Tuesday, November 18

Labor Story!... Sorry it's so long

OK, SO the delivery story. I have been putting this off for a while because I know when I sit down to write it it is going to take me a while and I don't always have a lot of time! I started writing the long version for my own personal remembrance of the day our little William joined our family, and I am only half way through because it is a really detailed story! That is why I have been dreading writing it and posting about it. But I have been told I really need to update so here we go!
First off I went in to my Dr. appointment on Tuesday morning and I got checked and I was still 3 cm. and 80 % effaced. I was a little frustrated because I continued to have contractions all week and I didn't have any progress. My doctor knew I was frustrated and we both thought I would have had the baby by now! So he stripped my membranes again, really aggressively again. and then he told me we were going to try something, he wanted me to go walking for a few hours and then go into the hospital and tell them I wanted to get checked at about 1:00. I went walking, we even attempted having sex. We went back to the hospital at 1:00, on the way there I said what are we even doing this is the biggest waste of time, I am not contracting, and they are going to look at us like we are so stupid! We went anyway, and I got checked and I was at 4 cm. the nurse said I was contracting about every 3 to 4 minutes( didn't feel any of them!) she was going to call the Dr. and see if they can keep me. She came back and said we are keeping you, you are going to have your baby today! Now I was in shock, on the way their I didn't even think we should go in! I had been having contractions WAY harder then anything I had felt all day and I was SO sure they weren't going to keep us that I didn't bring ANYTHING with us to the hospital, the list that I had thought out for months didn't get packed and nothing got brought with us. SO, they hooked me up to an IV, got my penicillin going because I tested positive for the B strep thingy, and then they started me on Pitocin. I didn't feel any contractions until the pitocin kicked in and even then they were manageable. I knew the Dr. was going to come in and break my water around 7:30 so I decided I was going to get my epidural before that happened cause I figured they would probably get a lot worse as soon as that happened. So I got my epidural even though I didn't really feel like I needed it yet. And then everything got bad. My experience with the epidural was opposite then everyone else that has one. My body didn't react well to it, I was shaking SO badly it was like I was having a seizure. Then my water broke on its own. My legs felt like they were asleep and it hurt. It felt like there were a million needles poking at my legs, any movement killed them. I had like a shooting pain all the way up my body, if the sheet rubbed across my leg it hurt, if someone bumped the bed it hurt. If my legs were touching each other it hurt. I was freaking out because of the shaking, I asked when it would stop, and they said not until after you have the baby, and that it was normal, and that I should just let my body shake and to not fight it! haha yeah right! It was so bad I was contemplating taking out the epidural! I thought about it for awhile. The nurse gave me something for the shaking and that helped a little. I decided to keep the epidural in and try to calm myself down. It was a good thing I had so many people in the delivery room with me, especially my family It was a great distraction! And quite entertaining!
The baby's hart rate kept dropping and I kept having nurses running in a flipping my around, and trying to get it back up. There was one time it wasn't getting better and they took my pitocin off and called the Dr. They were even contemplating getting the baby out Cesarean if it didn't get better. His hart rate finally got better, I was on oxygen most of the labor and delivery to help get some to the baby.
So I was progressing really well, especially after the Dr came in and checked me and finished breaking my water, (when it broke on it's own it did it like half way) When I got close to pushing I could feel my epidural wearing off a little bit and then I finally liked my epidural again. I could feel my contractions coming on, I could hold my own legs up, I could feel were to push and that was nice too. After only 45 minuets of pushing he came peacefully into the world!
I liked everything up until my epidural and I really liked the pushing part. It was just the little part in the middle until my epidural wore off a little that I did not like at all! I think I even said I don't want to have any more children if this is how it is going to be! I know I can't believe I said that! and it was only because of my epidural! I think maybe next time I will try to do it natural? I don't know though? and for ME to say that means it was pretty bad because I am so all about the drugs! But over all it was a really good experience! It was awesome! I loved it so much! I can't wait for all of you that are pregnant to go through the delivery process it was the best thing ever! I would do it again if I could!! I just hate the 9 months I have to endure before I get to do the fun part! It is such an amazing experience!!
This is Brydee and Jay Jay. I had a lot of visitors, It was nice to see all the love and support that Brandon and I have from our amazing family and friends. This is Brandon, my dad, Jason (my brother) and Mallory (my sister) hanging out with me! I don't know if you can tell but in every picture it's like a game to see if you can spot the "I voted" stickers! haha, it was election day Nov. 4th, when I went into the hospital! and everyone has their "I voted" stickers on in all the pictures!
This is after a long day of waiting in the delivery room, and after Brittany took her kids home and put them to bed, she came back and had a lot of fun. From left to right, Mallory, My mom, and Brittany. (This is all before the baby came!)
again after a long day, it was getting late and everyone was getting a little hyper. Like I said it was nice and distracting to have everyone there! And as always my family was very entertaining!
This is Brittany taking a picture of her self and Brandon video taping. We got a lot of footage of the labor, we couldn't tape the delivery but we started shooting again RIGHT after he came out! I wanted a lot of documentation of the labor and delivery because I knew I wouldn't remember a lot of it and wanted to be able to watch it again.

This was right after he came out, (the least graphic of the pictures!) there was an instant hush that went over the room and everyone just stared and watched. It was so peaceful, the Dr. Slowly wiped his face and body and then placed him on my chest. It was beautiful!
This is me meeting my son for the first time! I can't even describe how amazing it was to see him, He had the sweetest softest cry ever. The first thing I did was count to make sure he had 10 toes and 10 fingers.

This is William getting weighed. He was so perfect when he came out! 7 lbs. 10 oz.
This is William getting checked, swaddled, and I think getting his foot print?
Auntie Mallory with Baby William Grandpa and Grandma Trask with brand new baby William! Proud Grandparents!Brandon's parents just so happened to be in town and were there for their grandson's birth! It was very fortunate to have them here This is me finally getting to eat! I was So hungry all day and couldn't eat! After William was delivered my nurse was like are you ready for your food? and I was like yeah bring it all! I had THE BEST nurses the whole time I was in the hospital!A VERY happy mamma! (even my hands look like I am wearing a fat suit!) A very proud daddy having his first moments alone with his son.
Our new Family!! You will have to excuse my face! I know it looks like I am wearing Monica's Fat suit from Friends! I was huge! Every picture of me I look like I am wearing a fat suit! My body was so pumped full of IV's that I was puffed up like a balloon!
This is in my recovery room, I was sleeping and Brandon was resting and holding William in my little hospital bed.
A lot of people don't get what the heck I was thinking with so many people in my room for the birth of our first son, and I totally understand that most people want that moment to be with just them and their spouse. Brandon and I have had A LOT of moments together alone with our little family since then. The first few hours a lone in my recovery room we got to sit together all three of us in my hospital bed sharing our "moment" together. I don't regret having everyone in the room, their excitement was contagious! It was so nice to see all the love in the room! I had My parents, Brandon's Parents, Brittany, and Mallory all there to see William come out! It was amazing!

Monday, November 10

He is Here!

Our little man is finally here!

William Randall Stott
Wed. Morning November 5th
at 1:14 AM
Weighing in at 7 LBS. 10 OZ.
19 1/2 inch. long.

He is absolutely perfect! He is such a good baby! I will post the labor and delivery story soon!