Tuesday, January 31


I asked Mallory to send me some pics of the cousins for my moms blog... I up dated her side pictures for her! haha... and I loved them so much I wanted to post them my self.  love how many there are and how close in age they all are! Brydee just turned 7. so we will have 13 grand kids 7 and under when Me and Andy pop out our little bundles! family pictures are ALWAYS out dated! :) gotta love it!!

 top pic is at Titan's baby blessing a few weeks ago.
bottom pic was a pic of just the boys. we needed one for a calendar Mallory was making for my parents... it was taken in December.

Wednesday, January 11

I know I know

I know it's been over a month. Life has been going faster these days! I have a million things I want to get done and always at the same time!

There are a lot of things to post about,

We made the plunge and got our selves a mini van.  Its a big deal. The kids LOVE it, especially the flip down DVD player.

Christmas came and went with a flurry, the boys were spoiled and had so much fun.

We made a trip up north and had a week with Brandon's brothers and parents.

I made it to my 26th week in my pregnancy.  Week 24 was my miracle week and I have finally started to feel more normal.  I have more energy and I haven't been puking so double bonus!

We had a quite New year. played some games with some family and called it an early night.

I have been sewing the nursery bedding for our little GIRL. Still weird to me that "it's" a girl. haha

We decided to stick with the original name we have liked from the beginning of William's pregnancy. Evalyn. The middle name was up in the air for a little while but we think it will probably be Evalyn Rose.  Lucas says Eva Eva Eva over and over when he talks to my belly.

I stated a few projects all at once... haha like I said I just want everything done all at the same time! I started painting one day... need to finish, and sanding a new dinning room table.  SO excited about that! found the Jewel at DI for 20 bucks. it's gonna be a beauty and I'll def. post pics of it when I'm done!

The boys are doing awesome, they do and say the funniest things daily.  They make Brandon and I crack up and smile and want to squeeze the crap out of them all day.  They are so much fun and I truly love hanging out with them!

That's all for now.  I will post soon.  I realize life isn't going to slow down, it's only going to get more busy so I better just figure out how to fit blogging into it some how.

good night.