walls, making curtains, and little details, anyway, this post has been sitting in my drafts for months now so I finally thought id post it!! SO much better right!?

Tuesday, September 11

DIY canvas wall...

Been in the works for a while, my DIY canvas wall... 

This is the BEFORE shot, plain blank white wall, this is how 90% ok who am I kidding 100% of my house looked for almost the first year we lived here! :) (we will have lived here for a year this month)

I started by painting the wall brown, I LOVED my brown wall so much, and couldn't wait to start putting canvas' on it! 

Next I started by modge podging pictures to my canvas' I was originally going to do three different sizes, the smallest being 11X14, middle 16X20, and large 18X24 but I did one more very large one at 24X36.

It was SO hard narrowing down the pictures, and trying to choose which ones to use! It was super fun to go through all the old pictures on my computer too.

I also suggest using Staples Engineer Prints!! SO cheap, and easy!!

 I wanted to choose more action shots, pictures that told a story, and had a fun memory!
 After I was done modgepodging them all I laid them all out and what seemed like forever tried putting them in the best collage I could come up with with the allotted space I had for my wall. It was A LOT harder to do this then I thought! haha! it took me a good 2 days!
 then I made a HUGE sheet of paper the size of my wall to lay out so I could out line each canvas so I knew exactly where to hang it and where to put the nail!
 I put the HUGE sheet of paper up on the wall like so.... 
Measured where each nail needed to go... nailed them all in... 
 ...and then tore off the paper. and let the boys have it....

 Keepin it real.... my house was a MESS while I hung them on the wall! this is the kids playing in the huge sheet of paper, needless to say it was in A MILLION pieces when I was finished!...

AFTER:  Finished product!
 The vinyl says "together we make a Family"
I am SO happy with it, and already know what I would have done differently, and how to do things better, you live and learn right!? and total cost for this amazing project was a fraction of the cost of what one canvas would have cost me if I got them professionally done! :) so now you love it even more don't you!?

Friday, September 7

family pics

I've been wanting to take some family pics now for a while! My brother took some for us the other day. Thanks Jason. Here are a few... I'm sure there are more I could edit, but it's already been hard enough trying to decide which ones to print for my house, and for Grandmas house. (and this is almost all of them I've edited, there are a few more I didn't add)  There are a bunch that Brandon and I look horrible in but the kids looked cute so I had to keep them.  What are you gonna do? that's the story of my life these days. I'm never ready, my hair and make up are never done. :) love my family. love my boys, and I love my darling little Eva. 

Lucas my little cheeser! haha! who would have known he was being such a stink, he looks like hes being so cooperative in all these pics! HAHA

 I can NOT get enough of little Ev in this pic, I want to eat her!! love love love this picture.