Monday, December 3

Pillow talk with William tonight....

He was unusually awake and not fast asleep tonight which required a little longer effort in putting him to bed…. So I asked him a few questions…

What do you want to be when you grow up? - deliver mail. I have an idea I could ride a bike and throw newspapers.
What do you like to do for fun? - crafts, paint and play with play dough.
What does Mommy like to do for fun? - Put us in bed and go down stairs.  {this cracked me up, but it was because he was just asking why me and Brandon get to stay up later and I was explaining to him...}
What is your favorite color? - Blue and Green.
Who is your Hero? - Corben and Beckham.
Who is your favorite Character?  - Peter Pan.
Who is mommies best friend? - Daddy.
Who is your favorite Auntie?  - Sarah. {hilarious mostly because she isn't even related. Haha}
Do you want to go on a mission?  - Yes.
Where do you want to go on your mission?  - California.

He wanted me to keep going and said do you have any more for me? I said maybe tomorrow night…
Id be tempted to ask all of these questions in a few days and see if any of them are the same answer! He is a funny boy. And a little smarty pants. I still need to post all of his birthday party pictures...

Wednesday, November 14

Halloween and such, post 3

next up Wednesday Halloween day,
So the morning of Halloween my husband pulls a very typical move and rolls over in bed and says "so what should I be for Halloween??" I say are you freaking kidding me? he is such a procrastinator! So I went digging through the kids dress up bin... I brought him a few choices... and with a pair of my leggings, we made something, hahahaha! Lucas was terrified of Brandon and would not look at him, which set him off for the rest of the day with anyone that had on a mask.

I am pretty bummed cause In all the chaos to get out the door on Halloween I forgot my camera! so all of these pics are from other peoples cameras, so thanks!

We first went to the Annual Skywest Trick or treating, which is always fun. 

and then we headed over to Brandon's work Trunk or Treat. 

After that we went over to My Parents annual Chili Cook off and trunk or treat. And My brother in law won the chili cook off for the second time in a row. Their ward takes it pretty seriously, which makes for some yummy stuff!

daddy and Crew.
 some more of my vikings!

 Auntie B and Evalyn

What is with Williams fake weird smile! ha!

Halloween and such, post 2

next was Monday, we had our Annual Neighborhood Halloween potluck party.

  if you ask William to strike a pose, he will not disappoint.

 My Vikings, haha love them all!
 then they walked in the parade... well william walked, and Lucas was a little over whelmed.

 So Brandon picked him up and walked with him..

 William walking the Cake walk..
 He was so happy when he won a cake...

Halloween and such, post 1

Im a little ok A LOT behind on my posts, so these next few posts will be coming out like rapid fire! I never posted Halloween pics, so first up, 
Sat night we went to Sarah and Steve-o's Ward Halloween Carnival.  It was a total bust when we realized it cost money! haha, and we didn't bring any, William stayed and hung out with Avary, where he had a blast played a bunch of games, and they won the costume contest. haha... 

Then came Sunday... we went and ate dinner at Ben and Ashton's house, then after we carved pumpkins, and the boys painted theirs.  It was a fun time... I am sad I didn't get a pic of any of the Adults awesome pumpkins! it was my first time doing a pumpkin with an actual stencil and actual carving tools! I didn't know how much easier it could be. and I didn't know I was so old school, people laughed at me when I said lets just use a stake knife. :)

Tuesday, October 16

Eva is 6 months

My little Eva turned 6 months old this month, wow, 6 months seems way older then 5 doesn't it!? crazy how fast time flies when your NOT pregnant. :)
  Sneak peek of her Halloween Costume... hahaha... can't wait to put it all together!

I haven't posted anything about my LITTLE Evalyn for awhile... I don't really know why, I could probably list a million different excuses, life is busy, shes my third, but I know she'll want to see it in her future, and I for one love looking back at my posts about my other children. AND shes a girl, girls care more about those things then boy anyway! SO, I better start doing better!

My little Eva, is TINY, she was born tiny and we have all been waiting for her to "catch up" but she isn't.  She was hanging out on the bottom of the growth percentiles at about 1%. yep height, head, and weight.  but her last couple visits she has started tapering off the growth chart and not following her curve as well. :(  She had her well child 6 month check up, she was 11 lbs (with her clothes and diaper on)

ELEVEN lbs at 6 months!

I guess she has doubled her birth weight, and isn't that what normal babies do by this point? I don't know maybe not? I'm no doctor... but...
The doctor was a little concerned about her and wants me to start beefing her up!

We have been trying... we have been under strict orders to give her two solid feedings a day no matter what! and two two once bottles of formula a day, on top of me nursing normally.  WELL, she HATES the bottle, always has, she has NEVER taken a bottle or a pacifier for anyone... so that isn't working, but she has been getting better at her solid feedings and has started to get the hang of it.  It's a SLOW process and I have to be patient and just sit down and know that I can't rush through it, and be patient.  I have to remind my self, shes little, and she is learning. which slowly I've noticed that she has improved.

I don't know if shes gained any weight in the last week or so since her appointment but we are trying.

we have another appointment scheduled for next month, and if she Doesn't gain a significant amount of weight and she doesn't get back up to at least 1% then the doctor said they want to do further testing, blood work and such? she has what he called failure to thrive, and they hope it isn't anything more then the fact that she needs more calories. She could have something that makes it so her body isn't absorbing the calories that she is taking in?

She is still a perfect baby, hardly making a peep, and sleeping like a gem. The doctor also told me I can't let her sleep longer then 8 hours any more... which it's sad to say she would do way more then that every night. I have to wake her up, usually about midnight before I go to bed and feed her an extra feeding and then she will wake up again at about 7ish and I'll feed her again. but she would normally not wake up to eat.

I get mixed emotions about it all the time, some times I say to my self, I hope shes ok, and get my self worked up thinking there could be something wrong. and other days I here people say things over and over that shes fine and shes just tiny.

Shes the happiest baby in the world, most well behaved, so even tempered, smiles all the time!, and is super ticklish  I love her to pieces! her dad and I can NOT get enough of her! her brother literally fight over her, she is well loved in this house!!

I will post more of her soon, and our next appointment is November 8th. (I think) I am anxious to here what he says and what she weighs, I get so nervous for her appointments, something I never experienced with my boys!

I keep having to tell my self every baby is different. I keep trying to compare her to my other two... which is hard, for one they were boys, William was advanced and early with every mile stone he did, he was my first, I worked with him on everything... Lucas was only about a month behind him on everything, but she is not doing everything they were doing at this age, and I need to just stop comparing and let her do things on her own time. but then of course it makes me think maybe she isn't ok?!

OK enough rambling for now! I should have stopped a few paragraphs ago!!! haha! I just love her SOO SOO much! she is such an angle! till next time...

Sunday, October 7

More cell phone pics...

I thought id upload some of my cell phone pics from this weekend... 

William likes to take pictures of Evalyn, well he likes to take pics in general. I think I may need to get him his own cheap little camera? anyway, he took the top two pics of Eva all by him self.
I. love. them.

Yes she is always in her Pajamas, (just like her mom shhhhhh dont tell anyone.)

I wanted to up load this pic so I remembered this week.  we lost our van key in our house, and some of you may not know we are a one car family. and when you loose access to your only mode of transportation its NOT fun.  We turned our house up side down for two days!!! yea it was the longest two days ever!  People even came over to help find it!

 William Finally found the key.  I hurried and called back the lock smith person that I had JUST set the apt with to make us a new key! yep he saved us almost 200 dollars! I hugged and kissed him about a million times! he was SO proud of him self! :)

Eva and I had some alone time yesterday when Brandon took the boys out on what they like to call a "man date" usually they go to fiesta fun spend a few bucks on the arcade games and miniature golf for free. they are in heaven and love when they get to go on their "man dates" SO Eva and I practiced sitting... she sat for a few seconds on her own, just long enough for me to grab my phone and snap a picture.  She is getting a little better, but looks like a new born sitting. haha

During the sat. Morning session of Conference I painted our front door.  I have been wanting to do it forever! I finally bought the paint, and a new door knob/handle. We also got a new kick plate and Mallory has a cricket machine that cut out some vinyl numbers for the perfect touch I was going for! I still need to drill a hole for the dead bolt. hopefully dean can come over and "help" with that. :)
I love how it turned out! 

Tuesday, September 25

Cell phone pics...

I Never do anything with the pics I take randomly with my cell, so I am trying to save them to my computer and post them every so often, Here are some of the recent pics over the last month or two... 

William on a new"er" tricycle (yet another garage sale) (I don't think he had his teeth in in this pic! he always has a weird smile when they aren't in, fyi they have fallen out a couple times and we've had to go get them put back in. poor little guy!)

Brandon doing what he does with eva, EATING her. 

We watched Titan one night, this was us having story time after bath time.
 This was a random pic of the room we stayed in in New Jersey! forgot I had taken a cell phone pic. (this pic doesn't even do it justice either!)
 Here is my two twinners watching a show. haha! so brothers!
 This is Lucas and I when we had a little alone time. :) Brandon and I like to enjoy the kids one on one every so often.
 Every night the boys beg to have their sister lay with them for a little while before they go to sleep.
 Lucas has undies on (I think) haha! I bought eva a swing the other day off the yard sale fb page. we had to try it out. She is still SO tiny for it! haha!
 This pic cracks me up and is one of my favorites! I got the boys some new action figures (again from the yard sale fb page) this was what they did with them... it's captain hook peter pan and mr smee hanging from a stick in a bucket of mud, over the alligator in water! haha!! so cleaver!