Wednesday, May 19

Swimming with Daddy

So this was actually about two weeks ago. Lucas was a week old and we were invited to tag along with my sisters family for a swim. Lucas and I watched and took a few pictures while Brandon swam with William. I wasn't going to post these cause it was a couple weeks ago but Brandon doesn't make it into very many of my blog posts so I thought I would do it. I am so grateful for a fun husband that plays interacts and teaches his children. I love that he finds joy in teaching and hanging out with our boys.

Brandon and William

trying to teach him to kick
just coming up from going under.
Yes we pulled him under several times. :) He actually did way good! He is learning to hold his breath.
another shot of him coming up from the water. poor thing, haha.

Tuesday, May 18

2 weeks/ 18 months

William had his 18 month check up about two weeks ago.
William's 18 month stats
Height 33.5 85 %
Weight 23 lbs. 7 oz. 20%
Head 13.6 80%

William continues to be a healthy active and smart little boy! He is full of energy and loves to play with the big kids. He thinks he is one of them! It's crazy how fast he learns things and catches on to things. And you better be careful what you say in front of him because he will be able to repeat it close to perfect! I love this little kid so much, he is so much fun and makes me very proud to be his mama!

Lucas had his two week check up this week.
Lucas' two week stats
Height 20.25 50%
Weight 7. 12 25%
Head 36 45%
Lucas has been a joy to have around the house, he is so pleasant and has been a really good baby so far.

Saturday, May 15

photo shoot

I have been wanting to take some pictures of Lucas, and I finally did the other night. The picture taking part of the shoot was really quick, but the whole process took a while. I swear I had to nurse in between every shot but I think we got at least a couple cute ones out of it. I love the top one, and can't decide if I like the bottom one? haha Brandon doesn't love it. He almost looks too skinny to me? But he was a little angel. He was a champ and let me strip him down and mess with him, he was pretty cooperative. Thanks my little man!

Thursday, May 13

2 weeks


this little guy is just so little. He was 6. 10 when he was born and of course they drop their birth weight for a few days and he went down to 6. 4. which to me sounds so little. He fits in preemie clothes the best and new born sizes work too, 0-3 month is still huge on him! He just recently started opening his eyes for us, it's like he was a baby kitten for the first little while. He is growing already and already feels like he is heavier. He is such a sweet heart and never makes a peep. I know he is still little and sleeps like 23.5 hours out of the day so we will see if it changes here soon and well see if he starts to get louder and more fussy. But I hope I am lucky and he continues to surprise me!
I love this little guy so much, he has already blessed our home so much just in the two short weeks he has been here!

Tuesday, May 4


He says cheese on command, love that about him!

I've been trying to remember things that he does that is just so sweet it just melts your little heart. I don't want to forget things like that. And should write them down more often, So here is one quick one...

He has been so polite lately. The other day we were shopping around walmart and I was giving him pretzel sticks out of a zip lock baggie from his diaper bag, when he was done with one he would ask for another one and every time I handed him another he would say so sincerely "thank you mama" I wouldn't even tell him to say it. I know it isn't much but to me it is darling. He has started saying it a lot more lately with out being told. I want to bottle it up and have him like this forever, but I know there will probably come a day when he wont be so polite and loving to his mama! Thanks William for being such a sweet heart! LOVE YOU.

Sunday, May 2

he's here...

Lucas Alan Stott
arrived Thursday evening April 29th at 8:19 P.M.
weighing in at 6 pounds 10 ounces
He looks A LOT like William with just lighter coloring, this baby has blond hair! I didn't think he was ours! I couldn't believe it!

William is loving his brother but still learning how to be soft! I am afraid we will be working on that for a long time!

And as luck would have it Sarah and I delivered our babies exactly one hour apart! me at 8:19 and Sarah at 9:19. We talked about it for nine months saying how cool it would be if we could deliver at the same time and be in the hospital at the same time! well we got what we had hoped for! Our nurses were also kind enough to give us recovery rooms side by side! :)