Wednesday, March 23

2 things...

I have decided to throw a big ol' first birthday bash with my friend Sarah for our little ones. You remember the friend that had her baby an hour apart from me in the same hospital, and then we had recovery rooms side by side together!? I can't believe they are almost a year!! where the heck did the time go!? SOOO, my question is any birthday theme ideas you want to share Id be grateful, we want to do something that incorporates both of them, and with one being a girl and one being a boy it gets a little trickier. I still have A LOT to work with a a lot of ideas but I thought I would throw it out there and see what help I get? if I get anything..

ALSO, one more thing,

I would love to know if anyone has any great photography spots here in St George that they wouldn't mind sharing? I have some places that I have used but I need more options and I am sure there are a million places I just need to get more creative, now that the weather is getting nice I don't have to do as many indoor studio shoots, it's all very exciting! So please pass on any knowledge you may have, if you took a family photo session somewhere or had your children's pictures taken some where that you loved let me know where! thanks!