Wednesday, February 29

Lucas the big boy....

 This is how you will find Lucas these days....
(I should have gotten a picture where he was wearing little briefs... his butt is so tiny I cant help but squeeze it.)

Unless he looks like this....

I picked up this costume a year or more ago at a garage sale its like a size 7 or something and my boys have to wear it all the time!

He'll be two at the END of April. April 29th. He is so little and he is a rock star! I can not take any credit for the way my boys are sometimes! Lucas pretty much potty trained himself. He refused to wear anything but undies on Thursday morning when he woke up so I let him. then again on Friday as well! I told Brandon I guess we are actually doing this! He has been awesome! He had a couple accidents the first two days, and nothing since. He went to church in his undies on Sunday and all Monday he was fine as well. So I think it's safe to say he is potty trained!? I have been dreading this post, because I'm sure as soon as I post it he'll digress or something. I don't want to jinx my self but he continues to do so well! We have gone on a few outing, including walmart today. He tells me when he needs to go potty. He is obsessed with undies and hates when he has to wear clothes that cover them up. He likes to change his undies several times a day so he can wear a newer cooler pair that are sitting in his drawer. So my son is obsessed with shoes and undies and is often found with just both of those things on. A pair of boots and undies, or any kind of shoe for that matter. I hope he continues to surprise us and do well! I am still putting diapers on him at night when he goes to sleep, but the past two mornings has woken up dry and told me he needed to go potty. for his naps he does fine too! It's crazy to me! I realise he is not normal, and again I can not take credit for it as much as Id like to think I have something to do with it. ha! love my little man!

Monday, February 27

Baby shower

A HUGE Thank you to my sister Mallory for throwing me and Sarah our joint shower last weekend! Thank you to those of you that could make it! We are starting our collection of Girly things and it's making it a little more real!

These pictures may get a little confusing as no one is ever holding their own children! :)

 Yummy food, we had Hawiian Hay stacks and cream puffs
Lucas was my little helper while opening gifts. This pic is aweful of me, not to mention it has a horrible on camera flash, and lucas has one of Williams shoes on! haha... (he is obsessed with shoes!)
 Sarah with her "helper" It's one of our friends little boys, he was just loving on Sarah, he is so sweet. It was getting her even more excited to have a little boy.
 The name of this shower was BABY! we had so many little ones there!

It's always so fun to see long time friends and catch up. Thanks again Mallory for Hosting, and planing!

Thursday, February 23


my 15 dollar changing table I got off of craigslist, gave it a little 3 dollar make over and wala.
 changing pad cover
 another changing pad cover
 crib skirt and front piece of bumper
 side of bumper
 I recovered the ottoman to match. plus it was SO dirty. :)
 a little quilt I made.
 One side of the room.
 The other side of the room.
 The adorable table and chairs the boys got for Christmas matches perfectly in here! and I am still going to go and get a matching center curtain panel! :) on my to do list.
 Blankets to match the bedding
 an old Whinny the Pooh lamp that was in my sisters get rid of pile I spray painted and gave new life.
 basket liner I made.

 curtain panels
There are things I don't love about this bedding, I was originally going to do the nursery in a smaller room and then changed my mind and put it in this room.  which has two big windows.  So the material I was going to use for the curtains I needed to change and it needed to stretch! So I don't love them. there are little things Id do differently, and there is nothing on the walls yet.  I have more fabric I plan to make more things with if time permits and I get them done. I would LOVE a huge vinyl tree on the wall, and a few other craft projects I have in mind, something for all her hair bows and headbands to go on and her name on the wall... among other things. :)

Sunday, February 19

32 weeks

I threw up yesterday. What is up with that? Ive gone weeks now with out puking. But the last couple days Ive been nauseous again. nothing bad, but still. maybe that means the end is near.  It feels like it is around the corner now! I need to start getting last minute things done.  It's starting to get exciting.  Mallory (my sister) threw me and Sarah a joint shower yesterday. (pictures to come) Getting little girly things made it more exciting. Brandon even admitting to it getting exciting after bringing home and showing him the little girly stuff & dresses. I had a doctor appt on Tuesday, and my next one is Tuesday march 6th and I will be checked for the first time.  Wow! that seems like its so soon! yay! So far everything is good and normal. And as always I'll keep you posted. :)

Thursday, February 9

Lucas Alan Stott

Again these pictures were taken in November after he turned 18 months.  in the life of a 1 and a half year old 4 months is a long time! So I am a little behind! He already looks so different, he looks so young and round in these pictures!

Lucas Alan, where do I start!?
He is a funny kid! He makes everyone laugh all the time.
He is obsessed with balls, he would play catch or kick the ball all day long!
He is also obsessed with balloons! He can point out a balloon from anywhere no matter where we are!
He is obsessed with shoes he tries everyones shoes on ALL day and has to pick out which shoes he wants to wear every day.  Some time I have to talk him out of a certain pair! it is not uncommon for him to pick out his little oxfords or a pair of church shoes to wear with his jeans.
He is my OCD independent child! So much different from his brother.
He has to do it him self most of the time.  And to my surprise can figure it out and succeeds!
He started telling me he needed to go potty when he was about 18 months.  It still shocks me when he comes up to me and says need to go potty and we run to the toilet and he goes.  I haven't made the plunge and decided I am ready yet.  SOON. He is probably more ready then I am. He wants to wear his brothers undies all the time.
We moved Lucas to a big boy bed the very first of this year. so he was 20 months He did awesome.  It's rare when he comes into our room in the middle of the night. (unlike his brother! the stinker!) But he has always been a good sleeper.
He loves babies and loves to "help" and give them "loves" it will be interesting.  but it's the circle of life, William "helped" and "loved" him to death when he was born! :)
He has started talking so much more clear lately it cracks me up!  He really likes to pronounce the last syllable of words.  like booK, pleaSE, yeSS, & uPPP. There are more but I can't think of them right now.
He yells for his brother all day, but he says his name with a M sound. "Milliam are you!?" SO cute!
He looks up to his brother so much! and does everything he does!
He is very thoughtful of his brother and always wants two of everything one for him and one for brother
He is obsessed with taking his vitamin in the morning and always brings one to his brother!
He still doesn't let me leave him in nursery at church.  I have been letting him cry the last few weeks and he has been doing pretty good! He will calm down after a couple minutes and does pretty good the rest of the time.  I hope he gets better each week.
He has been scared of strangers lately. only men strangers? He runs up to me and wants me to hold him if someone comes over that he doesn't know.
as you can tell in his pictures his eyes still disappear when he smiles! got that from his mama.
he has gotten really good at asking "nicely" and signing please when he wants something, it's hard not to give in.  But it's also funny when I say that was really nice but you still can't have another one... he will get mad and say and sign PLEASE! haha! like saying please is the only thing he has to do!
Ive never really put him in the "little" category but he is always only like 8% for his weight at the Dr. office! it's crazy to me! it's his tiny legs and no butt. (he got that from the Trask side but NOT from me. It's only the Trask BOYS that inherit the tiny legs and no butts, not the girls!)
He loves on my tummy all the time and always says Eva Eva Eva, just recently he has started saying Evalyn, it's adorable how he says it.
He is still obsessed with his Papa and Grandma, When we lived with them for a good chunk of his life he is bound to have papa/grandma with drawls.

First pic was an impromptu pic when I was doing avary's shoot, (that's why his hair isn't done)


 dazed, he wasn't focusing... but look at those cheeks, when was he ever chubby?

We were singing once their was a baby, it ends with Tall, Tall, Tall, there are about 3 consecutive pictures with his arms getting higher and higher. haha.

Tuesday, February 7

William my first born,

I took pictures back in November when Lucas turned 18 months and William turned 3 years.  I am just now posting them! :) better late then never. 

 William is such a fun kid. 
He is so helpful and sweet and thoughtful of others. He loves everyone, and everyone loves William. 
He loves to dance, and can shake his hips with the best of them!
He loves to play ALL sports and tells me on a regular basis what he is going to play when he gets 4, 5, 6, 7, and so on.
He is pretty good and is going to be a little athlete.
He tells me what he is going to be when he grows up often as well, some days its a knight or a cowboy, and others its a fixer, to fix houses.
He started Sunbeams this year.  That was a big one for me! I can't believe he is old enough for that! It kinda freaks me out.
He has always been a little smarty pants and because of that I hold him at such high standards. sometimes I need to remind myself he is only 3.
He has always been a cuddler and still wants to hold someones ear when hes tired! drives us all crazy!
He is very good at sharing and plays well with others.
His brother looks up to him so much and does everything he does!
He is SUCH a boy! he asks me every day to feel his muscles! (he must get that from his dad!) and if this or that was totally awesome? "mom was that totally awesome?" haha! love it!
He is good with babies and loves to help. cant wait!
He knows his full name, and his brothers, and mine and Brandon's full names. He often refers to his baby sister in my tummy as Evalyn Rose. We are big on using our full names. It's funny when I ask him what my name is he will say Heather Ashley Stott. We are now going to work on my phone number.

REALLY!? is he ONLY THREE in this picture!? I swear he looks like hes in high school, (actually he looks like his dad when he was in high school.) what happened to my little baby?!   I LOVE this boy more then words can say, and he makes me so proud to be his mama, Id like to take credit for a lot of it, but I know he is special, I see it in the little things he does.  He came that way and as his 5 year old cousin jay jay would say that's how god made him. I am so lucky to have such an amazing little man on my hands! I love you William Randall Stott!

Sunday, February 5

as promised...

We have 1:00 church, so we are now always ready early and to church early.  There fore we have time for a quick photos like these... love my boys... I think I'll start taking more Sunday pictures... well at least I will try. they are not always cooperative. and William is now at that age where he wants to do "cool" things for the camera instead of say cheese. hmmm... we will have to work on that! haha! LOVE these boys!!

 weird pic cause William is right behind him getting his hair done... but Lucas was too cute to not post...

 love love this pic!

 Lucas loving on my belly... he kept giving it kisses and hugs and just laying his head on it... so sweet.

 and yes he gets his cheese face from his mama. :)

Pregnancy is going well... she is going to be here before we know it! it's just around the corner! and yet so far away.  I have been getting a lot of contractions! for me that is normal, but sometimes I wonder if it is more then normal? and I wonder if it is earlier then I'm used to, I guess it's time I read through my old blog posts about my past pregnancies.  It's so nice to have those and I know I am going to regret not doing as well with this one! :(  The nursery is practically ready, I will post pics of that soon as well.